C4 Farm: Olde English Bulldogges


C4 = Chris, Cisi & 4 kids

           We Have puppies !  Six from Kay and Five from Izzy. Check out puppies page!  Give me a call!  Going FAST!

  Being the owner of the Sire, Mr. Cummins, and the dams, this will be a first deposit = first pick....The litter you see here on this page was Izzy's first and only litter and that was 2 cycles ago.  My dogs are free breeders and free whelpers!  We have the babies inside our house for the first 2 weeks so I can keep a close eye on them all and then I move them to the big kennel to be acclimated for the outdoor weather, but not on the ground.  Our kennels have stone floors because that helps with parasites and a puppy should not touch the ground for AT LEAST the first 6 weeks.  Everyone of these dogs in this first litter turned out to be BEAUTIFUL and loving companions to some very good homes.  Some you can see on our produced page.  You better get in on this now - both litters will be ready for their new homes soon......More information about all my dogs throughout my site....check it out and give me a call.....                                   

 We are a small farm family located in Millican, Tx on approx. 5 acres.  About our Olde English Bulldogge's!!!  We started raising Bulldoggies after we bought our first one, Special Kay.  My husband had been in the Marines and had always wanted a white bulldog like the mascot.  And then, we found Special Kay on Valentine's Day, who had been born on December 19, which is our wedding anniversary, if you can believe that, she is IOEBA registered, and she is WONDERFUL!  We bought her when she was 8 weeks old and she is three and a half now.   Kay is  special because she is so sweet.  Everyone falls in love with her because of her good nature and funny disposition.  Just look at her pictures.  She is all muscle and makes my husband struggle to keep her from pulling him on the leash.  If you are looking for a GREAT companion, a great kid dog, or just a super part of the family, you would be doing perfect with a puppy from Kay here.  She loves the water (but has to have a life jacket because she will drown after a few minutes with her heavy head), she loves to ride in a boat, on the four wheeler and in a car.  She loves other dogs, big and little and she loves us!  

We also have Mr. Cummins Turbo, who we bought this year, from Texicanna Bulldogges, located in Liberty Hill, TX.  He is the brother of our first stud, Scooter, who ended up missing in 2007. Mr. Cummins was a kennel dog until we got him and he has just fallen in love with us.  He is real laid back and does not have any issues with other animals.  He loves all the ladies just like his brother did!  I am super happy with him and his performance.  I miss Scooter something awful, but I am glad I got his brother.   He already is the ultimate stud dog!  He has bred with Kay and she delivered June 26th and he bred with Red of Alpha Omega bulldogges who is due in August 2008.

We had become so entranced by our first two dogs that we could not stop, we went back to Texicanna Bulldogges and we got two more babies.  We have the little brindle girl from Java's last liter, born on July 27 of 2006, and we named her Izzy, and I got the other girl from Java's last liter and we named her Jille Beans.  They are both so pretty and have this wonderful disposition and playful.  Each of my girls have a bulldogge now and they wouldn't have another kind of dog if they could.  They love these dogs and the dogs have so much love back and faithfulness for this family it is just amazing!












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