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Giant Killers



1965 - 1967 

Bolton Wanderers 3-0 West Bromwich Albion
Third Round: Saturday January 22nd1966

Attendance: 24,425   

Scorers: Brian Bromley {2}, Francis Lee  

Ranked at the time: 147  

Wanderers: 1:Eddie Hopkinson, 2:Roy Hartle, 3:Syd Farrimond, 4:Warwick Rimmer, 5:John Napier, 6:Dave Hatton, 7:Francis Lee, 8:Brian Bromley, 9:Wyn Davies, 10:Freddie Hill, 11:Gordon Taylor. Manager:Bill Ridding
Albion: 1:Ray Potter, 2:Bobby Cram, 3:Ray Fairfax, 4:Graham Lovett, 5:Stan Jones, 6:Doug Fraser, 7:Tony Brown, 8:Ray Crawford, 9:John Kaye, 10:Bobby Hope, 11:Clive Clark. Manager:Jimmy Hagan
Stoke City 0-2 Walsall
Third Round: Saturday January 22nd1966

Attendance: 32,676  

Scorers: Howard Reily {15}, Alan Clarke {45-pen}  

Ranked at the time: 41  

City: 1:Bobby Irvine, 2:Eric Skeels, 3:Tony Allen, 4:Maurice Setters, 5:Dennis Violett, 6:Alan Bloor, 7:Calvin Palmer, 8:Peter Dobing, 9:John Ritchie, 10: Roy Vernon, 11:Harry Burrows. Manager:Tony Waddington 
Walsall:1:Tony Carling, 2:Frank Gregg, 3:John Harris, 4:Graham Sissons, 5:Stan Bennett, 6:Nick Athey, 7:Howard Riley, 8:Alan Clarke, 9:George Kirby, 10:Jimmy McMorran, 11:Colin Taylor. Manager:Ray Shaw
Manchester City 3-1 Blackpool
Third Round replay: Monday January 24th1966

Attendance: 52,661  

Scorers: {City} Johnny Crossan, Mike Summerbee, Mike Doyle: {Blackpool} Ray Charnley

Ranked at the time: 417  

City: 1:Harry Dowd, 2:Bobby Kennedy, 3:Cliff Sear, 4:Mike Doyle, 5:George Heslop, 6:Alan Oakes, 7:Mike Summerbee, 8:Johnny Crossan, 9:Glyn Pardoe, 10:Neil Young, 11:Dave Connor. Manager:Joe Mercer
Blackpool: 1:Tony Waiterd, 2:Jimmy Armfield. 3:Tommy Thompson, 4:Hugh Fisher, 5:Gyln James, 6:Johnny Green, 7:Les Lea, 8:Alan Ball, 9:Ray Charnley, 10:John McPhee, 11:Des Horne. Manager:Ron Suart
Hull City 2-0 Nottingham Forest
Fourth Round: Saturday February 12th1966

Attendance: 38,055   

Scorers: Terry Heath {2}

Ranked at the time: 176  

City: 1:Maurice Swan, 2:Andy Davidson, 3:Mick Brown, 4:Alan Jarvis, 5:Mike Milner, 6:Ken Houghton, 7:Ray Henderson, 8:Ken Wagstaff, 9:Chris Chilton, 10:Terry Heath, 11:Ian Butler. Manager:Cliff Britton
Forest: 1:Peter Grummitt, 2:Peter Hindley, 3:Henry Newton, 4:Terry Hennessey, 5:Billy Taylor, 6:Jeff Whitefoot, 7:Chris Crowe, 8:Bob 'Sammy' Chapman. 9:Billy McArthur, 10:John Barnwell, 11:Alan Hinton. Manager:Johnny Carey
Wolverhampton Wanderers 3-0 Sheffield United
Fourth Round: Saturday February 12th1966

Attendance: 32,456   

Scorers: Peter Knowles {2}, Hugh McIlmoyle

Ranked at the time: 260  

Wanderers: 1:Dave MacLaren, 2:Joe Wilson, 3:Bobby Thomson, 4:Ron Flowers, 5:David Woodfield, 6:John Holsgrove, 7:Terry Wharton, 8:Ernie Hunt, 9:Hugh McIlmoyle, 10:Peter Knowles, 11:Dave Wagstaffe. Manager:Ronnie Allen
United: 1:Alan Hodgkinson, 2:Len Badger, 3:Ken Mallender, 4:Reg Matthewson, 5:Joe Shaw, 6:Barry Wagstaff, 7:Alan Woodward, 8:Tony Wagstaff, 9:Alan Birchenall, 10:Tom Fenoughty, 11:Gil Reece. Manager:John Harris
Preston North End 2-1 Tottenham Hotspur
Fifth Round: Saturday March 5th1966

Attendance: 36,792   

Scorers: {North End} Alex Dawson, Ernie Hannigan: {Hotspur} Jimmy Greaves   

Ranked at the time: 197  

North End: 1:Alan Kelly, 2:George Ross, 3:Jim Smith, 4:Nobby Lawton, 5:Tony Singleton, 6:Howard Kendall, 7:Ernie Hannigan, 8:Brian Godfrey, 9:Alex Dawson, 10:Alan Spavin, 11:Frank Lee. Manager:Jimmy Milne
Hotspur: 1:Pat Jennings, 2:Phil Beal, 3:Cyril Knowles, 4:Alan Mullery, 5:Laurie Brown, 6:Dave Mackay, 7:Jimmy Robertson, 8:Eddie Clayton, 9:Frank Saul, 10:Alan Gilzean, 11:Jimmy Greaves. Manager:Bll Nicholson
Leicester City 0-1 Manchester City
Fifth Round replay: Wednesday March 9th1966

Attendance: 41,892    

Scorer: Neil Young

Ranked at the time: 378  

Leicester: 1:Gordon Banks, 2:Peter Rodrigues, 3:Richie Norman, 4:Bobby Roberts, 5:John Sjoberg, 6:Graham Cross, 7:Jackie Sinclair, 8:Jimmy Goodfellow, 9:Derek Dougan, 10:David Gibson, 11:Mike Stringfellow. Manager:Matt Gillies
Manchester City 1:H arry Dowd, 2:Bobby Kennedy, 3:Stan Horne, 4:Mike Doyle, 5:George Heslop, 6:Alan Oakes, 7:Mike Summerbee, 8:Johnny Crossan, 9:Glyn Pardoe, 10:Dave Connor, 11:Neil Young. Manager:Joe Mercer

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