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History of the Carolina Knight Riders of North Myrtle Beach

In early 1980, while Jimmy Carter was president a group of riders decided to do more than ride their bikes along the Grand Strand and Horry County on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Meetings were held at homes to organize and sponsor the first Memorial Day Weekend Block Party. The first few rallies in Atlantic Beach drew a small close knit group of family and friends with common interests. Those interests were love for one another, love to ride, and the love of watching motorcycles.

In August 1980 the group organized as the South Carolina Motor Cycle Club and filled the following offices:

President, Joe Hemingway

Vice President, Cleodus Shields

Secretary, Viola Hemingway

Assistant Secretary, Bettie Davis

Treasurer, Paul Livingston

Road Captain, William Hemingway

Assistant Road Captain, George Livingston

General Membership, Ina Cox

While establishing the foundation membership was essential. The club membership numbers grew from September to October with over 11 new members.

Mamie Montgomery

Lloyd Chestnut

Kenneth Gore

Shirley Livingston

Dr. Charlie Livingston

McDonald Vereen

John Evans

Rosa Livingston

Lester Gause

Kathy Chestnut

Cloris Vereen


Officers changed in December 4, 1980 through January 30, 1981 with President Joe Hemingway resigning and Cleodus Shields as the president elect of the club. At this time the club’s name changed from South Carolina Motor Cycle Club to Carolina Knight Riders MC of North Myrtle Beach. Shields as president of this newly organized club had a lot on his plate with Daytona Bike Rally approaching in a few weeks and the Memorial Day Rally just a few months away. Shields first started designing the new club colors. The decision was made to use white denim as the patch, a Jackass in the center with a dagger in it’s head, a top rockers embroidered in red, labeled Carolina Knight Riders and bottom rocker label North Myrtle Beach with a M on the left side and a C on the right side. This elaborate 5 piece patch was assembled on the back of a blue denim vest. Members wore the blue denim vest with blue denim jeans and black boots with pride.


Membership was on the rise between 1981 and 1982 with over 36 active members. However not just the club grew but the Memorial Weekend rally as well. It was reported by Gene Motley of WWAY in Wilmington, NC that the rally is really taking off; with predictions from Atty. Cleveland Stevens that the Atlantic Beach Memorial Day Bike Event would eventually out grow the town. For many years the club sponsored events at the Myrtle Beach Speed Way and Bike Shows on the playgrounds and ball fields of Popular Elementary School in the Popular Community of Longs, SC.


In 1982, the club received the Charter as the Carolina Knight Riders of North Myrtle Beach, with purpose to promote the social welfare of its members and to uphold the highest standard and best traditions of the community. With these morals and values to be displayed by assisting the local community police with functions both financially and univocally. Also help the community with activities such as: Back to School and Halloween parties, Vacation Bible Schools, after school programs, and families in time of need after natural disasters related to hurricanes. The club adopted Memorial Day Weekend as its anniversary and the Town of Atlantic Beach proclaim the desire to be more involved in the rally with hopes for it to be a social annual event.

In 1985, you could still find The Carolina Knight Riders sponsoring the welcome party on Friday Night in front of Thelton Gore’s patio, its annual dance on Saturday Night at the Atlantic Beach Community Center, on Sunday the Annual Bike Show at NMB Drag Strip. In 1992 The Carolina Knight Riders acquired a 2.05 acre lot which boarder the NMB Drag strip property. In May 1996 under the leadership of President Kenneth Gore begin the construction of a new headquarters that was 30 ft. wide by 80 ft. long, a wood frame structure assembled a block foundation with a concrete floor. Dedication and hard work was no stranger to this club. Members provided the man power to lay the foundation, flooring, framing, siding, wiring, and plumbing. By May 1996 the project was complete, allowing the Carolina Knight Riders of NMB the opportunity to hold the 3 day Memorial Weekend event at the same address.

The Carolina Knight Riders always travel the eastern seaboard from Florida to New Jersey sharing their knowledge and promoting biker social responsibility. August 1999 the club co-sponsored the SC Committee National Bikers Round-up Helps in Greenville, SC.


January 2007, the Executive Board and members decided that the club house had not reached its potential and agreed to close in the other half of their headquarter for repairs. In just 6 weeks of members volunteering their time the project was completed. A renovated facility arose with more prideful members. In September the club sponsors a Family and Friends Day & a Fall Dance,November is Senior Citizen's month and we try to show are senior's love, While December focus is on the youth and the community, with Toy Run for Longs Head Start, a Christmas Dance on the third Saturday, and provide scholarship to local Horry County Graduate.

The past 27 years the club has prospered through the presidential leadership of Cleodus Shields, John Evans, Glen Gore, Kenneith Gore, McDonald Vereen, and John Glover. Currently there are more than 32 active members with 2 associate members. As of January 2007, there is a “new initiative” that opens the doors to members, family, and friends to host events at the clubhouse.

Come Visit Us! Our doors are open to all from 8pm – 2am on Friday and Saturday and 4pm-2pm on Sunday. We are located at 2001 Star Bluff Road in Longs, South Carolina.



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