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Kari Hero (Amyr Hope colt)


Kari Royalty (Brazen Secret colt)


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North American Straight Crabbet Directory 2014

There are a couple copies left of the 2014 Straight Crabbet Directory .  This full colour, soft cover 8.5 X 11 book contains the Straight Crabbet Arabian horses in United States and Canada. 


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Dedicated to 100% Crabbet Arabian Conservation for the Future

Based on the breeding program that began at the Crabbet Arabian Stud in England and the Sheikh Obeyd Stud in Egypt, by Wilfrid and Lady Anne Blunt and continued by their daughter Lady Wentworth and then Cecil Covey . Showcasing Pure Crabbet Arabian (also known as 100% Crabbet or Straight Crabbet) bloodlines with an emphasis on performance and functionality.  Pure Crabbet horses (and their derivatives) excel in endurance, dressage and other sport horse disciplines as well as being great family horses. These horses are a combination of old American Crabbet and new Crabbet lines from England and Australia and carry lines to illustrious sires like Oran, Indian King,*Serafix, *Silver Vanity, *Seffer, *Raffles and Indian Magic. Pure Crabbet Stallions at Stud, Pure Crabbet Horses for sale, Pure Crabbet Custom Foals.

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Is the Straight Crabbet Arabian Rare?

100%, Straight or Pure Crabbet. Whatever name you give them Straight Crabbets are a rare Arabian bloodline. They are a closed breeding group meaning no new horses are able to be included and began with some of the finest desert Arabians. Many Crabbet horses have been crossed with other bloodlines but maintaining the closed breeding group is important for the future. Once a line is lost from the gene pool it is forever lost from the Straight Crabbet bloodlines. It is vital to maintain the current available bloodlines!

 Within the closed breeding group, there are different phenotypes (visible look of a horse). The most recognized is the tall, broad Wentworth superhorses. Many early Blunt horses were smaller and refined but this type is rare in modern pedigrees. Many modern Crabbets are average height and are athletic, working horses. 100% Crabbet owners in North America are a group of people looking to breed the horses they love for future generations. There is a Crabbet type for every person!  Within our network, we can help to find you a horse for any discipline. Straight Crabbet arabians are known to do well in dressage, hunter, endurance, competitive trail, sport horse, western pleasure and western gaming.

Contact for a Straight Crabbet horse that can enrich your life and help contribute to the future of this rare bloodline.

Pure Crabbets Owned by Kari Arabians  -Ontario, Canada

@ Amyr Bronze PC (*Seyad X BL Majestic Mist) 1994 Chestnut Stallion

@DSA Brynn CRB (Gavin X Senoran Rose) 2004 Chestnut Stallion


Amyr Hope PC (BL Majestic Gold+ X N-V Hope) 1995 Chestnut Mare

Magic Locket (RAS Royal Magic X *Silver Noel GB) 1995 Chestnut Mare

Brazen Secret (Revelle X Rosalaina) 1997 Chestnut Mare -Deceased

$ Kari Lockets Kadence (*Dandaloo Kadet X Magic Locket ) 2006 Chestnut gelding 

$ Amyr Charity (RAS Amyr Dargee PC X Amyr Hope PC) 2008 Grey mare

$ Kari Sentinel (Amyr Bronze PC X Brazen Secret) 2010 Chestnut gelding

$ Kari Halo (Amyr Bronze PC X Amyr Hope Pc) 2010 Chestnut filly

 Kari Melody (Kari Lockets Kadence X FV Silver Mistic) 2010 Chestnut filly

SOLD Kari Laura Secord PC (DSA Brynn CRB X Magic Locket) 2013 Chestnut filly

$Kari Royalty 2016 chestnut colt (Crabbet Royalty X Brazen Secret) 

$Kari Hero 2016 Chestnut colt (Crabbet Royalty X Amyr Hope PC)

Pure Crabbets Owned by Richelle Elchuk Arabians   -Ontario, Canada

MI Royal Flag (*Silver Flag AHS X Mi Royal Spring) 1990 Bay Mare -Deceased

Brazen Angel (*Dandaloo Kadet X Brazen Secret) 2006 Bay Mare

Evening Fire Ruby (Fire Reflection X MI Royal Flag) 2009 Bay filly

SOLD Evening Brynns Ace (DSA Brynn CRB X Brazen Angel) 2011 Bay colt

 Evening Kadence Rumba (Kari Lockets Kadence X MI Royal Flag) 2011 Bay filly

Evening Crabbet Diva (Crabbet Royalty X *Rothlynne Pure Delight) 2012 Bay filly

Evening Crabbet Bliss (Crabbet Royalty X ACABONA Blessing) 2012 Bay filly

SOLD Dawning Bronze Rarity (Amyr Bronze PC X Evening Fire Ruby) 2015 Chestnut filly 

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