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TOPSA Light Breeds Champion CM/AR Micro Mini

CBC Mascara--Bennett Micro Pewter painted in 2011

2 NAN cards at her first show!! Congratulations Jennifer!

News from Australia!

Hi Cassie,
My name is Robyn Hall & I live in Western Australia. I own a gorgeous little Maggie Bennett micro mini TWH by you named EA Telamon. I took him to a show on the 15th of July, Ultimate Gold Live 2012, & he came out with 6th in his colour class against some darn good resins & customs!!.
Here is a photo of him with his place card. Also there's a photo of him & my other dappled grey Maggie Bennett micro, also by you, on the judging table in the Workmanship Professional Repaint class.
Hope you like this great news.

Cassie Black Creations-- Champions!

CBC Electrico 

2011 TOPSA CM/AR Micro Mini Top Ten Champion




CBC Reya                                                                                            

2009 TOPSA Year End Champion Foal                                 



CBC Electrico                                            CBC Dance

TOPSA CM/AR Micro Mini Top Ten-3rd Place       TOPSA CM/AR Micro Mini Top Ten-5th Place                                                



CBC White Tie

TOPSA CM/AR Micro Mini Top Ten-6th Place


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All prices include prepping. Horses are painted by hand using artist quality oils and acrylics, with some pastels and colored pencil.  Please email to check for available painting slots

Discounts given for certian resins amd already prepped horses-please inquire


Micro Mini-$25





Pinto or appy markings add $10

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Micro Minis 


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Profile of the Artist - Cassie Black

I have been painting models for about 20 years. I started after reading an article in JAH about painting. I played around quite a bit with those first few horses with photo showing with fairly good results. After going to college I discovered a live show purley by accident at the Missouri Horse Expo. I purchased my first CM at an auction they had. That was the beginning of the end!! That horse (a Saddlebred Weanling CM by Chris Nandell and Wendy Galbreth that was painted in 1983) lead to more horses, better CMs and a lot of Live shows! 

I attended Breyerfest in 1998 and purchased Chris Nandell's Trade Secrets II, around the same time I bought Carol Williams Color Formulas and Techniques also. These two books introduced me to the beauty and ease of oil painting.

I currently paint using oils, pastels and some acrylics. My CMs have won many NAN cards, NAN merit awards, Champs and Reserves at Live and photo shows. I paint all sizes but have gravitated toward the small sizes for the Wow factor! I love when someone sees my micros and can't believe the detail in such a small package. I have been painting for myself and show donations with a few sales and comissions here and there. I am now a full time mom and can take limited commissions. My prices and turn around time are reasonable. I do take trades for tack and unpainted resins.   Please email me with any questions