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Monday November 21 2011

Hello it's me again, I'm gonna start paying attention more these days to this site in particular.  I have finished working on my XJ this year and now I have more time to do other things like updating this site and getting a little more RC stuff and Car stuff on here.  I'm still a little busy till the end of the year but around Christmas I'll start bringing this up to speed.  If you haven't already noticed I lazily changed the banner to reflect 2012 and will start plotting how to memorialize the clan page.  I'm still on GSA once in a blue moon but wish to start playing again on a little more regular basis maybe like once or twice a week.  I'm going to keep the current pages that I have for nostalgia sake and just add new ones for the updated content.  So until then, maybe some old buddies will start coming around.  Maybe! hehe cheers!

Sunday March 6 2011

Is it just me or am I getting all misty eyed, heh he!  Looks like the website editor changed a few things since the last few times, which were really few and far between.  The colours a little bit different as well the fonts too; switching on me without notice it's aggravating a little.  It takes a little longer to type anything, really now, things should improve really.  Enough of that now.  I just want to say that since I managed to remember my user name and password for my site here I'm hopefully going to remember to start writing here again.  I'm going to put up a few more pages for the new RC cars section which will include my current builds and upcoming builds.  Also I'm going to start to put my Jeep stuff on here as well.  I'll be starting to modify it when another vehicle is obtained and I'll be posting progress on it and any fix isolated fix jobies as well.  One of which is coming up will be a new exhaust manifold from Clifford and a custom dual exhaust setup.

As for NF I'll still try to go and play to own some nubs every so often.  I'm starting to become interested in this game as well as CS just for nostalgia's sake.  I kind of miss it really,  I don't know when people play at the moment.  It seems that my normal playing time is empty of people.  I don't know, maybe there's still some good games playing.  Later.

Sunday July 19 2009

It's been sooo long since I've been here!  I can't believe people still visit this place every so often.. well at least in the last couple of months so far.  I've been playing only every so often these days.
I have been so busy in my personal life that half the time I completely forget  about GameSpy, NF and this site I was going to update it at some when I have time.  Right now isn't that time really
cause I'm too fucking tired at the moment, 11:30 at night right now, I should be sleeping really for work tomorrow.

For the most part now I have been working on my Jeep and trying to get it ready for painting which is a lot of work but once it's done I should have much more time.  Really though I'm starting to
use this page as more of a blog more than anything else, heh heh.  Well in any case I should get back a little on topic here.

As of now like just said I'd like to update this site and maybe get a few more people to comment here about NF's status.  I've noticed Buddah has come around a few times not too long ago
mentioning that hes played a bit of NF, I'm hoping maybe some of the other older players from way back when would comment something seeing that I haven't talked to them in ages too.  I'm going to try to focus on more of a blogging or open forum type of website.  I might cut some of the pages out in favor of this different direction,  add some different things to it hopefully to try and make this place more interesting.  New banners might come along for 2009 and possibly a different format for the home page.  So as for now I'll probably just pop a paragraph in here and there
every so often just so people know I'm still around.

So cya guys soon!

Friday July 25 2008

It's been so long, haven't been playing NF too much these days.  It's getting to the point where I'm getting sick of the other players not playing the game properly and I'm sick of the bullshit going on.  Most of the people that play are hacking the game and trying to modify it to give themselves advantages over other people that play, a lot of them are noobs just trying to ruin it.  The servers are crap and very little of them are running now like a couple dozen or so rooms are up and just about all of them are laggy ass euro servers where half the players are basically running LAN from the server.  I get 250+ pings in most of them except for one server but usually it's empty.  So ya, anyways, I'm probably going to change the site soon, don't know to what and not sure when.  I already took down a few pages just so I can get them out of the way.  I'm not going to put a forum up ever again because nobody uses the damn thing so I will focus on other things.  That's pretty much the gist of  things so get the fuck out! Later!

Friday April 7 2007

Man it's been foreeeeeeeeeeeeevvvvvvvveeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrr since I've been on here!!!  Nothing too new,  I bought another car which I just had finished fixing now,  it's my second car and its alright.  It is a 1991 Toyota Celica GT.  Might turn it into a GT-Four after I'm done fixing my Cherokee and fixing that probably won't happen for another month or two.

I've added a new forum to the site and this one will probably be my last forum I have to set up since this forum will be accessed more often then say a conventional forum based on its own.  Please read the rules first and don't try to break them,  I've got enough crap to deal with in my life..

Later y'all!

Sunday November 26 2006


Just now the Forum has been put up and is ready.  Users can register now and begin to post.

No posting crap, People!!  Later.

Saturday November 18 2006


Just found out that the Forum is longer available.  A new one is being made and will up soon, courtesy of Rambo.  All old links will be replaced with the new ones once it's finished but until then it will just point to the forum where it used to be because I'm too lazy to change the links right now.

Saturday November 11 2006

Progression on the first map is going slowly unfortunately because of how hard it is for me to have time for it right now and the fact that I have to do everything by eye on my N64 system so as of now there will be only 2 maps to be made.  Based on the first section of the dam level I will be making a CT and CTF map right now it is in it's alpha stage, functional enough to have players play but considerable detail has yet to be created.  Most of the aspects considering how the maps are made are pretty much sorted out and should be ready when I have a free weekend to work on it.

In other news (feels weird saying that) I have had the honor of accepting another player into CanadaBud.  Most of you have probably know of 'John Rambo' now known as 'CB^JoHn*RaMbO^CB' welcome to the clan also will be in charge during the week as I won't be available at any time during the week.

Also '.[FuR].-str8^-BACK' has taken the time make a site for members and will be dealing with any NF leagues, Tourneys and member only issues.  So thanks we appreciate the work done!  There will be a link to this site soon and vice-versa for the other site.  Any questions concerning joining, like always just let me know through GSA or email.

That's pretty much covers all there is so far..  so see ye all later.

Wednesday July 26 2006

No update to G-Mod as of now,  I've been modding for quite a while with some other games too and I just need to stop for a bit.  My life is still a train wreck so I will notify if I start working on it again.

As for other news, weather has been as hot as hell up here, not unusual but still not used to it.. I don't think I ever will but suffice it to say a T-Storm would be nice.

Had problems with internet again so if I'm offline for a while you'll know why now.  I don't think I'll be hosting again till maybe a cable connection is installed or if I can find someone to host.

And last but definitely not least.. A new member joined today.  Our first player to CanadaBud in a long time.  He's very well played player and can keep his own YAY!  You'll find his name on the members page!  I'd like to say ~Welcome to the clan and I hope your stay will fun and beneficial!


Friday April 21 2006

Update about G-MOD:

A little while ago I started the G-MOD and have been increasingly pressed for time,  therefor I'm not continuing the mod till a later date as the job I am currently at has left me tired and generally too "out of it" to create a quality mod.  I have been planning to resume development in about 3 weeks.  My current situation is still unstable at best,  I don't know what the hell is going on but at least in any case it will be straightened out by mid May.  For any that is anticipating the mod please don't fret, it will be done, just have to wait a little longer.

Thanks for your patience and time.

Oh and yeah! -->

                           HAPPY 420!!

Tuesday March 14 2006

Today's a new day for me to start my "Official" mod I have previously mentioned.  The compiler for scratch made maps using Hammer Editor has been released and I for one can start making the "Goldeneye" mod tomorrow morning (which is actually this morning to me) by getting my preliminary sketches down on to the white stuff.  I have know idea how long this is going take but I do promise you that it will be at the very least as good as the original maps.  Using Nightfire as a base for Goldeneye might improve the Gameplay considerably to some people but don't expect to have the same "feel" though as I have to experiment with the game to get the dynamics as close as possible to the original.  I also want to implement the storyline too but I'm not sure if I want to do that yet.  Might be legal issues but I doubt that will have a problem considering that I'm not selling the mod.

Once finished I will distribute to a few select people and then release on this site for a couple of weeks and then to RAC and others. 


Thursday December 29 2005

Just set up an FTP server as a overflow because I have not much room here on this site.  I will put up a link to it but it's not going to be up all the time.  It should be on when I'm on Gamespy.  This server is for trusted people and will not give access to just anyone.  Although if you want to browse it you can ask me first and I'll give you a temporary account.  Later on when I get a static IP I will post a link to it that will allow people to access the server without an account but access will be limited to just download.'s

Wednesday December 21 2005

Hello again,  very late er ahh.. early I should say,  it's 4:45 am and I finally finished my Japan-Winter map just in time for Christmas!  I so happy that it's done because it has been nagging the back of my mind for the last few months.  Though the actual work involved probably didn't take more than say a week and a half to do;  finding time was just a matter of taking the time to do it.  Well anyway it's done, I'm done,  can't do anything because my mouse is pretty much dead and it's recharging at the moment so yeah,  download it.  Download section if you must know.  As of now I'm really tired and about to pass out.  Peace Out, I'm a going to go bask in my glory.. in my dreams of course cause I'm that tired. 

Later People!

Wednesday November 16 2005

Not much going on now just boring with undoubtedly rigorous queer weather and the fact of starving doesn't help either.  In any case I don't mind it still..  I'm used to it.  On another note I have put down 3 more pages to the site and don't know what to do with them really so I'm leaving that up to you guys.  The reason I've added 3 more pages is even unknown to me but I think making 10 pages on the site triggers a more comfortable state of mind knowing that it is a round number I guess.  Mostly out of boredom I believe but in any case just tell me what you think I should use those pages for in the guestbook.

Also for anyone reading this will probably get a little weird feeling or know right off the bat but I have switched the updates to newer first and older last.  I think this is much easier just because of the fact that everyone else is doing it.  Although at first I was going to have it the normal way first but something told me to do it older to newer because of the fact it increases the chance of people reading the whole thing instead of just the top of the page.  Since I want people to read the updates instead of getting irritated scrolling their way down the page to see the new update is pretty much the only reason I have changed it.

I have added a few pictures of my friends and I in the Albums Page (obviously) and I hope I don't get shot for this.  At a birthday party is where it was at and I hope you find them a little funny.

Tuesday October 18 2005

Managed to get a new member to CB a week ago,  kind of a joint member I guess with regards to CSS but still.  I'd prefer exclusive members but I guess I can allow it.  I like to be lenient so that's why I welcome |-CSS-|~CB-Falcon to CanadaBud.  We are still looking for more members so if you're interested in joining don't be afraid to ask.

As you all might have known I was supposed to start working on a few new maps and skins for NF but alas I keep forgetting.  I will try to get something in for Christmas but I can't promise anything right now seeing that I don't know what I'll be doing in the next 2 months so I'll try to get something done at least.  I have also started on a new GSA skin for NF and CB.  This will change the appearance of GSA to NF colours and concepts.  I have managed to finish a beta version of this skin and have given the first copy of a new and hopefully official NF GSA skin to ZonyGirl to test it out and find discrepancies in the skin and decide on a final version to release to the public and GSA.

That's all for now,  Lataz!

Friday October 7 2005

Small Update:  I have just put a TS Server called "CanadaBud - Nightfire Clan" but because my IP is dynamic I can't put a specific IP down.  Just search for the name,  It should be the only one there.  If you want to register to the server just e-mail me,  it's at the bottom of the page.

Monday September 26 2005

                                                                               Image Hosted by

                                                                      TM. BOT Yaz

Hey,  one more month and this site will be one year old!  Got a few hits over the last year.  New stuff concepts were nice this time around,  Yaz managed to make a performance monitor for Nightfire players.  It is just starting out but seems to be working good.  There's only a few rooms that support NPM  (Nightfire Performance Monitor) hopefully when I can figure out my server problems I will be able to host one too.  It's a great idea,  well since most other games have some sort of monitor too.  The monitor tracks kill/death ratios,  kills/minute,  kills with each weapon and a few more details.  The link is the button up above this paragraph,  you should check it out.  Simple Registration/Login but make sure you get you names correct because a different name on the site than the one you play with will result in lost stats.  For dynamic IP's just make sure you log in before playing on the NPM rooms to update your IP's because that will obviously result in lost stats. 

Changed the members page too,  deleted players that are not in the clan anymore.  Also just left active players on,  including non-NF players...  which is pretty much everyone else except me.  Made new servers for the clan but like I said before got to fix the connection problems first.  I am also thinking of the mod I will be doing,  might take longer than I expected.  I will be very busy and not have much time to make it.  I've changed some of the ideas for the mod too,  I think I'll just make a Christmas mod for Nightfire.  It will include new skins that will resemble Xmas wear and also will include the DM Japan map.  I don't know yet how i will implement it but I figure a script will activate it through the console or maybe a button on the main or options menu.  Lastly I will be updating and changing the format for the links page.  Just some rearranging and adding picture buttons as the links to make it looks a little better.

I don't know what else to say really so I'll just go now.. Cya's All!

Tuesday August 16 2005

I have just created a forum for this site.  Using the phpbb style from and its pretty much the same as Fords forum.  I kind of like it,  its easy to use and check upon.  I have it up and running now but I'll still be changing things and possibly adding a few things in the future.  As of right now I will just be changing the forum colours to match that of my website and after that I might make a few adjustments to the board.  To link to the forum I have created a button at the top of this page and also you can find the link in the links section.  So,  its up and running and I hope to see you all there.

Later all.

Sunday July 17 2005

Ooo,  been awhile since an update.  Uneventful life is the result of this.  Anyway...  I made some other textures for you to have in the download section.  There not great by any means but I like them so I put them up.  I've also decided that I'm going to make a newly textured map.  I've chosen to do a Christmas Romania.  Nothing will be changed really just different textures,  even though its nowhere near Christmas right now but by the time I'm done it should be pretty close to it.  That is how much attention to detail I'm going to put in.  Also on top of that maybe,  just maybe I might be able to figure out how to put custom reflection maps to the guns and see if I can get weather effects in multiplayer.  I won't promise anything because it will greatly depend on my mood and what state my brain is in.  Xmas Romania will be done just not sure of the other things I want to do.  Well  anyway...

                                                                  Have A Great Summer!!!

Cya Later People!

Tuesday May 31 2005

I've decided to take off the AOE downloads because I really don't play that game online anymore and it's taking up space on my site so there gone now.  I got my scanner to work good now and I've just uploaded another picture of my Jeep.  So sit and look and wonder how its doing what it's doing.

Ciao people...

Saturday May 28 2005

Just changed the Ford Falcon pictures to a lower colour format to save some space and give 56Kers a break on loading the page, heh heh.  Also changed some of the text to match the rest of site.  I put counters on each page just for fun and because I felt like to. I'm going to put up some more pics of NF later on too.  Going to change the Members page soon and leave out some of the members that I feel abandoned the Clan just to keep confusion out and hopefully provide some incentive for new people to join the Clan.

Another note,  I've been getting a whole lot of requests from other Clans to join them.  As I am flattered that I would be appreciated in there Clans I am still going to be exclusive to this Clan only. I'm sorry that I won't be taking anyone offer because I feel loyal to this one even though its heading down hill.  I want to keep this one and still try to get some new members but its very difficult right now as the NF community is being in the state where people want to be noticed and join Clans that have high popularity.  As may some of you know that CanadaBud is an old NF Clan if not almost the oldest one in NF,  being established shortly after NF's release with 8 members (which I believe I think) already from the start.  Anyways I won't be joining other Clans so to any Clan Leaders that is reading this you might as well not ask because I won't go.

As in turn I will still be looking for potential people to come in as I mentioned before many times and hopefully get some people soon.

Allllllrighty then...  Later.

Saturday April 23 2005

I just added an announcements pages to the site.  It's sort of like a billboard for news,  clans,  new clans,  tourney's and such so if you want something on there just give me an email with your name and subject and everything you want put up as a post on the page.  Although you can put what you want but it has to abide by the rules of this site provider (FreeWebs).  This also can't be used to bash other people either so don't even bother e-mailing me if you can't abide by that simple rule because it will be gone just as fast as it came.

It's my birthday today so send me something,  something good.

That is all..


Tuesday April 26 2005

Man I'm tired,  its quarter to 5 and I've yet to go to sleep.  My income tax came in on Friday that's a relief.  I get to keep my internet connection for a few months more.  Bought some clothes and things,  also most importantly: food.  I went and picked up a few things for the computer too,  got another hard drive and a fan controller. 

Well the Nightfire community have become monotonous again and such,  BAH I say.  Once again endless CTF Romania rooms as far as the eye can see.  I wonder what a noob would think if they were to start playing Nightfire.  I mean,  would he\she think that there's only one or two maps? I'd think so because I've already begun forgetting the maps I used to play a lot of.  Like jungle for instance,  like what the fuck is wrong with jungle?!?  the same goes for Istanbul,  Space Station or say Casino?  I don't know what's going on here but people are getting retarded.

Ahh I think I'm done griping,  sorry I get cranky when I'm tired.  Nothing new except for the money in my pocket in which feels good till that runs out.

Oh well I guess I'll see ya all later people.  Have a very awake day.

Wednesday March 30 2005

Sorry I was gone for about 3 weeks.  The internet went bye bye for a while.  Its back now so I'm glad,  it feels weird really.  I spent that much time without it felt like I lost all my friends ha ha ha.  Well that's how I keep contact with most of them through MSN and such.

In any case I got my first bad guestbook response from a guy named MGK Raptor X.  I felt that it should be said on here at the front page for people to see.  This is what he wrote  in the guestbook:   "u guys ssuck!".  Now I'm going to be really nice and say only one thing about him...

Learn To Type!!!

Nothing proves more that you are a moron than to misspell your supposed insult.  Also be a little more original than just saying "u suck".  From now on I'll be posting all stupid responses on the front page for people to see.

Well the weather is getting better and I'm still waiting on my income tax check,  the fucking bastards.  I need my beer and smokes he he heh.  Nothings changed much either in nightfire except for the fact that people are becoming more like idiots these days.  Oh well it adds to the excitement I suppose.

Later yo.

Monday March 7 2005

Nothing new really except the warm weather and the fact that DAK has finally died.  Ohh ahh.. that's a bad way of putting it but I guess it was inevitable.  They did hold on for quite a while though.  I guess hanging on by a thread doesn't count in this game.  I wish good luck to Stoney as the last known member that I have had contact with.

Well Stoney I got a spot here for you if you want it but its your choice.  Just let me know eh,  tell me what you think in the guestbook.

Cya Later.  PEACE!  as Will would put it.

Monday February 28 2005

Hello boys and girls!  I was just having a stroll on to the old RAC forum and just found out it wasn't there.  I thought that it was just me so I refreshed a couple of times and realized that I was not at fault here.  It really was down so I went to the RAC site and on the scrolling banner I find that it was taken down.  I was like "AWWW for fuck sakes" I don't know what happened,  probably something stupid.  I left a little post on the guestbook to get some feedback on what happened. 

In other news,  Tax Season is coming around and you know what that means...  well if you don't it means MONEY!  Lovely beautiful green stuff that we have worked so hard (or not so hard) to get each year.  Its funny how we have to wait a year for the government to pay us and we pay them every day.  I got a big whopping check coming in and its time for some upgrades on the computer and in some other places.  Maybe I'll get back into my R/C cars again.  I kind of miss it to say the least.  Also to pay some bills I had no money for before heh heh.

Well nothing special anywhere else that's important enough to gain my sympathy so...


Monday February 21 2005

Well this clan is starting to get noticed again and I appreciate very much the clans that respect ours,  Thank You.

Well I've been saying this over and over again,  I'm still looking for people.  I still need people to come to this clan not to just build it up really but mostly to have someone to game with and help teach people the skills needed to play really good.  So like I said before I willing to take anyone that has some respect for other people playing and to have fun.  It's a little hard because there's very few people that don't have a clan and even fewer still that want to be in one.  Alas I'm here and waiting patiently but I don't mind,  to even have allies is great too and having friends from other clans to have fun matches to play.

Later all.

Thursday February 3 2005

Well,  finally updated the members page and put a little.. er middle sized banner on the top of the page.  I've also been making some textures for the game.  Nothing fancy really just simple things.  I'll put them in the downloads section when I'm done.  Just fooling around with the Alaura skins.  Found out there's a bikini skin for her... heh hee.  I think I might just do some gun textures for now till i get used to doing this sort of thing again.

Later all.

Monday January 31 2005

Just added another file called CB Stuff.  It has a new cross-hair and textures for the shotgun.  Hope you like it.

Nothing new as of now really,  I'm just lazing around.  Enjoyed the warmer weather we had a couple of days ago,  plus temperatures but now it seems to be getting colder again.  Fords forum seems to be doing pretty good and there's been a lot more people playing Nightfire too.  I think I might put up a banner to dress up the home page a little.  It looks boring and I think it needs colour.

Monday January 24 2005

                                                            Image Hosted by

                                                                                                                                                                                                   TM. Steamless Project

Was just browsing through a few sites.  I had accidentally formatted all of my hard drive so I'm just trying to remember where all of the sites I used to go to and just remembered a site that had just ticked my interest,  Its called steamless.  You will find the link on my links page.  Instead of explaining it here I'll let their web page handle that.  Just to save myself some typing... :P


Thursday January 13 2005

Small Update:  Ford's new forum is up and running and the link HERE.

Laterz all! :)

Tuesday January 11 2005

Well not much to add here really,  just wanted to say that (RAC-FordGT90Concept) has a forum up (the link is his name) and has been up for quite a while too.  I didn't find out it'll January 5.  In any case I suggest you sign up there if you want some advice or chit-chat with anyone that is in Nightfire.  Well that's all... well I did change the font if you have noticed hahaha its not like its important or anything.  The counter also appears to be broken,  temporarily apparently.  Oh well.

In general news, maybe not important too but we had 2 snowstorms,  if you want to call it that (rolleyes).  Oh and the police are handing out tickets in the tri-city area (Kitchener,  Cambridge and Waterloo) and Guelph if you don't have your papers on you,  driver's license,  insurance and ownership.  You will get a $1,000.00 Dollar fine if you don't have these on you.  Honestly I think that's stupid because some people tend to forget and usually A LOT of people forget.  Its supposed to root out drivers without licenses and insurance but I think that's full of shit!  Just another money making scheme.  That's all I have to say.


Monday January 3 2005

Hey People,  I just redone the albums page and put in a table for the Members area.  Right now I just want to relax after spending quite a bit of time here heh hem.  The albums page is not the webs Album anymore so I can put the background on the page and make it like the rest of the site.  I've also put in more in depth descriptions of the pictures too.  The Members page wasn't done yet but I have to go into my gamespy and find all the names again add a description to each so I'm not doing that right now,  fuck that,  heheh. 

Well that's it.  OK out now,  shoo!.

Sunday January 2 2005

Happy New Year everyone!  haha I feel the same as any other time of the year but just looking at the number feels strange for some reason.  Maybe because its a round number... anyway I once again managed to stuff myself of more turkey and beer heheh,  and had a good time watching movies and a 6 hour span of DBZ movies.  It was actually fun for me I guess but it was abnormally hot in my room for some reason and I couldn't get to sleep,  oh well. 

I've also just made some cursors for my computer out of boredom.  There not like the greatest but I like them and they reflect the "theme" of the website and the clan so I put them up for download.  Just as a reminder,  the "BUD" in CanadaBud doesn't represent really the aspect of "Mary J",  as it shares half of its meaning with "Buddies",  as in friends.  I just used a lot of cannabis symbols because it just happens to obviously fit.

That's it for now so... Laterz!

Monday December 27 2004

OH MAN!!! I'm stuffed full of turkey and beer oh geez I must have at least ate a weeks worth of food for 4 people on Friday and Saturday.  I'd never think I could eat so much.  Well a Merry Christmas to all and to all A Happy New Year!!!  I hope all of you have had wonderful holidays and for the future to come. 

I've added files for a another game I love playing,  Age Of Empires 2: Age of Kings and The Conquerors.  You'll find them in the downloads section.  Also I've added a buddy's website to the links.  And I think that's it,  unless I have forgotten something which is high likely to happen.  I'll find out later Heheheh.  Oh! I will just change the format of the home page too because I'm limited to 7 paragraphs.  I'm not about to pay 15 bucks a month just to have one more paragraph right as of this moment in time hahah.  Ahhhhh I'm going finish updating tomorrow.

            Have A Very Merry Christmas!

As for me I didn't get through unscathed,  I've managed on blowing 70 bucks (the ONLY 70 buck's I've had this month) on Half Life 2 and have had only but 2 day's of fun before I was cut short of any future fun and death-matching.  My account was disabled,  disabling my copy of Half Life 2 and Condition Zero (a 50 dollar game I bought a while ago) only because I've put in a bad CD Key.  Apparently they assume that I'm trying to play HL2 for free but I for one find this difficult to comprehend there reasoning as I would need to have games files in there decrypted state in order to even attempt to play HL2.  So anyway I go and buy HL2 from the store some time after I did this,  THEN they disable my account after I entered my legitimate CD Key and play for a bit.  How very odd for steam to have done absolutely nothing then all of a sudden disable my account as soon as I start playing a legitimate HL2.  Of course! guess what??? this has happened to about 20,000 people!  So.. let's see... 20,000 multiplied by 70 buck... wait a minute let's say about 120 bucks,  yeah that sounds about right, 120 bucks - average.  The reason for that is because obviously that if anyone has bought HL2,  it is quite reasonable to say they have bought other Half Life games and added to there steam accounts.  So,  it's 20,000 x 120 dollars... Wow,  2.4 million lost to steam.  The people,  the very people that keep this economy afloat have been screwed.  Not just by buying a crappy game and finding that your patching forever and ever,  I mean actual money here is gone.  Can you believe that... really,  $2.4 MILLLLLLION!! dollars,  gone just plain gone from our pockets for all who was caught in this fucking mess.  Oh and another 30,000 people were disabled with no return just before Christmas too,  another 3.6 Million.  Add that to the other and you get 6 Million dollars!!!

I guess steam has had a very merry Christmas this year.  They have either 1-50,000 people to buy their games again and get to keep the 6 Mill they scooped from us.  If you plan to buy this game keep it separate from your other half life games and create another steam account with another e-mail address for this game only because there is a good chance that your account may get disabled.  And for people with static IP addresses get a IP scrambler or something of some sort,  steam is tracked by IP.

Pretty depressing isn't it?  That's what happens when we have dumb-ass's at the helm.  Personally I would willingly waive my chance to get my money back if I had the chance to whip the 2 half life games (cd's in there boxes) right in the person's face of who invented this steam.  I am a pretty big guy too,  so you can imagine how much it's going to hurt,  and that would be good.

Monday November 15 2004

I updated it again,  added a download page and added 4 files.  I will mainly have files for Nightfire but I will also have files for other games as well.  I've also added a link to my buddies site too if you want to check that out.

Thursday November 11 2004

Today I just added the guestbook and webs album.  I got 3 pics of my Jeep and 2 pics that I drew on my computer.  Nothing really special just some filler because for some reason I just happen to have lost all pictures of me and my friends for some unknown reason.  I guess I'm going to have to have them all resent,  what a pain in the ass.  I've also have some pictures to develop too,  I'll get those as fast as possible up in here,  but not likely.

I'm also still looking for anyone that wants to join this clan.  A couple of weeks ago I was on search for a few people but fell to the sweet,  sweet bliss of killing and never got around to it so...  I'm going to see if I can recruit over gamespy and through my own rooms.  So, if you want join "CB" (CanadaBud) please let me know through gamespy,  someone's room or email me (which is at the bottom of this page) and we'll see how you fare with a little test. 

When e-mailing make sure that the subject is "Join CanadaBud" so that I know because you're email is most likely going to end up in the junk mail folder.  I get lots of junk in there so I want to make sure I get your email.

Thursday October 28 2004

Well I've decided that I was to make a new site and scrap the old one because it's kind of screwed up.  Since I don't have the patience to fix it I'm going to start from scratch,  a fresh clean start.

As of now my clan leader has control of this site now too and I hope he doesn't screw it up (naw, I have faith in him) and make me make another one, heh heh.

The clan has gone through yet again some changes.  Subtle ones for that matter,  for instance our clan tag has changed from "CanadaBud" to just "CB".  Buddah does not like big fat ugly names,  so that's what we've decided on.  He likes everything small and "stream-lined".  So I get to re-tell everyone who we are again,  much fun...  It's OK though.

Also we got some clan members that went MIA and retired as far as I know.  Also as of now we will be looking for some new blood for this clan.  Of course I'll be in charge (CB-Goldy) of that so if your asked by me then at least take it as a compliment because I think you're real good,  but since not many people are compatible with Mark (CB-Buddah) he will have the final word on that.  If he's around.

New recruits should have at the very least RESPECT for other clan members,  especially Mark and Me! (we don't tend to like insubordination) and respect other clans.  Be willing to improve on you're skills,  not just loaf around the maps and seek sanction from better players.  Of course most of all  NO CHEATING!!!  O,  I hate that,  never ever cheat,  it proves only that you're  too lazy to make you're self better,  and last but certainly not least,  good attitude no one likes whiners,  especially me.

Updated:  All I want is to have some decent people in here because we had a few people we did not really appreciate having on here and want to clean ourselves of them.  You don't have to be a good player just a decent one that has good people skills.  I don't mean to be harsh but there's hardly any good ways of saying it,  sorry.  That is all.

Later peeps!

                                                                  People that like the colour green

                                           CanadaBud was created by CB-Buddah (Mark)