The Giant Killers

Every F A cup slaying since 1888


Rovers were formed as Black Arabs F C in 1883, later taking on the local name Eastville Rovers before finally becoming Bristol Rovers in 1898 but it wasn't until 1905 that the club's name became truly known to the wider football world when they rather surprisingly won the Southern League and were able to lay the claim of being the best non league side in the land. Both prior and after that season Rovers made little impact in that division before being claimed as a founder member of the Third Division in 1920 where they stayed for the next thirty years without any danger of promotion. The 1950s remain Rovers golden age when a side emerged that not only won the Third Division South but also proved capable of being a good Second Division side, though promotion to the top flight was always beyond them. Rovers remained a side moving between the second and third tier and at the end of the Twentieth Century could lay claim to being the only league club never to have played either among the elite or in the basement. That changed in 2001 when Rovers found themselves relegated to the fourth tier for the first time while ninety-four years of Football League membership was broken in 2014 with relegation to the fifth tier. for a single season. Rovers first reached the first round of the cup in 1901 and their greatest day of the Twentieth century came in 1956 when Manchester United's ill fated Busby Babes were outclassed at Eastville but even that was topped in 2002 when Rovers won convincingly at Derby.

Magic Moments


2-0 Notts County

First round: 11th January 1913

Attendance: 15,000

Scorers: Harold Roe, Bert Morley {own goal}

Ranked at the time: 31

Team: 1:, 2:, 3:, 4:, 5:, 6:, 7: Billy Peplow, 8: James Shervey, 9: Harold Roe, 10:Phillips,11:Bill Palmer


2-0 vs Preston North End

Third Round: Saturday January 12th 1952

Attendance: 30,681         

Scorers: Geoff Bradford, Vic Lambden

Ranked at the time: 33            

Team: 1:Bert Hoyle, 2:Harry Bamford, 3:Geoff Fox, 4:Jackie Pitt, 5:Ray Warren, 6:Peter Sampson, 7:George Petherbridge, 8:Bill Roost, 9:Vic Lambden, 10:Geoff Bradford, 11:Bryan Bush