Calm & Gentle Dairy Goat Farm


Central Arkansas

Butlerville is on the map, but our Post Office is located in Ward, our phone service is out of Cabot.   We are truly out in the country!  Butlerville is South of Beebe, and North of Lonoke.


Purebred Nubian Dairy Goats

bred for milk production

managed for extended lactations

since 1997 


* To provide for my home milk supply and  milk for use in making cheese, butter, yogurt, fudge, ice cream and goat milk soap.

* To provide the highest quality raw milk for on farm milk sales as permitted by the state of Arkansas.

* To produce goat milk soap and goat milk fudge, sold at the Cabot Farmers Market.

* And last, but not least, to continue my ongoing study of extended lactations in Nubian Dairy Goats. Complete DHI records have been and are being maintained on all does that have ever been part of my herd from 2002 and continuing.


* My goats do not go to shows,  or any other place that they would be in contact with other livestock.  This eliminates exposure to anything infectious or contagious, and helps me to maintain a healthier herd.

* The health of each individual in the herd is very important to me.  I have begun yearly testing for CAE, and all kids are raised on strict CAE prevention, simply because that is the way I have raised the kids for years with good results.

 * Another health concern targeting Nubian goats is the genetic defect G-6-S. Please see my article on the G6S Page.

Guardian Dogs

It has been a hard lesson to learn, but in March of 2013 I lost over half of my goats to a dog attack.  I now believe that not only are good fences necessary, but also the goats need to be protected by Livestock Guardian Dogs.  These are my "Guardian Angels".




Continuous DHIR on all milking does since 2002.

What's New

March 31, 2017: Milk production is up! Now taking on new milk customers. See the milk for sale page for details.


 INBA Extended Lactation Awards 2011

 Calm & Gentle GID Verbena - Extended lactation of  796 days in milk, producing 4,019 lbs. of milk.

 Calm & Gentle Snapdragon - Extended lactation of 607 days in milk, producing 3,756 lbs. of milk.

INBA Extended Lactation Awards 2009

Calm & Gentle Rose's Daisy - Extended lactation of 539 days in milk, producing 3,289 lbs. of milk.

Calm & Gentle MGP Goldena  - Extended lactation of 1,161 days in milk, producing 3,982 lbs. of milk.

INBA Extended Lactation Awards 2007

 Calm & Gentle Daisy’s Marigold Extended lactation of 945 days in milk, producing 4,388 lbs. of milk

The DCRT Pearl - Extended lactation of 867 days in milk, producing 3,652 lbs. of milk

Calm & Gentle APR Lily - Extended lactation of 859 days in milk, producing 3,158 lbs. of milk

Calm & Gentle Rose’s Daisy - Extended lactation of 602 days in milk, producing 3,476 lbs. of milk.  This doe produced 2,027 lbs. of milk in the first 305 days of this lactation.

Contact me

If you have any questions about anything on this site, or just want to discuss anything to do with dairy goats, their care and management, their milk, or any other products made from their milk, please do send me an email !

Karen Bailey