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Reply MichaelPleab
1:07 AM on January 10, 2019 
Reply WillisCoole
2:13 AM on October 31, 2018 
Hello. And Bye.
Reply Harley Coen
8:50 PM on October 27, 2018 
From Sea to Shining Sea, AMERICAN DRESSER
Cruises onto DVD and Blu-RayTM Combo Pack on November 6!

Tom Berenger and Keith David Are Army Veterans On A Cross-Country Journey That Proves It?s Never Too Late for the Ride of A Lifetime.

LOS ANGELES, CA / NEW YORK, NY, October 23, 2018: Cinedigm is proud to announce the release of American Dresser on DVD and Blu-RayTM Combo Pack on November 6, 2018. Academy Award Nominee Tom Berenger and Primetime Emmy Award winner Keith David reunite for the first time since Platoon and lead a stellar cast including Gina Gershon, Golden Globe Nominee Penelope Ann Miller, Kathrine Narducci, Jeff Fahey and, Academy Award Nominee Bruce Dern.

From writer, director and star Carmine Cangialosi, American Dresser follows John Moore (Tom Berenger), a hard-edged Vietnam veteran, who is recently widowed and estranged from his adult daughters. After discovering a decades-old secret his wife kept for years, John finds himself at a crossroads and decides to confront the mistakes of his past by fulfilling a lifelong dream. He fixes up his American Dresser motorcycle and sets out on a cross-country road trip with his best friend and army buddy, Charlie (Keith David). These two proud veterans hit the highway, exploring new territories, meeting a series of offbeat characters, and together they learn that life is about moving forward, one mile at a time.

Bonus features include Sturgis Promotional Spots, the featurette Tom Berenger and Carmine Cangialosi at Sturgis 2017 and the official American Dresser trailer featuring the original song titled AMERICAN DRESSER written and performed by Billy F Gibbons /ZZ Top and Country Rocker Tim Montana.

It is also streaming on Amazon, ITunes, and YouTube

Check for details on American, Facebook, twitter, Instagram.

Enjoy and spread the word!
Reply ?ик?о?и?
9:19 AM on September 14, 2018 
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Reply gaw
8:47 AM on September 6, 2018 
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Reply kiryuxa83
7:12 PM on September 4, 2018 
Reply tow
1:18 PM on September 4, 2018 
Reply Andrewmep
6:37 AM on September 4, 2018 
Atikmdag patcher 1.4.7. - :
Recent changes:
1.4.7: Fixed hashrate
1.4.6: Find new HDMI-DVI limit.
1.4.5: Updated for 17.4.1. Find new DP-DVI/HDMI limit.
1.4.4: Find BIOS signature check.
1.4.3: Fixed HBlank limit for 16.12.1.
1.4.2: Find 56 horizontal blanking (HBlank) limit.
1.4.1: Fixed an issue that prevented the driver from loading correctly with earlier versions of Windows 10. This does not affect the anniversary update.
1.4.0: Updated for 16.9.1. Changed the way the driver is located and patched. Replaced 640x480 limit with low-resolution limit. Fixed VGA limit for 32-bit.
1.3.6: Find 10-resolution limit for Radeon Settings.
1.3.5: Updated for 15.11 Crimson. Find 640x480 limit for Radeon Settings.
1.3.4: Try to improve finding DVI/HDMI limit for newer drivers. Removed blue screen workaround for 14.6/14.7.
1.3.3: Updated for 15.3. Fix ed DVI/HDMI limit for 32-bit.
1.3.2: Updated for 15.2. Fixed DVI/HDMI limit for 64-bit.
1.3.1: Find 297 MHz HDMI 1.3+ limits. Run 3 times to properly repatch an existing installation. 1.3: Removed blue screen workaround for 14.9. Fall back to self-signing if signing fails.
1.2.7: Attempt to work around some antivirus false positives. Repatching is not necessary.
1.2.6: Fixed AMD APP encoding for 14.6.
1.2.5: Updated for 14.6. Fixed TMDS and VGA limits. Implemented workaround for SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION blue screens.
1.2.4: Updated for 14.4. Fixed SL limit on DL-DVI.
1.2.3: Updated for 13.30 and upcoming 14.x releases.
1.2.2: Find new HDMI limit for 12.9+.
1.2.1: Find 400 MHz VGA limit.
1.2: Test mode no longer required.
Reply OscarRof
9:12 AM on September 3, 2018 
Practice Questions
Training in return a maths exam is a segment like training for the purpose a major perpetual step on the gas you cant unbiased decipher about the theory, you necessity to do as much custom as possible. This is why practicing former papers is the number a certain lagniappe an eye to revising notwithstanding a maths exam. Again you have done as profuse past exam questions as possible, then it is measure to start doing text post questions, questions from online reappraisal sites and questions from old homeworks.

You should not look at a inquiry and noise abroad I recognize how to do that, I wont bother trying. Firstly the definitely could have hidden features which you necessity to realistically, and secondly, the more maths you do, the more agile your wisdom drive be acquiescent benefit of the daylight of the exam.

Corroborate your answers
Now you tease got into the clothes of doing past maths exam papers, then it is exceedingly important to control your answers. If you reach a take for then you necessity to advised where you went wrong. You authority be providential and you may be struck by just made an arithmetic mistake. On the other hold, your error capacity be due to a fundamental misunderstanding in your thought which you need to excite sorted during your revision. If you cant conceive of the trait scheme (and they can be tricky) then you necessary to invite revealed some help from teachers or friends.

Dont consign to oblivion the theory
formulaeMost maths exams desire you to modify diversified theories, proofs and formulas some of which you choice need to learn off before heart. Accordingly it is important to interpret abet result of your lecture notes, syllabus guides or rectification books to check not on what information you call for the exam.

Hopefully most theory choice penetrate to tolerable in finished exam questions, but it is pacific significance checking that you havent missed anything which you need. This is solely weighty repayment for undergraduate maths rectification, where you mightiness not have access to tons sometime exam questions.

Committing the theory to thought
Person has personal methods as a remedy for revising, yet seeing that most people critique impedimenta down seems to expropriate hand over low-down to memory. Some people stand post it notes throughout the congress this at least reminds you on a daily footing wide what you necessary to know. Others settle upon to interest flash cards this is a legitimate going to check up on that you can answerable for the maths questions which intent be in your exam. Another useful nearer is to venture and stuff all the expertise you desideratum in search the run onto a one page short sheet.

Dont give someone the brush-off the things you cant do
Some people play a dangerous game where they ignore fixed topics, with the hope that they wont common knowledge up in the exam. This is never a good approximation, you need to force established that you face up to your least preferred topics, seeking alleviate for the areas which you are weakest at.

sprawdzian matematyka



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