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Pertronix Electronic Conversion Kits

Pertronix Ignition

Up to 9,000 extra volts.

Pertronix's solid state ignition systems deliver more energy with greater timing accuracy. The secret lies in the trigger magnets, which spin with the rotor and operate a switching module that requires no external control box. The systems are immune to heat, oil, and debris, and install in about 15 minutes with only two wires to connect. They come with a magnet collar, switching module, hardware, and instructions. They're an ideal choice for collector car restoration because they fit entirely under the distributor cap.

Call for pricing.

Ignition Leads

Available through Dc Trading are the following brands:

MSD, Mallory, Accel, Moroso, Pertronix.

Call for pricing.

Dual 4brl Polished Alloy Scoops

Polished Alloy Scoops


This authentically styled air scoop is made from high quality aluminum castings and is designed to fit dual carb applications using 5-1/8" diameter necks. Features an adjustable base to fit carburetor's with 7-5/8" to 9-1/4" center line spacing. Beautifully polished to a high luster, these scoops come with a chrome-plated inlet screen and bezel and are complete with all necessary mounting hardware. Uses replaceable paper filter elements which are included. Suits all Tunnel Ram and Supercharger Setups .Call for pricing.

Felpro Gasket Sets.


These Fel-Pro gasket-kit sets include premium-quality head gaskets, intake gaskets, exhaust gaskets, valve-cover gaskets, oil-pan gaskets, valve-stem seals, and all accessory gaskets -- everything you need for a complete engine rebuild, all in one affordable kit.

Sets to suit Chev Small and Big Blocks, Ford Small and Big Blocks as well as Chryslers, also 1 piece sump sets available-call for pricing.



Superchips Vehicle Tuners/ Diagnostic Units

Superchips Programmers/ Diagnostic Tools

Diagnostic Fault Scanning Available through DC Trading for most vehicles.

Superchips cracked the codes to release the performance potential of your vehicle. All you have to do is simply connect the MAX MicroTuner to the diagnostic connector inside your vehicle. The MAX MicroTuner saves your stock program, identifies the program and then uploads the correct Superchips performance program for your vehicle, to give you more horsepower and more torque. No generic one program fits all tuning - our engineers program to specific PCM codes.

Superchips performance programming along with increases in horsepower and torque, removes most of the torque management. The Max MicroTuner allows the end user to custom tailor the rev limiter, WOT shift points and shift firmness level to the specific driving task at hand. You can also disable the skip shift on manual transmission cars, calibrate the speedo for rear gear changes and raise the top speed limiter*. Also, while we do not require the installation of a colder thermostat, the unit provides the ability to set the fans to come on sooner. The Max Microtuner also includes a useful diagnostic tool with all codes included for tracing vehicle faults. Call for more information or visit their website www.superchips.com



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