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  Captivating Persians & Exotics proudly present....

 GOLD Double Grand Champion and Silver Double Grand Premier Windeacres Sandstorm

2nd Best Entire Exotic in NZ for 2013

3rd Best Longhair Entire Cat in NZ for 2013

Best Exotic N/S Cat for 2014 

Pictured at 15 months old. Thank you to Kerry Simmons for the photo.  

   BEST IN SHOW - Wellington Pet Expo November 2012. Judge: Cathy Webb BEST IN SHOW - Wellington Pet Expo November 2012. Judge: Jo Millar  BEST IN SHOW: Palmerston North & Burmese Show March 2013. Judge: Denise Spurrell

BEST IN SHOW: Dominion Shorthair April 2013. Judge: Allan Davies    

BEST IN SHOW: Dominion Shorthair April 2013. Judge: Jo Millar    

BEST IN SHOW: Central Districts Cat Fanciers April 2013. Judge: Cathy Webb  

BEST IN SHOW: Palmerston North Cat Club May 2013. Judge: Teresa Keiger BEST IN SHOW: Taranaki Cat Club May 2013. Judge: Marion Cooper       BEST IN SHOW: Wellington Cat Club June 2013. Judge: Jo Millar           BEST IN SHOW: Pedigree Persian Cat Fanciers Inc Show July 2013. Judge: Diane Holtom     Also  SUPREME EXHIBIT OVERALL.

BEST IN SHOW: Nelson Cat Club July 2013. Judge: Donna Fuller                  BEST IN SHOW: Patches & Pointed Inc Show September 2013. Judge: Sue Ford 

In 2012 We were the Co-owners with Grafton Cattery of the Best Longhair Entire Cat for 2012 - Gold Double Grand Champion Willangi Nadal (Imp Aust)

We were also the NZCF Registered Agent for Champion Norbukate Harriet - 10th Best Longhair Entire Kitten for 2012 

In 2011 we were the proud owner and breeder of the Best Exotic Entire Cat in NZ.

We were the Co-owners with Grafton cattery of the sires of the 5th Best Exotic Entire Kitten,  the Best Exotic Neuter/Spay Cat, the Best Exotic Neuter/Spay kitten and the Best Persian N/S Kitten.

In 2010 we were the proud co-owner of the 2nd Best Exotic Entire Cat, and the owners/breeders of the 2nd Best Exotic Entire Kitten.


 Hi my name is Samantha Pratt. I live in Porirua, New Zealand. My interest started in Persian cats when I was just two years of age. My Nana Sue Gordon gave my family a Blue Cream Persian, BB. Not long after she also gave us an orange eyed white Exotic called Premier Grafton Satan's Slave. From there my love for cats blossomed and I always enjoyed going to my Grandparents, seeing all of their cats and holding my very own mock cat shows in their lounge!

My next cat was Double Grand Premier Grafton Choice Spirit. A Red Tabby Exotic neuter who was a multiple Supreme show winner, multiple Best in show winner, multiple Breeders award of merit winner and he was also Pedigree Persian's N/S Cat of the Year.

In 1996 I started my breeding prefix 'Captivating' with my mum Rosy. In 2007 she decided to pull out of the prefix so I've solely been running the breeding programme. I have had great support from my Mum and Nana - without them my dream would not be possible. My main goal is to breed Persians and Exotics with loving natures, big poppy eyes, strong bone and with that lovely sweet expression. In 2008 Captivating were presented with our first van - we have since bred many more and this pattern has stolen my heart.

I have been very fortunate to have developed some wonderful friendships during my time in the Cat Fancy. Nana & I travel with our close cat friends throughout the country for many weekends in the show season to show our cats. A weekend just does not feel complete without a cat show. If you are in the Wellington region and are interested in getting involved in cat shows, don't hesitate to contact me.

 I am a Longhair Judge with the New Zealand Cat Fancy and in June 2011 I progressed to the Senior Panel. In May 2012 I judged in Australia for the first time. I was privileged to judge at our NZCF National Show in June 2013 and enjoyed another judging assignment in Melbourne in July, 2013.

 Please feel free to contact me:

Samantha Pratt

 My beautiful boy Silver Double Gr Ch Captivating Peek A Blue and I in February 2011 on the night of my Graduation


[Photo taken by Esther Lauaki] 

My neuter Silver Dble Gr Pr Captivating Tickle Me Elmo and I pictured in an article ran by our local newspaper, October 2009.

Here I am pictured in 2004 with Double Grand Champion Captivating Time to Shine, owned by Jane Meade-Radford of the Radmyagh cattey of Australia and Bred by R & S Pratt. Thank you Jane for giving "Soda" such a lovely home. Please visit Jane's website or click Soda's photo above.