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Season Five


Season Five Episode Guide

Stand By Your Man
In order for Jake to pay for his motorcycle insurance he has to take a job that he hates until Tiffani finds and advertisement for a motorcyle repair shop. Mark, Tiffani & Jake go down to check it out, Tiffani is happy for Jake until she see's who Jake's boss will be a hot red head named Mel. Jake reassures her that the only one he loves and wants to be with is her so she decides to just trust him. As the weeks go on Tiffani and Jake seeing less and less of each other because of his job he is constantly working late and breaking dates with Tiffani. Tiffani is worried and Lorena & Sam's taunting is not helping. Sam & Lorena suggest to Tiffani that she spy on Jake to see if he is cheating on her. Tiffani refuses because she trusts Jake but jealousy gets the best of her and she agrees. Sam, Lorena & Tiffani dress up as bikers and go down do the motorcyle shop to spy on Jake. Of course they discover that Jake isn't cheating on her and they go to leave when Mel trips and Jake catches her, Tiffani gets angry and kicks a motorcyle revealing to Jake that it's her. Jake is furious at Tiffani and Mel fires Jake. The next day at school Jake won't talk to Tiffani and she doesn't know what to do, she talks to Sly who tells her that Jake is mad at her not because he lost his job but because she didn't trust me. That night at Sharkey's the gang are playing a gig and Jake still won't talk to Tiffani, So Tiffani tell's him she get's it now that it wasn't about him losing his job and Jake tells her that she needs to accept that there are going to be some goodlooking guys in her life and some pretty girls in his but she has to trust me because she is the only girl for him. They hug and then the band perform.



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Shaken, Rattled & Rolled
The gang are all at Lorena's loft discussing how to get a famous musician to listen to them play when an earthquake hits. Everyone is shaken up but Tony is the worst he become so scared that he can't play the drums because everytime he does he has flashbacks of the earthquake. The gang try to help him overcome his fear but it's no good Tony wants to move to Ohio to live with his Aunt and Uncle. Tony shows up at the dreams gig to say goodbye when he realizes after the second earthquake he knew what to do and he was fine.He convinces the dreams that he can play, so they give him a go and the gig is a hit. Meanwhile the animal shelter that Tiffani works out has been damaged because of the earthquake so the pets need homes until it is fixed. The gang all agree to take an animal for a few days. Tony end's up adopting his pet and when Lorena finds out that if the animals don't go to homes they get destroyed she adopts all of them.


Honest Sly
Sly get's a job as a used car salesman and Sam is his first customer she guys a car but when Jake checks it out he discovers that there are alot of problems with it. When Sam and Tony go to take the car back they have a car accident because the breaks failed. The owner of the car dealership won't give Sam her money back so Sly tricks him on TV into doing it.

Mop n Pop
Jake's dad get's a job as the school janitor and Jake is embarrassed. Sly doesn't help matters when constantly makes fun of Jake. Jake end's up punching Sly. Jake's dad realizes that Jake is embarrassed and quits. When Jake goes to loft to apologise to Sly, Sly makes him realize that it's not about what kind of job he has it's about the fact that Jake's dad loves him and wants to spend time with him unlike Sly's dad who doesn't give him the time of day. Jake goes to apologise to his dad. Meanwhile Sly has created a new game for the school to play the Baboom! and the whole school gets involved. Tony & Sam end up winning the game.

When Sam get's in the Honour Society Tony feels neglected because she is spending all her time with them instead of him. So Tony is determined to do well on his finals so he can be in the Honour Society as well. The subject Tony isn't doing well in is math, so in order to get an A+ Tony cheats. Harvey a member of the honour society is convinced that he cheated so the orders Tony to prove he didn't. Tony ends up admitting that he cheated and he apologises to Sam and the gang. Meanwhile the rest of the gang enter a photo contest.

Reel Teens
Jake is chosen to go on the reality tv show Reel Teens, the show is about teenage stress and how they handle it. But Jake reckons he doesn't do stress! Until all his teachers start giving him homework, the gang want him to write a song and Tiffani wants him to fix his car. Jake can't handle it, until the gang make him realize that he has to do what's most important and then when those things are done he can relax and have fun.


Father Knows Bets
Sly is depressed because his Dad never has the time for him, so he starts to gamble. When he loses $500 the gang help him out and lend him money and they are furious at him when he uses the money they him for another bet. But Sly crosses the line when he bet's the bands equipment and he loses. The gang are furious ecspecially Jake, who calls Sly's dad and tells him what's going. Meanwhile the student awards are being decided and Tony is on the committee so everybody but Jake sucks up to him to get an award. The only person who gets an award is Sly. The only award that hasn't been announced is the himalaya award. Everybody thinks Jake has won. At the awards dinner, Sly's dad shows up and they have talk and sort everything out and Tony is actually awarded the himalaya.

Letter's From Woo
Sam's Uncle Tee Tee is worried about her being in America all by herself. And to prove to him that she is ok she makes a video tape with the gang and they all sit around and talk about there adventures and good times together.

Senior Prom
Tiffani & Jake are trying to make up for their junior prom so they decide to run for Prom King & Queen. But so are Sam & Tony. So it causes some major friction as both couples compete for the title. Meanwhile before Prom Mark get's dumped and Sly books a gig for the same night as the Prom.
On the way to the Prom everybody isn't talking and the car breaks down so they become stranded on the side of the road. They all end up realizing that it was stupid to compete and they can have there Senior Prom right where they are.

Love Letters
It is nearly graduation and the gang are talking about what there regrets are and they each decide to fulfill them before they graduate. Tiffani's is apologising to a guy she hurt, Sam & Tony's is breaking a dancing record, Mark's is not letting the coach intimidate him and Jake's is being embarrassed about playing the bagpipes in public. Meanwhile Lorena is receiving love letters from a secret admirer, when Jake finds out that's Sly he convinces him to tell him the truth. After some misunderstandings Sly finally does and they kiss and Sly has no regrets.


The Graduation
It's Graduation time and and the gang is excited about finally finishing high school. Mark wants to impress Sarah a girl from PCH, to do so he tell's her Lorena is having a party at her loft and she is allowed to drink beer. At the party to impress Sarah, Mark get's drunk and when he goes to buy more beer Jake & Tony trick him into giving them his car keys. But Mark finds a spare one in his wallet and drives off with Sarah. The gang go to the Clean and Sober party and Sharkey's and they are all dancing and having a good time when a policeman comes in and informs them that Mark has been in an accident he is in jail but Sarah is in the hospital. Meanwhile Jake & Tiffani skipped a history class so in order to graduate they need to build a castle by Graduation. The gang all end up graduating high school as the class of 1997.


A Band Divided
When the gang blow an amp, they need to replace but have no money. So Lorena offers to pay for it if she can be co-manager. The gang agree, but Sly & Lorena end up fighting and losing all the there gigs so they have to decide between them. They decide to enlist the help of a surf judge who makes them see that they can work together and be co-managers. Meanwhile in order for the amp to work Jake tries to re-wire the loft and ends up making a huge mess.

The Last Gig
The gang are getting sad because they are all going away to college Tiffani is going to the University of Hawaii, Sam is going to Oxford in England, Mark is going to Juliard in New York & Sly & Lorena are going to Pacific Coast University. Jake however is set on getting the Dreams discovered so they can all stay together. The gang play a gig at the pier and a record producer is there and wants to sign Jake not the whole band. Jake turns him down and says that they are in this together. The next day at Sharkey's Jake convinces the Producer to sign the whole band but the Dreams tell him they are not interested because they want to move on and go to college. Jake is devastasted and runs off. Tiffani finds Jake at the loft and tell's him that he has to move on and take the record deal. Jake agrees and then askes Tiffani if they are going to make it and she says that she doesn't see how they can because she will be in hawaii and he will playing concerts all over the world. Jake tells her that he is going to miss her so much and they hug. The gang play there final gig and say goodbye. Mark leaves first, then Lorena, then Sam & Tony, then Tiffani and then Sly leaving Jake alone on the stage touching Tiffani's guitar.

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