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The First Gig
Matt & Jenny's dad plans his dream vacation for the family on the same say as the California Dreams first gig. As always, Sly comes to the rescue he manages to switch there tickets so the family can catch a later flight. The Dreams play there first gig at Randi Jo's (Matt's crush) Birthday Party and it is a success.
Songs played in that episode where 'Surfs up' & 'California Dreams'.

Dream Man
In a desperate attempt to win Jenny's affection, Sly eavesdrops on her slumber party and learns all about what Jenny likes in a guy. In order to win her over he does all these things, all is going well with him & Jenny when Dennis spills the beans and tells Jenny that Sly read her journal and spyed on her. Jenny gets back at Sly and tells him that he hurt her and they agree to still be friends. Meanwhile Matt is trying to write a new song but he can't seem to find the right lyrics so Tiffani offers to help him right it but the song she comes up with Matt thinks is awful, he has to find a way to tell her without hurting her feelings.

Battle of the Bands
The Battle of the Bands is coming up and the Dreams are excited because there rival band the Bradley and the Billionaries won't be playing they are sure to win. But when Bradley and there band turn up the band will do anything to win including on getting Matt to date one of the judges just so she will pick the dreams to win. Matt does go out with her but end's up falling for her, he tell's her the truth about why he asked her out and she doesn't want anything to do with him. The Dreams perform in the Battle of the Bands and end up winning anyway and Angela forgives Matt.

Friend's First
Jenny & Tiffani compete over a guy who is in an old friend of Matt's. They both sabotage each other's dates and end up at each others throats until Matt reminds them what great friend's they are. Matt's friend has to pick between the two girls but when it comes down to his final decision they tell him they don't want to know because it could hurt there friendship.

Beat of His Own Dream
Tony tries to follow his dad's dream instead of his own, by trading in drumming for football. Meanwhile the other members of the band have to find a new drummer. And Tiffani has a secret admirer in Matt & Jenny's little brother Dennis.

This Time
Jenny's gorgeous ex wants her back after he dumps her for an actress. Jenny falls for him again and drops out of the gig. Matt & Jenny argue but then make up after Jenny comes to the gang crying after breaking up with her ex again.

They Shoot Videos, Dont They?
The "Dreams" have a chance to on MTV. But Sly want's Matt to kiss a girl in the video and Randi Jo isn't happy about it. Sly tricks Matt into doing it anyway and Randi Jo breaks up with him. Sly feels guilty so he secretly makes a new video and Randi Jo and Matt make up. But unfortunately they don't win the MTV contest.


Where's Dennis?
Matt & Jenny's parents go away for the weekend and leave Matt in charge of Dennis. But when Matt humiliates Dennis at a California Dreams gig he runs off and they can't find him. Meanwhile Jenny has to find a way to dump her new boyfriend who is driving her crazy.

Mother & Child Reunion
Attempting to change the "Dreams" image, Sly screws up their club audition. Meanwhile Tiffani's mother comes back to try and their relationship back on track. Everything is going well until Tiffani's mum askes her to move away and live with her but Tiffani tell's her that she will not abandon her dad like she did.

Double Date
The "Dreams" Double book themselves and must play two gigs in one night. One is a classy gig for Randi Jo's sister's wedding and the 2nd one is a hawaiian gig at Sharkey's. They end up pulling it off but are exhausted at the end of the night!

Guess Who's Coming To Brunch
Tony falls in love with a rich white girl. However when her bigoted father find's out about them dating, he tries to bribe Tony with a new amp for the "Dreams" seeing as there's blew up but Tony refuses to accept it. Meanwhile the other's try and write a jingle to make money.

It's a Guy Thing
When the girls overhear Sly & Tony's caveman reaction to a pretty girl, they teach them a lesson on being gentlemen. It end's up with Sly & Tony in a boxing ring!


Romancing The Tube
Sly takes up surfing and it bring's him and Tiffani closer, the rest of the gang are horrified! But when it comes down to making a commitment, Tiffani decides she doesn't want to be in a serious relationship and breaks up with Sly.

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