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2020Vision Programme - How To Book

UPDATE!  The new discounted price of £60 now applies.  From 20-3-2020 the discount will stop and the regular price of £150 wi

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CALM Dog Training Academy’s, 2020Vision Programme
Are you up for a dog themed challenge?  Do you need some new ideas? Then book our 2020Vision Programme and begin setting achievable targets and aims for you and your dogs.

 x20 dog related projects will be made available, on 20th of each month, via the Facebook group, 2020Vision Programme  and email if you aren't on Facebook

CALM Dog Training Academy's 2020Vision, is to provide you with training ideas/techniques and encouragement for things to do WITH or FOR your dogs, such as going on new walks, learn new tricks and most importantly during this pandemic, how to keep your dogs entertained and during 2020, you will find a better dog/life balance.

How 2020Vision will work?
To coincide with the New Year 2020, a list of 20 projects, will be posted here and in our dedicated Facebook group, on 20th of each month.  There's no pass or fail in this program, it’s just here to give you ideas and help with motivation. You can pick and choose which you try and which go on                                                                                     the backburner.  Once the lists are on the site, they will be available to members for life.

                                                                                                        What can I expect?
             A worry free, no pressure to succeed, fun, informative, inspiring, 
wellbeing filled year of support and encouragement

There's a dedicated Facebook group for members of 2020Vision Programme.  You'll be able to chat to other members.  Find out more about different training/teaching styles, some science for those who like to know.  You can post videos and photos of what you've achieved and what you might be struggling with.

Start date is 20-1-2020 at 20:20 (GMT)  BUT YOU CAN JOIN ANYTIME!  ALL previous information, from earlier months, is ALWAYS available, once you start the programme and it will be available for LIFE!

How much does this cost?
                                                                                   The cost to become a member is a one off fee of £150!  
                                                                                   The cost can be spread over 5 months = £30 per month and wherever possible, there will be                                                                                            minimal outlay to you, for equipment.

                                                                                   How to pay
                                                                                   Fill out the details below and click 'Buy Now'

Terms and conditions apply.  GDPR Policy in place.  No refunds.

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