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Money Worries


Watch Jamaica's Queen of comedy , Andrea Wright who is better known as the no holds barred Delcita, in the latest comedy hit play "Money Worries."

The play has enjoyed a very successful run in Jamaica entertaining thousand across the island , the sound of Delcita's voice is enough to send ripples of laughter in a theater afirming Andrea Wright's brilliance as a comedic actress. Her delivery of Delcita simplicity is truly amazing . As in the hit play & DVD , Di Driver, Wright's portrayal of this character has made Delcita one of the more popular and loved on the Jamaican theatre scene.

The story unfolds in a way that it can easily be called as a Delcita and Bad Boy Trevor sequel. Trevor, a business hustler, lives a dual life in two different communities with two women, Delcita and Heath , whom he deceived out of their money. But in a twist of fate, instead of Trevor being arrested for his wrong, it is Delcita who ends up fighting to keep herself out of prison , But the feisty Delcita defends herself in what can only be described as a comedy showdown.

The play is written by Paul O. Beale , who also wrote the hit plays Unda Mi Nose and Maama Man. Beale, who is also the director, has penned a comedy play that has a language that is witty and loaded with laughs . Beale guided the cast well, employing all the acting areas . Supporting Delcita is Garfield Reid in his role as Bad Boy Trevor and Stead Flash popularly know as Jooky Jam as the Judge , the cast also features Donald Thompson , Felicia Lorde , Trudy Campbell and Patrick Smith who was last seen in Bashment Granny . The team works well together and all contributed to the comedy.


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