Michael Cade Q & A

Q1 What was the best thing about being in the show?
The best thing about being on the show was...making people laugh.

Q2 Do you keep in contact with or have seen anyone from the show?
Im very good friends still with Kelly,Jennie and William.

Q3 What is your favorite memory from the show?
My favorite memory was getting a standing ovation after playing the germ. Don't ask. ")

Q4 Sly was quite the character, how was it playing someone like him?
Playing Sly was sooo much fun. He was my favorite character.

Q5 What are you up to now...still acting?
Yes Im still acting. Actually today I audtioned for entourage. I love that show.

Q6 How has your life changed since CD?
.My life changed for the better since CD because it reminded me that Im an actor. And I will continue on this path.

Q7 Do you know if the show is coming out on DVD?
I want it to come out on DVD.

Q8 Which among the CD male characters (i.e. Jake, Tony, Sly, or Mark) could you easily relate to in real-life?
I can probably relate to them all in some way.

Q9 Did you know they still make baboom shirts?
I know I cant believe it. How can I get a shirt?

Q10 Do you have anything you want to say to your fans?
Im really grateful for the show and now it's time to grow and expand as an actor.

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