The Giant Killers

Every F A cup slaying since 1888

            DERBY COUNTY

The Rams were founder members of the Football League who were said to be under a gipsy's curse when it came to the cup before finally winning the trophy in 1946. Just ten years later they fell into the third tier of English football for the first time but their greatest days still lay ahead when they were crowned champions in 1972 & 1975 under Brian Clough. In the 1980s Derby again suffered relegation into the third tier but they have been in the top two divisions since 1985. With an existence which has seen them spend just four years outside the top two divisions it's only natural that the Rams have a long list of giant killing defeats. They suffered humiliation regularly in the 30s at Exeter, Fulham and Millwall but they don't compare to Derby's awful display at home to Bristol Rovers in 2002.

Magic Moments


2-0 @ Leicester City

Second round: 6th February 1909

Attendance: 20,000

Scorers: Alf Bentley {pen}, Ronald Trueman

Ranked at the time: 67

Today: Outside the top 600

Team: 1:, 2:, 3:Charlie Morris, 4:Tommy Barbour, 5:, 6:George Richards, 7:George Thompson, 8:, 9:Alf Bentley, 10:Horace Barnes, 11:Jack 'Pimmy' Davis


3-0 vs Nottingham Forest

Quarter final: 13th March 1909

Attendance: 20,000

Scorers: Alf Bentley {3}

Ranked at the time: 63

Today: Outside the top 500


5-0 vs Everton

Third round: 25th February 1911

Attendance: 20,000

Scorers: Steve Bloomer {2 1-Pen image right}, Alf Bentley, Horace Barnes, Jimmy Bauchop

Ranked at the time: 9

Today: Outside the top 100

Team: 1:Ernie Scattergood, 2:Tommy Barbour, 3:Jack Atkin, 4:Ted Garry, 5:?, 6:Jimmy Bagshaw, 7:Steve Bloomer, 8:Alf Bentley, 9:Jimmy Bauchop, 10:Horace Barnes, 11:?


3-0 vs Newcastle United

First round: 13th January 1912

Attendance: 25,000

Scorers: George Richards, Jimmy Bauchop, Harry Leonard

Ranked at the time: 61

Today: Outside the top 300

Team: 1:Ernie Scattergood, 2:Jack Atkin, 3:Charlie Betts, 4:Jimmy Bagshaw, 5:Frank Buckley, 6:George Richards, 7:Billy Grimes, 8:Steve Bloomer, 9:Harry Leonard, 10:Jimmy Bauchop, 11:Ivan Sharpe


1-0 @ Tottenham Hotspur

Quarter Final: Saturday March 10th 1923

Attendance: 50,349

Scorer: Randolph Galloway   

Ranked at the time:96

Today: Outside the top 400

{image left: Jimmy Seed tries to break through Derby's striped shirted defence}

Team: 1:Ben Olney, 2:Bert Chandler, 3:Tommy Crilly, 4:Johnny McIntyre, 5:Harry Thoms, 6:Syd Plackett, 7:George Thornewell, 8:Jimmy Lyons, 9:Randolph Galloway, 10:Jim Moore, 11:Lionel 'Spud' Murphy


2-1 @ West Bromwich Albion

 Third round: Saturday, January 7th 2017

Attendance: 25,288

Scorers:Darren Bent, Tom Ince

Ranked at the time: 523

Derby's win at West Brom may not have sent shock waves around the world but it put the seal on a humdinger of a cup tie where the Championship side accepted their share of required luck to leave the Hawthorns with a cupset that their hosts didn't truly deserve to be on the wrong end of. West Brom were enjoying a good season by recent standards and dominated for long periods but couldn't take their chances, being suitably punished when the visitors enjoyed a good spell at the start of the second half. 

Team: 1: Scott Carson, 12: Chris Baird, 6: Richard Keogh, 5: Jason Shakell, 26: Jamie Hanson, 17: Julian De Sart, 4: Craig Bryson, 15: Bradley Johnson, 10: Tom Ince, 11: Darren Bent, 20: Abdoul Camara. {Manager: Steve McLaren}