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Jay Anthony Franke/Jake Sommers

Name: Jay Anthony Franke

Date of Birth: 17/05/1972

Height: 5'10

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Dark Brown

Birthplace: Leonardtown, Maryland

Currently Living: Melbourne, Australia

Status: Married

Acting History:
General Hospital-Greg Watson
Married with Children (1990)- Pizza Boy
Earth Angel (1991)- Wrestler
Bodies of Evidence- (1993)- Barry
California Dreams (1993-1997)- Jake Somers
Deus X (2000)-  JC Denton, Paul Denton
Deus Ex: Invisible War (2003)- JC Denton, Paul Denton
The Casino Job (2006)- Scribe
Mass Effect 3- Infiltrator (Video Game) (2011)-Randall Ezno
One June Afternoon (2013)- Danny

Criss Angel- PA

Favourite Tv Shows: Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, The Simpsons, Animal Planet,  Son's of Anarchy, Rome

Favourite Food: Italian, Seafood & Sushi

Occupation: Actor and is now working in Land Conversation Management

Hobbies: Playing guitar, computer games, Xbox, reading.

Favourite Episode of California Dreams: Mop n Pop & Harley & the Marlboro Man

Facts: used to study ballet

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