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1958 - 1960 

Norwich City 3-0 Manchester United
Third Round: Saturday January 10th 1959

Attendance: 38,000       

Scorers: Terry Bly {2}

Ranked at the time: 4 

City: Terry Bly 
United: 1:Harry Gregg, 2:Bill Foulkes, 3:Joe Carolan, 4:Freddie Goodwin, 5:Ronnie Cope, 6:Wilf McGuiness, 7:Warren Bradley, 8:Albert Quixall, 9:Dennis Violett, 10:Bobby Charlton, 11:Albert Scanlon
Worcester City 2-1 Liverpool
Third Round: Thursday January 15th 1959

Attendance: 15,111        

Scorers: {City} Tommy Skuse {9} , Dick White {o.g. 80}: {Liverpool} Geoff Twentyman {pen 83}

Ranked at the time: 24

{Image: Molyneux [dark shirt] can't prevent Tommy Skuse putting Worcester in front}

City:  1:John Kirkwood, 2:Wilcox, 3:Reg Potts, 4:Sammy Bryceland, 5:Melville, 6:Roy Paul, 7:Tommy Brown, 8:Eddie Follan, 9:Harry Knowles, 10:Bernard Gosling, 11:Tommy Skuse
Liverpool: 1:Tommy Younger, 2:John Molyneux,  3:Ronnie Moran, 4:Johnny Wheeler, 5:Dick White, 6:Geoff Twentyman, 7:Fred Morris, 8:James Harrower, 9:Louis Bimpson, 10:Jimmy Melia, 11:Alan A'Court  
Manchester City 1-2 Grimsby Town
Third Round replay: Saturday January 24th 1959


Scorers: {City} : {Town} 

Ranked at the time: 239

Norwich City 1-0 Tottenham Hotspur
Fifth Round replay: Wednesday February 18th 1959


Scorer: Terry Bly 

Ranked at the time:253

City: 1:Ken Nethercott, Ron Ashman, Terry Bly  
Hotspur: 1:John Hollowbread, Bobby Smith  
Sheffield United 3-0 Arsenal
Fifth Round replay: Wednesday February 18th 1959



Ranked at the time: 49


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