The Giant Killers

Every F A cup slaying since 1888

                                  CARLISLE UNITED

Carlisle are currently the smallest club, in terms of the population it represents, to have played top flight Football in the last 100 years. that was a solitary season back in the mid 1970s when the club even managed to top the League in the early stages. The rest of the club's history has been that of a lower division outfit, gaining election to the League in 1928 and going on to secure their first Cupset of a top flight team in 1968, when they were among the stronger sides in the second tier. As fate would have it, Carlisle's sole top flight season saw them become victims of a cupset themselves.

Magic Moments

1-0 @ Newcastle United
 Third Round: Saturday January 27th 1968
Attendance: 56,569

Scorer: Tommy Murra

Ranked at the time: 48

Team: 1:Alan Ross, 2:Hugh Neil, 3:Terry Caldwell, 4:Peter McConnell, 5:Peter Garbutt, 6:Gordon Marsland, 7:John Rudge, 8:Tommy Murray, 9:Frank Barton, 10:Chris Balderstone, 11:George McVitie


2-1 vs Nottingham Forest

Third Round replay: Thursday January 6th 1970

Attendance: 12,840       

Scorers: George McVitie, Tommy Murray     

Ranked at the time: 359

Team: 1:Alan Ross, 2:Derek Hemstead, 3:Joe Davis, 4:Stan Ternant, 5:Graham Winstanley, 6:Chris Balderstone, 7:Tommy Murray, 8:Frank Barton, 9:Bob Hatton, 10:Maurice Peddalty, 11:George McVitie