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Like Father, Like Son (Starring Shebada)


A genuine Jamaican Comedy guaranteed to keep the audience in stitches' "Like Father Like Son" boasts a star-studded' vibrant cast which includes the immensely popular Keith "Shebada" Ramsay' Maxwell "Maama Man" Grant' Garfield "Badboy Trevor" Reid' Deon Silvera' Abigail "Babalita" Grant' Stede "Jooky Jam" Flash' Dainty "Angel" Bellanfonte' Shemane Wisdom and Felisha Lord.


"Like Father Like Son" is hyper-juiced with laughter from start to finish' spiced with original music and filled with energetic performances. The storyline trails the similarities between Mr. Eviction and his two sons; Trevor and Jooky Jam. Trevor is an ambitious producer who compromises his professional obligations through his love triangle with his lyricist and female artists. This tangled web thrusts Trevor into a business disaster and social upheaval. Meanwhile' Jooky Jam's "mile high" exploits may have brought his days as a commercial pilot to an abrupt end. All the while' Daddy Eviction faces retirement and needs someone to take over his wholesale grocery business. The character who Daddy Eviction brings in to help gets much more than he ever imagined. Written and Directed by Paul O. Beale of the "Unda Mi Nose" series' "Granny Rule" and the "Maama Man" series' "Like Father Like Son" has been praised by some as Beale's best work to date.


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