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Leeds United were born in 1919 out of the ashes of what was left of the disgraced Second Division club, Leeds City who had been caught the same year making illegal payments to players. The expulsion of the team from the League had perhaps been a little harsh when it was followed with the disbandment of the club and it may have been a small amount of sympathy that saw Leeds United quickly elected back into the second tier the following year. Top flight football quickly followed in 1924 and United quickly became an established top flight club. True success didn't arrive until the 1960s though when the title was won for the first time in 1969 and repeated in 1974 with a solitary cup win, thanks to Allan Clarke's goal against Arsenal in 1972. Leeds' reached their heights when European Cup runners up in 1975 but the break up of that team saw Leeds drop back into the Second Division doldrums. The 1990s saw another great Leeds side emerge with a third title in 1992 but the cost of trying to spend beyond their means made the club an example to every other as the bottom fell out of the club in the 21st Century. Financial ruin saw the team drop into the third tier for the first time in 2007.

Magic Moments


1-0 West Ham United

Second round replay: Wednesday February 6th 1924

Attendance: 31,071 

Scorer: Jack Harris {73} 

Ranked at the time:155

Team: 1:Billy Down, 2:Bert Duffield, 3:?, 4:Harry Sherwin, 5:Ernie Hart, 6:Jim Baker, 7:?, 8:Percy Whipp, 9:Joe Richmond, 10:Jack Swan, 11:Jack Harris


3-2 @ Bolton Wanderers

Fourth Round replay: Wednesday February 1st 1950

Attendance: 29,440      

Scorers: Frank Dudley {2}, Len Browning {After Extra Time}

Ranked at the time:  263

Team: 1:Harold Searson, 2:Jimmy Dunn, 3:Jim Milburn, 4:Jim McCabe, 5:John Charles, 6:Tom Burden, 7:David Cochrane, 8:Ray Iggledon, 9:Len Browning, 10:Frank Dudley, 11:Harold Williams
1-0 vs Middlesbrough
Third Round: Saturday January 6th 1951
Attendance: 45,483

Scorer: Len Browning

Ranked at the time: 32

Team: 1:Harold Searson, 2:Jimmy Dunn, 3:Jim Milburn, 4:Jim McCabe, 5:John Charles, 6:Tom Burden, 7:Peter Harrison, 8:George Miller, 9:Len Browning, 10:Frank Dudley, 11:Harold Williams


1-0 at Manchester United

Third round: Sunday January 3rd 2010

Attendance: 74,526

Scorers: Jermaine Beckford

Ranked at the time: 19

Team: 1:Casper Ankergren, 2:Jason Crowe, 3:Patrick Kisnorbo, 6:Richard Naylor, 4:Michael Doyle, 8:Neil Kilkenny, 14:Johnny Howsen {Substituted for 23:Robert Snodgrass-77}, 16:Bradley Johnson, 22:Andy Hughes {Substituted for 32:Aiden White 90+2}, 9:Jermaine Beckford, 10:Lucianno Becchio {Substituted for 17 Lubomir Michalik-88}

2-1 vs Tottenham Hotspur

Fourth round: Sunday January 28th 2013

Attendance: 29,943

Scorers: Luke Varney, Ross McCormack 

Team: 12:Jamie Ashdown, 2:Lee Peltier, 4:Tom Lees, 7:Paul Green, 8:Rudolph Austin, 11:Luke Varney, 14:Aidy White, 17:Michael Brown, 25:Sam Byram, 21:El Hadj Diouf {replaced by 5:Jason Pearce - 90}, 44:Ross McCormack {replaced by 28:Davide Somma - 90}