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Season Four


Season Four Episode Guide

The hit TV show Babewatch is filming near PCH and as luck would have it, Tiffani is cast as a surfer. Tony also has acting ambitions and decides to throw a welcoming party of Babe watch at Sharkey's. Tony & the Dreams play a song trying to impress the star of the show Dann Hazakoff and director Marty S. Instead of Tony, Hazokoff has eyes for Sam and offers her a guest starring role. Tony becomes extremely jealous of Sam, thinking that her on screen romance with Hazokoff is continuing off screen. He tells her that he doesn't want her to do the character, but she wants the part saying Tony is just going to have to trust her. Much to Tony's dismay Hazakoff askes Sam to be his girlfriend. Tony breaks things off with Sam. Sam finds Tony back at the loft and tells him off for not trusting her. She loves Tony not Hazokoff. They kiss and Tony has learned a valuable lesson about love and trust that he will never forget.


Family Tree
When the gang's teacher assigns the class to research their family trees Tony is exceptionally excited. The gang is busy looking up the history of past relatives and each makes astonishing discoveries. Sam's family includes the Woo Dynasy & Lorena is related to Mario Lopez. Tony's search ends in vain when he can not find any trace of his family past slavery.
Embarrassed about his past, Tony is bummed. He tells Jake about his troubles, but when pressured he tells everyone he is the descendent of the great African king Mansa Musa. The school goes crazy with it's new king. Jake tells Tony that he shouldn't lie to his friends, that things are getting out of control. Tony tells Jake he doesn't care and that everyone will forget soon enough, besides he could never tell them he wasn't really a king. Just then Tony looks up and realizes people overheard him. That night Tony has a dream about his Great Great Great Great grandfather. He tells Tony that he should have pride in who he is, and that slavery was only a small part of the Wicks family history. Tony takes this in, and the next day in class he does he presentation again with pride.


Harley & the Marlboro Man
Jake is busy fixing up his motorcycle for an upcoming competition and his Uncle Frank is coming to town to help him prepare. Frank is the one who taught Jake everything about being cool, but when he arrives he also teaches Jake to smoke. Lorena is the first to notice Jake's new habit which he dismisses as something he will only do while he's working on his bike. The gang tries to pressure Jake into quitting through tough love. They make him sit outside if he is going to smoke during rehearsal, but Jake keeps smoking. Finally, Jake cracks and admits that he can't stop. The gang gets together to help him stop, but Jake finds that it's not easy. The competition comes and Jake wins first prize. When he rides home he finds his uncles in his garage. He asks Frank why he didn't go to the competition. Frank explains that he wasn't feeling well that morning and went to the doctor. The doctor said that he has lung cancer and is dying. Jake is crushed and realizes the insanity of his smoking. Jake quits smoking. The Dreams play a benefit gig at Sharkey's for cancer research.


Rebel With A Nerve
It's Safety Week at PCH, and Principal Blumford has recruited Tony to help them reseach a new record of days without and accident at school. In addition, Blumford wants Jake to join his troops, but Jake rejects the idea. Instead, Sly takes the position with hopes of teaching the cheerleaders CPR. Tiffani & Mark rush in to tell Jake that a new bully name Tommy Keating is bad-mouthing Jake. Tommy has challenged Jake to a motorycycle race for the crown of "coolest guy in school". Jake accepts, but while practising, he has an accident. When confronted by Tommy, Jack backs out of the race, citing that it's Safety week. The school is now being terrorized by Tommy and a nerveless Jake is helpless to defend the student body from Tommy's bullying. The gang convinces Jake to get back on his bike, but when he does he has another accident. Jake decides life is too short and he should play it safe. Tommy has gained a stronghold on the school when he takes Jake one step too far, he hits on Lorena. The old Jake is suddenly back and he re-accepts Tommy's challenge. At Sharkey's Jake meets Tommy and ups the stakes on the bet. He tells Tommy that if he want to replace Jake, he's going to have to race Jake on "Coolman's Curve". The gang are worried, Coolman's Curve is too dangerous. Jake plays it off like he's ready to die, but it's too much for Tommy. Tommy chicken's out, Jake takes back his leather jacket and title of the coolest guy in school.

Two Too Much
Jake & Lorena are beginning to feel tension because they have such different interests. And Jake is getting all protective over Tiffani when he discovers she has a date, during Tiffani dates Jake turns up and wants Tiffani's help in resolving his growing problems with Lorena. Tiffani's date Keith Del teen radio shrink offers to help Jake. He tells Jake that he hasn't committed his heart to the relationship and Jake says he has held back a bit because he didn't want to get hurt like he did with Tiffani. Keith makes Tiffani and Jake realize that they still love each other. Jake decides to fight his feelings for Tiffani by going overboard to please Lorena. He goes shoe shopping with her and take ballet lessons. That night at Sharkey's Jake realizes he cannot fight his feelings for Tiffani so he tells her that if she promises not to hurt him, he will break with Lorena. Tiffani is upset and tells him that she made a mistake and she is sorry, but Jake needs to get over it and forgive her. The next day at school Jake and Lorena talk and they realize that they aren't making it as a couple anymore and they break up. Meanwhile Tony is putting on a ballet recital that Sly & Mark want to be a part of in order to pick up girls. Tony says no so they crash the recital and it is a disaster. After the recital Jake & Tiffani talk, He tells her they can't be together because it would ruin there friendship. Heartbroken Tiffani agrees and Jake goes to leave. But he turns around and tell her he loves her they kiss and get back together.

More Two Too Much Pics

My Valentine
Sly wants the Dreams to play the Valentine's Day dance, but Jake, Tiffani, Sam & Tony refuse because they would rather dance at the dance not play at the dance. Tony and Sam are particularly excited because it's there first Valentine's Day together. Tony writes Sam a romantic song and is sad because she is going back to Hong Kong in June and he doesn't want to lose her so he proposes and she says yes. Tiffani askes if they have lost their minds. Tony & Sam are way to young to get married. Tony tells the gang that they have thought this through and they are ready to get married. Jake describes what it will really be like. We see a nightmare fantasy of Sam & Tony as a young married couple paying bills, working etc. Soon after Sam & Tony get into an argument and end up breaking up. The gang trick them into attending the dance so they can get them back together. At the dance Sam & Tony get back together. Meanwhile Tiffani sells her surfboard to buy Jake's Valentines Day present and Jake sells his leather jacket to buy hers. They love each other so much they sacrifice there most prized possesions.


Fallen Idol
The gang flips out when a famous rock star, Zane Walker, drops in at Sharkey's. Jake is especially excited, Zane Walker is his idol. Unfortunately Zane is long over-due for a hit song and hiding out in Pacific Coast so he can come up with a new song. Sly thinks that if the Dreams  can get Zane to hear them he could help them get discovered. Zane is impressed by Jake's song writing skills and invites the gang to a party at his condo and Jake nervously plays a song for him. Zane thinks Jake's song is ok but it needs work. When Jake re-works the song he goes to visit Zane and a maid tells him Zane moved out, just as they are about to leave they hear Zane singing Jake's song on the radio. The gang is angry but Jake keeps his cool. Not believing Zane would do that Jake confronts him at a press conference. He sadly hears the truth from Zane. Jake is crushed and just because someone is famous doesn't mean they deservce to be idolized.


Principal Tiffani
Tiffani has been named student principal for the week. She doesn't want the job though because she says that she is a terrible leader. Blumford basically tells her she has no choice. Tiffani tries to tell the students what to do but she is terrible at it. So Jake teaches Tiffani how to sound powerful. Tiffani takes Jake's advice, but she turns into a nightmare and sends all the students to detention. Meanwhile all the stress of midterms has the made the students decide they are having cut day. Tiffani finds out about this and warns them to to cut school. The next day the school is empty and Tiffani is miserable. Blumford reminds her thats he must do what is best for the students. She goes to Sharkey's and tells the students to go back to school. They refuse, Blumford shows up and tells them the same thing. Then Tiffani has a change of heart and tells Blumford that that it's not cut day it's cram day and this is in their best interest. They all applaud Tiffani.


The Dateless Game
Jake & Tiffani are approaching a landmark in their relationship, four months and two days without even breaking up once. They decide to celebrate the event by having a romantic dinner together. Sly and Mark are hopeful they they'll meet their future sweethearts on an upcoming "Dating Game" at a nearby girls school. They invite the gang to come watch. The girls decline, But Jake and Tony go. When guys arrive, however, the game has been cancelled because one of the guys pulled out. Jake agrees to replace the other guy, but acts like a dumb surfer dude so Tiffani doesn't get upset. The girl ends up picking Jake and they win a romantic dinner for two the same night of Jake's date with Tiffani. Jake figures he can still pull it off without Tiffani finding out, but in the middle of the date Tiffani discovers the truth and breaks up with Jake. Jake is upset and doesn't know what to do. Tiffani won't speak to him so he can set things straight. The gang comes to the rescue and decides to do a "Dating Game" of their own. If Jake can pick  Tiffani, it will prove that he really knows her. At the game, all the girls sound like Tiffani. Jake is stumped. He pleads with Tiffani to forgive him in a heartfelt speech and it works, she forgives him and they share a kiss.

Secret Admirer
Sly discovers Lynn, a long time enemy of Sly, is having a sweet sixteen party and hiring a band. Sly steals a love poem written by Mark for another girl and gives it to her. At first, Lynn doesn't believe it, but Sly's persistence in asking her out and she eventually says yes. On their date at Sharkey's the Dreams play, Lynn loves them and agrees to hire them for her party. To Sly's dismay he has to put on the act of liking Lynn until the party. As he spends more time with her, he realizes that she is a really great girl. Sly feels bad about what he has done, he is discussing it with the gang when Lynn overhears. When Sly goes to confess, Lynn saves face by telling Sly that her party has been cancelled but she will still pay the Dreams. Sly tells Lynn he was wrong to do what he did and he likes her, then the Dreams throw Lynn a party and she is surprised. Meanwhile Mark has written a poem for Molly but it gets delivered to Lorena by accident and Lorena thinks Mark is in love her, she shows the poem to Jake and he thinks Lorena still likes him. Then in class Tiffani borrows Jake's jacket and finds the poem and thinks it's for her, then the teacher takes the poem and accidentantly gives it to Tony so he thinks the teacher likes him. It is revealed that the poem was actually written by Mark to Molly and everyone thinks it is funny except for Tiffani who orders Jake to write her a poem got lying to her.

When a group of elderly surfers descends on Pacific Coast and starts hanging out at Sharkey's, Tiffani wants to play a gig for them. Sly tells Tiffani to forget it. Furthermore, Sly tells the surfer's to stop making fools of themselves and act their age. Sly leaves and goes back to the loft to have a nap, he dreams that he is suddenly old. In his dream sly askes the gang for help. They take him to the doctor and he realizes he is a seventy five year old man. Sly starts hanging out with the senior surfers and realizes they are pretty cool. Sly wakes up, back to normal, and realizes it was all a dream. He races back to Sharkey's where Tiffani yells at him for being so cruel to old people and Sly said he came to apologise. Tony tells him that Hank had a heartattack and is in hospital. Sly goes into see him and apologises. When Hank is well the Dreams play for them in a tribute to the Hank and the Senior Surfers.

Community Service
The gang all volunteer to help the community Jake & Tony make food for sick people, but Jake end's up eating it all. Lorena donates clothes to a thrift shop, Sam is volunteering at the blood drive, Mark helps clean up the environment and Sly & Tiffani are working at the helpline. But Sly doesn't want to help people he wants to pick up babes. And to impress the girls Sly organises a fundraiser with the Dreams playing. At the fundraiser Sly forgets something in the class room and goes to find it, while there the helpline phone rings and Sly answers it and he learns what it is really like to help someone in need.


With the gang all planning to go to the big upcoming concert, Sam is bummed because she can't afford a ticket. She askes to borrow money from the gang but they can only afford to buy their own tickets, plus Sam owes them money already. They tell her to ask her father for the money. She does and he refuses, but he gives her a credit card to use in emergencies only. When Sting is added to the performers list, Sam can't resist and she tells Sly to charge it to her credit card. Sam returns from shopping with Lorena. She has bought the perfect outfit for the concert, ordered a limo, and plans to buy the gang concert shirts. After the concert she takes the gang out for dinner at Sharkey's, but when she goes to use her credit card it is over the limit. Panicked she goes to the bank and pleads with them but they refuse to dismiss the charges. Sam rings her father and he tells her to pack her bags she is moving back to Hong Kong. Sam decides to try and pay off the debt herself by getting a job at Sharkey's, sells her clothes etc. When Sam's father arrives she gives him the money but it's not enough, but her father says she has learnt her lesson that making money isn't so easy and he tells her she can stay. Meanwhile Tiffani gets a new bambi doll and is driving Jake nuts with it, but when Jake loses it he has to do everything to get it back before Tiffani finds out.

Operation Tony
After a gig Tony & Sly are busy moving an amp when Sly spots a nickel. He jumps for it, dropping the amp and injuring Tony's shoulder. The next day at school Tiffani forces him to go get his shoulder checked out because it is still hurting. At the hospital the doctor tells Tony that he needs surgery and Tony faints. Tony checks in , when the gang visits, they find him preparing to die. That night, he has a dream in which he sees his own funeral. Convinced he is going to die, Tony runs away from the hospital. The gang search everywhere for him, when they return to the loft they find him hiding. Sly tells Tony that he must face his fears and have the operation. Tony agrees and goes through with it and everything is fine. Meanwhile Lorena gets a job at the hospital as a candy-striper to impress the sexy doctor Joe.

Defending Sly's Life

Lorena's Place
When Lorena's parents go away for the weekend, they leave Lorena in charge of the house. Lorena meets Alan and takes an instant liking to him but he only talks to serious poets. So Lorena pretends to be a poet and puts on a coffee house at the loft. When Alan shows up he expects her to read some of her own work Lorena takes the poem that her dad wrote for her mum and reads that, Alan loves it so much he takes the poem home with him. Desperate to get the poem back Lorena confesses to Alan that she didn't write the poem he is so mad he tears the poem up. Tiffani tries to stick it back together but there is some words missing. And Alan is the only one who memorised the poem. So the gang put on another coffee house and convince Alan to come and read some of his poetry, he does but everybody hates it so he reads Lorena's poem. Once she has the missing words from poem they kick everyone out and Tony high on coffee, cleans the loft in seconds. When Lorena's mum arrives, they think they have pulled it up, but Lorena slips up and ends up grounded.

Dancing Isn't Everything
Sharkey's annual dance contest is coming up and Lorena wants to win but is having trouble findind a dance partner. At the same time Sly confesses that he has feelings for Lorena. When Lorena's partner injures himself, Sly steps in  and says that he'll dance with her. Only one problem he can't dance. Lorena makes fun of him and Sly gets upset. The girls tell her to go easy on him because he likes her. She decides to use that to her advantage and tells him he can be her dance partner but he isn't allowed to move. Lorena & Sly make it to the finals but when her old dance partner comes back she dumps Sly and he is crushed. The gang tell her to apologise and she does and they return to the contest at partners. They lose in the end but Lorena is happy.


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