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We have a few nice youngsters available now,

including Myotonics, TexMaster percentages, and Nigerian percentages.

Contact me through e-mail for more information.


Welcome to CartAngel Acres!

With the economy in a slump, more folks are looking for self-sustaining options on their small farm or plot of land.  We‘ve raised Myotonic goats for years and continue to enjoy their unique characteristics of “fainting” when excited as well as the ease of maintence, sustainability on forage and browse, and natural resistance to parasites which carries over to the meat goat side of our operation (we breed larger Myotonic bucks to commercial type does).  They lend themselves well to smaller acreage and are much like an economy car, requiring much less feed and input per pound of muscle.   

Our Myotonic bloodlines began with Bending Tree and Onion Creek Ranches, and have expanded to include goats from Doublejett, B's Barn, Titan's Farm, Deer Springs, and Woody Creek.  We prefer the larger types, but also have minis and medium sizes with a wide range of colors and sizes, including polled, blue eyes, moonspots, and long hair. 

Our most recent additions have been Dwarf Nigerian milk goats when I decided to try my hand at milking.  Our family now enjoys the benefits of fresh dairy products from our Nigerians.  Not only are they excellent producers of milk for their size, they share many characteristics of our Myotonic herd making them quite compatible with our style of herd management.  They require much less grain input that larger type dairy goats, thrive well on natural forages, and seem to be naturally parasite resistant as well as excellent mothers.  Since they are so compatible, we have decided to keep this breed in addition to our Myotonics. 

Here are a few past examples of our Myotonic kids.


BTR Frisco - Fullblood Tennessee Meat Goat™

     We are a small, family run farm focused on the production of fullblood Myotonic goats, TexMasters™ and Commercial Myotonic percentages for both breeding and commercial production. Our goal is to produce medium-large sized, heavily muscled Myotonics to serve as the basis in cross-breeding for the production of prime quality goat meat with minimal input from the producer.  Our Myotonics are bred to the Myotonic standard, make wonderful pets for show or hobby, and are selected, as are all of our goats, for hardiness in pasture conditions and production!

     As we expanded our herd and added other livestock we discovered a need for a do-it-all type farm dog (in addition to our Livestock Guardian Dogs) which led us to the English Shepherd and Farmcollie.  My first love has always been the Rough Collie, at least one of which I have never been without since childhood.  However, much of the working instinct in today's Collie has been diluted as breeders strive for perfect conformation and beauty.  This led to my search for the original, old-fashioned WORKING collie.  We now support the AWFA (American Working Farmcollie Association) and their goals for promoting all Collies and Collie types based on working abilities (not physical appearances).  Dogs are evaluated in three critical areas and may be permanently registered with AWFA if they display strength in two or more of these abilities which are needed in a good, all-round, working farm dog:   Herding (includes catching and or moving stock);  Guarding; and Hunting.  All of our dogs and puppies will be evaluated for these three critical instincts.

For more information on Farmcollies and English Shepherds and some of their uncanny abilities, visit The American Working FarmCollie and

Registrations:  Our dogs are certified for working abilities through AWFA and may be registered with Animal Research Foundation and/or United Kennel Club.

The majority of our Myotonics, Tennessee Meat Goats™, and TexMasters™ are registered through Pedigree International .  Our fullblood Myotonics may also be double or triple registered through IFGA and MGR.

Shipping:  For long-distance hauling, overland transport is offered by livestock hauler Ron Keener of Austin, Texas. Ron makes multiple cross-country trips throughout the year and may be contacted at
for information on his pricing and trip scheduling.  We also ship by air through American Airlines out of Texarkana when temps are above 20 & below 85 degrees or Delta Airlines out of Little Rock when temps are too low or high for American.

Location:  We are 2 miles east of De Queen, just off of US 70-71 in Southwest Arkansas. De Queen is about 1 hour north of Texarkana and 20 minutes from the Oklahoma border.

Come on in and look around. If you like what you see, farm visits can be arranged. Just drop us a line and we'll set up a convenient time for your visit.

Angela Smith
CartAngel Acres Myotonic Meat Goats
P.O. Box 822
De Queen, AR 71832


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