The Giant Killers

Every F A cup slaying since 1888


Giant Killers



1985 - 1987 

Third Round: Tuesday January 14th 1986

Attendance: 6,636       

Scorers: {City} Robert Hopkins {63} {Altrincham} Ronnie Ellis {65}, Robert Hopkins {own goal 75}       

Ranked at the time: 14

City: 1:David Seaman, 2:Ray Ranson, 3:Julian Dicks, 4:Jim Hagan, 5:Ken Armstrong, 6:Martin Kuhl {replaced by 12:Billy Wright} 7:Des Bremner, 8:Brian Roberts, 9:Andy Kennedy, 10:Nicky Platnauer, 11:Robert Hopkins. Manager:Ron Saunders
Altrincham: 1:Jeff Wealands, 2:Phil Gardner, 3:Peter Densmore, 4:Jeff Johnson, 5:Paul Cuddy, 6:Peter Conning, 7:Doug Newton, 8:John Davison, 9:Ronnie Ellis, 10:Paul Reid, 11:Gary Anderson,  {12: Mick Farrelly}