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Season Three


Season Three Episode Guide

The Unforgiven
With the Garrison's gone, Sam is living at the home of Lorena Costa, In addition, the band now uses the loft at her house for band practice. There's just one thing holding them back. With Matt gone, the band is incomplete. Sly tell's them his cousin Mark, who is a musical prodigy, will replace Matt. The gang has horrific visions of what another Winkle might be like. But, when they meet Mark for real and hear him playing piano, they want him to join the band. It seems there is some blood between the cousins though.
Sly explains that he embarrassed Mark during a recital at Carnegie Hall many years back. The gang employs wacky antics to try to convince Mark to join the band, the real problem is that the Carnegie Hall incident has given Mark stage fright. The gang tries to cure this, but Sly screws things up again.
The band need Mark to play in the band for there next gig so Sly begs Mark and he agrees. Mark sings with the band and he is a hit.

Follow Your Dreams
The gang takes their high school aptitude tests. Sly, in an effort to get to know Lorena better, copies her test. They get assigned to work on a project together. Jake's aptitude is as a florist not a musician and he takes this to heart. Sly and Lorena work on their fashion design project together. Sly has a new bikini line he has named after Lorena in order to flatter to her. Sly has Jake send Lorena flowers and a card.. Lorena thinks Sly has written the card and kisses him. Mark tells Lorena the truth that Sly copied her aptitude test so she gets back at him by making him wear a cavemans outfit for there presentation. Jake is not happy working at the florist and he quits. He takes Sly's advice that your dreams aren't worth giving up if there based simply on one person's opinion or test results. Jake writes a new song for the dreams as he presentation and it is a hit.

Tiffani's Gold
Tiffani tries out for the National Volleyball team, but finds that her size is a hindrance against the other girls. Her coach and friends pressure her to make the team so she askes Sly to get her some steroids to help her performance. She gets hooked on them and has a break down at Sharkey's, Jake and the gang are there to help her through it.
Meanwhile Tony, Mark & Sly compete to see who is the biggest stud. Jake wins the contest even tho he was never in it.

Junior Achievements
When the economics teacher assigns the class to come run their own business, Jake & Mark decide to teach music, while the rest of the gang develops an ancient, herbal tea, cold remedy from Sam's family. They convert Lorena's loft into a factory and each of them tackles one side of the business. They advertise on late night TV and there product is a success. With all the tea they sell, they still only break even. They decide to replace one of the key ingredients with something cheaper. Money starts rolling in until they discover that their new recipe causes hiccups. Sam realizes that she should never compromise quality for profit.

The Fashion Man

At a Dreams gig Sly feels he is unappretiated. He get's the idea to a model. When he calls a model agency, Amber Dubois, says that she wants to meet him. She shows up at Sharkey's and after telling the gang they all have potential. But what the gang don't know is that it's a scam. At the agency Amber gives the gang evaluation tests and they all pass but they must pay $500 to join her agency. All but Sly say no. He enjoys the attention he gets at staged photo shoots, but the gang are suspicious. Sly doesn't believe there allegations that Amber is a con artist. The gang then go undercover and confirm there suspicions. The gang sabotage the fashion show in order to stall until Jake arrives. When he does he comes in with Samson, world class super model, who Amber says she discovered. he confirms that she is a scam artist and Sly has paid alot of money to learn a valuable lesson.


Heal The Bay
Polluted water is responsible for closing the beaches and the surfers aren't happy. Mark and Tiffani decide to take action. They book the dreams to play a benefit concert to raise money. Tony is also stressing about the environment when he has a nightmare, Tony goes a bit overboard though spray painting Jake's leather jacket, taking Lorena's hair spray, cutting the cords to the bands amps etc. The gang are not happy and they want to get even . Tony has a date planned but wants to make it environmental they gang agree to help him but they go overboard and his date ends up thinking he is a weirdo. Meanwhile Jake & Lorena become closer.


Budget Cuts
Sly has become the new program director for the school's radio station. He gives everyone their own show, except Tony who is involved in the school production of Hamlet. Each show is different, Lorena's show is the most popular and Jake's is the least popular so his show gets taken off the air. School budget cuts force the principal to shut down the radio station. The gang is upset so Jake tells them that if they were really committed to the station they would broadcast until the school board listens to them. Lorena takes this to heart and follows his advice. The gang force Jake to save Lorena for certain suspension and when they confront each other on air they finally realize how they feel about each other and kiss. The school board agree to talk with them. Jake shows the school board that the radio show has a positive affect on the students and they agree not to close it down.


Blind Dates
Sly has been talking to the love of his life via computer. He is excited about her even though he has never met her in person. The rest of the gang decides to try there luck on the computer "love line". The next day, Sly, Tony & Sam decide to set up a triple blind date with their new found sweethearts. Tony & Sam get stood up, but Sly's date shows up. There's just one thing she is blind!
Sly takes Allison on a date and they end up having a great time together. He askes her to the upcoming romance dance. But when the gang experiment to see what it might be like to be blind. Sly realizes that Allison could embarrass him so he cancels there date.  Meanwhile we discover Tony & Sam were each others blind dates but they decide not to take there relationship further until Sly convinces them to stop worrying about what other people think and admit they really like each other. Tiffani tells Sly that he should take his own advice. He goes to Allison and apologizes, she forgives him and they go to the dance together.

Yoko Oh No!
When Sly tells the gang about the upcoming Battle of the Bands, a rivalry develops between the Dreams and the band Total Defiance. Lorena gets teased by the other band for being a groupie, she takes this to heart and askes Jake if she can audition for the band. She sings Stop in the Name of Love and she is awful, however Jake is blinded by Lorena's beauty and he doesn't notice she is a terrible singer and he askes her to join the band and the gang is mortified. The gang try to teach Lorena how to sing but it doesn't work so they record her and play it back for Jake and he realizes how bad she is. Lorena overhears the gang discussing this and is crushed. She fakes having laryngitis, the gang believes her story and are relieved that they don't have to tell her she can't sing.
The Dreams win the Battle of the Bands and Lorena screams with joy and Jake realizes that she was faking it. He apologises for not being honest with her and he tells her she has lots of talent and she will find out what she is good at.


The Long Goodbye
Sly and Allison have been seeing each other for two months now and Sly wants to mark the occasion with something special. he decides to give her a letter jacket, but first he has to make it onto the school team. After sinister torture Sly makes it onto the track team and is ready to give Allison his jacket at a special dinner. Sly tells Allison that he loves her, but she breaks his heart when she tells him she is moving away. Meanwhile Sam & Lorena are not happy because they don't think Tony & Jake are romantic enough. So the guys get ideas from Tiffani's romance novel only to have them backfire.  The night of Allison's going away party and Sly decided not to go and Allison is shattered. At the party Jake & Tony have a sword fight to prove there love for Sam & Lorena, but the girls ended getting covered with cake. They beg them to stop with all the romance and go back to normal. After the cake incident Sly turns up and apologises to Allison and he gives her his letter jacket and as they declare there love for one another they also say goodbye.

The Princess & The Yeti
The gang are spending two weeks in Aspen at Lorena's families ski resort. Tony is excited cause he gets to scam on the ski bunnies and Lorena is not to happy because she has to work the front desk while the rest of the gang perform and ski. The gang are shaken up when they hear that a Yeti is loose but when the gang go to find Tony who has ran off into the woods because his scared. They discover a cabin owned by a lonely old man, who is pretending to be Yeti so the Ski Resort will go out of business and they won't destroy his home. Lorena runs back to the Ski Resort to tell her father and the gang are disgusted with her spoilt behaviour so Lorena goes of skiiing by herself and twists her knee. The old man saves her and takes her back to the cabin where the police are waiting for him. Lorena convinces her father not to press charges and also not to destroy his home.


We'll Always Have Aspen
While the gang are vacationing together in Aspen, Mark is reunited with his long lost love Jenny, who dumped him years back to ski with the US Ski team. The gang plans to get the two back together. Meanwhile, Jake must replace the snowclown for the carnival and Sly, Tiffani & Sam perform a yodelling act.
 At the carnival Mark & Jenny reunite and Jenny realizes skiing has taken up enough of her life and she decides to quit the team and be with Mark. Mark convinces Jenny that she can't quit the ski team because it would be a huge mistake. As the Dreams play Jenny walks out of Mark's life forever.

Trust Me
Sly has signed up the dreams for the V99 song writing awards and Mark & Jake have been working on a new song but they can't finsh it because Mark has to go away with his family. Lorena says that he is more than welcome to stay at the loft and he accepts but while there he kissed Lorena and is scared about telling Jake. He eventually does and Jake is furious and never wants to speak to him again. But when Jake gets into a fight at Sharkey's Mark is the first one to offer help. Jake forgives him and they write a song about friendship.

Daddy's Girl
Sly has a new computer program that matches relationship compatibility. Tiffani's dad is hanging out at Sharkey's for lunch. She is telling the gang how lonely he is when Ariel walks in. She is a perfect match for Tiffani's father. The gang  set them up and they instantly fall for one another. Tiffani is happy that her dad has found somebody but she is also jealous because he is spending hardly anytime with her. Tiffani yells at Ariel and her father and storms out of the house. She returns and apologises to her dad, her dad tells her that he broke up with Ariel. Meanwhile Mark matches Sam & Tony & Jake & Lorena's compatiablity on his computer and he finds out that they are not compatiable at all. After they decide they don't need a computer to tell them they are perfect for one another, Tiffani realizes she as made a big mistake. At the Dreams gig Tiffani invites her Dad and Ariel to come and plays matchmaker she apologises to them both , Ariel and her dad get back together.

Winkle Wicks World
The gang is assigned to create their own television show for class. Tony & Sly come up with the goo-gah-moo-guys. The teacher gives high marks to the rest of the gang. But Sly & Tony get an F, however when the owner of a local station see's it he askes them to do it for his station. The show is a hit and Tony & Sly find themselves with new found fame. But the fame goes to their heads and their egos get in the way, they have a huge fight and end their friendship. There show ends up getting cancelled. After days of fighting they mend their friendship. Meanwhile Lorena has taken over has band manager and books the Dreams a high class gig.

Boys R Us
The Dreams gigs are in a lill so the gang is performing singing telegrams for money. Tony's old friend, Darren, has come to visit. Sam is nervous to meet Darren, she wants to make the right impression. Darren turns out to be a very fun and warm guy. When Tonys asks where a mutual friend and former band member, JR is. Darren explains that JR has begun to hang out with the wrong people and he hopes Tony will talk to him Tony agrees.
Meanwhile, the gang has concluded that they will get bigger tips in their work if they act goofy. when Tony & Darren enter, they explain that they went to visit JR, but he was beaten up by a gang when he refused to help hold up a liquor store with them. Darren wants to seek revenge and explodes when Tony suggests the police handle it. JR is stable in the hospital but paralyzed. Tony is overcome with emotion. He leaves to help Darren. He finds him and is ready to support his friend when Darren pulls out a gun and is going to shoot the two gang members. Tony stands between the gun and the two guys trying to convince Darren that this isn't the answer. Tony succeeds and just as he does Jake, Sam and the gang arrive with other members of the community to stop the gang members.

The Treasure of PCH
Jake & Lorena get caught up in a debate about money and friends, which leads them to concoct an elaborate riddle that the gang follows in the hopes of buried treasure. Jake & Lorena take sides and bet a kiss. When they produce an old book with the first riddle, the gang takes the bait and all work together in an effort to find the treasure. As riddles two and three are solved the strands of friendship are beginning to fray. Lorena is confident that her prediction is coming true. Every member of the gang then goes behind the other's backs in order to get the treasure themselves. Lorena & Jake discover this and decide to come clean with the gang.
After spending the night on the steps of the school, the gang is on each other's nerves. They find the next riddle and realize it was all a set up of  Jake & Lorena's. When arrive and try to explain the situation, the gang fools them into thinking they still believe in the treasure in order to give the two a taste of their own medicine. The gang plants fake diamonds for Jake & Lorena to find, Jake & Lorena fight over the diamonds as the gang watch they reveal that they scammed them back. And the gang realize that they can't let money come between them.

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