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Season Two


Season Two Episode Guide

Jake's Song
When Matt has writer's block, Sly presents the "Dreams' music to their English class for some lyrics. Jake, the new guy in school with a bad boy rep, writes lyrics and the band thinks they are really good. Matt accepts Jake straight away but the other members aren't so sure because of his reputation. But he end's up playing with them and he is a hit and they ask him to join the band. Meanwhile Tiffani takes a job at Sharkey's as Tony's boss and drives him crazy.

Dirty Dog Days
The guys are playing around with an old transmitter making believe they have an underground radio station. Jake is the DJ, Midnight Mike who play's the "California Dreams" music under the alias of "The Dirty Dogs". The transmitter actually works and it is a hit with everybody at school including Jenny who has fallen for Midnight Mike. The guys try and tell everyone that they are really the "California Dreams" but nobody believes them so they throw a concert and reveal the "Dirty Dogs" are indeed the "Dreams". And when Jenny finds out that Jake is Midnight Mike they get closer.

Ciao Jenny
Jenny auditions for the music conservatory in Rome, Italy. Jake writes a song for Jenny and they admit there feelings for one another and kiss. Jake & Sly sabotage her audition so she will stay but she gets in anyway. But realises how much Jake loves her Jenny decides to stay. Jake pretends not to care about her by going out with another girl so she won't give up this once in a life time opportunity. When Jenny is about to leave for the airport Jake show's up and reveals to her that he only went out with the other girl so she would go and follow her dreams, they share one last kiss goodbye. Meanwhile Tony has a rash and he thinks it is fatal.

Wooing Woo
The Garrison's take in an exchange student for China, Samatha Woo. Meanwhile the band is trying to find a replacement for Jenny. Samantha tries out and she is great so the gang ask her to join the band. The boys all really like her and make a bet to see who can kiss her first. When Tiffani finds out she tells Sam and they decide to set up the boys. Sam tells them she is going back to China because they have no respect for her. They tell her they will do anything if it meant she would stay so she gets them to dress up as woman to see what it feels like to be treated as pieces of meat.

Sleazy Rider
Jake decides to enter his Harley in a classic bike competion. However when he needs to go out of town he askes Matt to look after it. Sly decides to take it for a spin and ends up crashing into Tony. Tony breaks his leg and ends up in hospital. Jake is furious at Sly when he returns and finds out what happened. Meanwhile Tiffani thinks Tony likes her and vice versa, things get very weird between them until they talk and sort it out.

Can't Buy Me Love
The gang have a servant auction to raise money for a new scoreboard for the gym.Sly buys the most popular girl in school. Matt buys Tony by accident. Sam buys Tiffani and three cheerleaders buy Jake. Sly tries his hardest to get Julie to like him but she rejects him. Meanwhile Sam works Tiffani really hard, Matt feels guilty and end's up acting as Tony's servant and the cheerleaders drive Jake crazy. On the final day they hold a freedom dance and the servants get back at there masters by spraying silly string all over them.

Vote of Confidence
Jake's brother Keith comes to town and Jake isn't happy about it. Everything Jake does doesn't seem to be good enough for his brother. His brother is perfect and he doesn't think he can compete with that. So Jake decides to run for student body president to impress his brother. But Sly, his campaign manager has him acting like everybody else except himself. Keith tells Jake to be his own person. Jake takes his advice and instead of speaking is speech he sings it and gets voted student body president. Jake still feel's down because once again everybody praises Keith because it was his advice that made him win. Jake can't take it anymore and has a serious talk with Keith. Keith tells him that he might always seem to be perfect but he's had to live up to everybody's expectations, instead of doing what he wants. They hug and makeup.

21 Jake Street
The Art Show is coming up and Tony & Matt need models so Matt pics Sam and Tony pics Tiffani. Tony end's up winning the Art Show. Meanwhile there's a new girl at school Michelle, and all the guys are interested in her. Sly books the dreams at a night club and says he will make them all fake id's to get them in. Jake starts dating Michelle. But what Jake doesn't know is she is an undercover cop trying to break the fake id ring. At first Michelle thinks is Jake who is making them that's why she starts dating him but then she thinks it's Sly. At the Art show she handcuffs Sly but Michelle end's up catching the real guy who is making the fake id's and says that she will let Sly off the hook if they all agree to testify against him. They agree and she let's Sly go and then she apologises to Jake for hurting his feelings.

Rebel Without a Clue
Sly and his history teacher do not get along. Sly makes fun of her in class and she tell's him off, Sly decides he is sick of fighting with her and is actually going to study. He get's an A on the next exam but the teacher thinks he cheated. Jake tell's him to be a rebel and Sly get's suspended. Meanwhile the gang are performing at a school dance and they guys can't decide who she sing lead for the song the wrote they end of both singing lead. Sly turns up the dance and does an oral exam to prove to his teacher that he studied she apologises and gives him an A.

The Sly Who Came to Dinner
Sly's parent's are going out of town, so he convinces Matt to let him stay him him. Instead of spending time with Matt, Sly spends all his time trying to get closer to Sam, by helping her with her term paper. But it turns out Sly isn't the best typer so he steals one of Mr Garrison's student's assignments and hand's it in. Sam end's up getting a really bad grade and everyone is mad at Sly and want him to leave so he fakes being sick. They let him stay and wait on him hand and foot. But they discover he isn't sick and do everything they can to get him back. Meanwhile Tiffani keeps getting presents from a secret admirer and Jake & Tony become very protective over her but it turn's out to be a harmless nerd.


Surfboards of Cycles
The boys decide to take cooking class and the girls decide to take shop class. Tiffani wants to prove that she can do anything that guys can do. And the guys just want to meet girls. Jake gives Tiffani a hard time but then end's up helping her when she is trying to fix her car, one thing leads to another and they share a kiss. Matt see's this and tell's everybody else about it, the gang don't feel they are right for eachother so they tell Tiffani that Jake will eventually dump her and they tell Jake that he will lose his edge. Meanwhile Tiffani & Jake are writing a song about there relationship but can't forget about what everybody else is saying so they get into a fight and break up. The gang feel responsible and plan a romantic dinner for them and Tiffani & Jake end of getting back together.

A Question of Math
It's Midterm time at PCH and the gang are dealing with stress of studying their own ways Tony is studying to all hours of the night, Jake & Tiffani are arguing, Matt is meditating and Sam & Sly decided to pay kid's for tutoring lessons. Sam decides tutor Darrin Young, a cute football player, she is starting to fall for him when she find's out he is only to pretend to like her to get turoring for free. The gang helps Sam get even by giving Darrin a fake test so he fails his exam. Meanwhile Tony falls asleep and misses his midterms but realises he can make them up. So the gang all celebrate with a gig at Sharkey's.

Bwah-ha ha Means I Love You
Jake and Tiffani's 2 month anniversary is coming up so Jake want's to buy her something special but doesn't have any money so he takes a job at maniac music but doesn't tell Tiffani. Tiffani thinks he is cheating on her, Jake eventually tell's Tiffani the truth and they tell each other they love each other. Meanwhile Sly gets some recording equiptment and uses Jake to get the tapes into Maniac Music somebody buys one and it turns out to be blank Sly accidently didn't push record. So they have to record there music all over again.

High Plains Dreamer
Tony is dating a girl named Jackie. When her steady boyfriend threatens him, Tony passes out and dreams the entire gang has gone back in time to the days of the Wild, Wild, West.

The Year of The Woo
Sam receives lucky money for the Chinese New Year from her parents to that she can return home for the holiday. Sam lets the band borrow her money in order to fix the van so that they can get to the gig. Gus, a sleazy repair man takes their money and returns the car in even worse condition than before. The guys lure Gus to poker game to win Sam's money back but they end up losing. Tiffani shows up and wants to play poker, it turns out she is a fantastic poker player and she wins back all of Sam's money, but it is too late to get a flight for Sam to China. To cheer her up the gang plans a huge surprise party for the New Year at Sharkey's. Sam is even more surprised when she finds out that the band flew her parents to the States for the party.

 Save The Shark
Sharkey's is sold to a new owner who has a beautiful daughter. Matt is instantly attracted to her he askes her out on a date and she declines. But then Matt bumps into her at school and she askes her again and she agrees if the whole gang go, so Matt takes everyone to the movies. At the movies Matt find's out that her dad is planning on tearing down Sharkey's. The gang get together to save Sharkey's they find an old picture of Johnny and the Wavebreakers, so that Sharkey's can be declared a historical landmark. But someone beats them to it Katie. The gang anf Katie than confront Katie's father and save Sharkey's.


School House Rock
The gang try and get tickets for stings concert but miss out, Sly then hears that Stings opening act cancelled so Sly gets the dreams an audition with Stings manager. Meanwhile the new vice principal of PCH is on the war path and she puts Jake & Tiffani in detention. The gang find a way to get them out so they can perform for Stings manager. After they the audition he tells them that they were really good but Sting got Elton John to open for him, because the gang feels bad he gives them free tickets to Sting. They are very excited until Vice Principal McBride sends them all marching back into detention.

Indecent Proposal
The Prom is coming up and all the gang are all trying to get dates. Glenn Roberts, a former patient at the hospital where Tiffani was a candy striper send's her flowers and a card thanking her. Jake get's jealous but Tiff reasures him that he is the only guy for her. The gang are hanging out at Sharkey's when Glenn turn's up, Jake isn't thrilled to see him until Glenn assures him that Jake was all Tiffani could talk about and that she told him how much she loved Jake. When they are talking Jake tell's Tiffani he doesn't want to go to the prom, Tiffani is upset so Glenn offers to take her in exchange the band can play at his fathers resort all summer. Jake is not happy about this but the gang pressures him into agreeing so they can have the gig. The night of the Prom arrives and Sam is going with mookie, Matt find's a girl to go with him and the girl's friend goes with Tony. Tiffani comes into the garage in her prom dress Jake is there and tell's her that she is the most beautiful women he has ever seen, there moment is ruined when Glenn turns up to take Tiffani to the Prom, they both leave and Jake is clearly upset. Meanwhile at the Prom Matt & Tony switch dates so they will have a better night, Glenn takes Tiffani outside for some air just as Jake shows up and goes outside to look for Tiffani he see's Glenn kiss Tiffani and walk's away. Tiffani tells Glenn that the kiss was a mistake and she loves Jake she says the date is over and she goes back inside, the gang tell her that Jake was looking for her and Tiffani run's off to find him. Tiffani find's Jake and he tell's her that he saw her kissing Glenn and even though he still loves her, he cant be with her anymore so they break up. The gang play a gig at Sharkey's and Matt announces that the California Dreams will be playing at a resort all summer. Jake gives Tiffani a look as they start to play there next song.

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