Cannon Creations

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            Cannon Creations


Special Announcments:


I am happy to announce that I am currently working on getting together a online Cannon Creations shop, were buyers online will be able to purchase customized cannons. Combustions Pneumatics, Hybrids, And airsoft guns. Sniper rifles, to potato cannons, to Airsoft guns. I am also planning on selling speicaly fabricated and milled parts for your cannons and other creations. Like ignition boxes, and piston valves.

This program will be up after I finish a few more projects, and more variet of things to buy. I hope to have the shop up within the starting months of 2008. It will open with a variety of products.

Pats-Spuds luancher contest

Currently I am going to compete in the pats spuds cannon contest. Im in the accuracy contest. Go join the contest here All the big names in spud cannons will be competeing. This is a competetion for the best, to see who is the best!


Cannon Project Status:


Traditonal Combustion Cannon Project: FISNISHED











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