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Muscatine Agility Club of Iowa (MACI)

 - an A.K.C. agility club.


We believe that participation in dog training and dog sports strengthens the human-animal bond and we desire to provide opportunities for others to develop and to witness the strength of the bond that exists between agility teammates.

Our goals are:

  • to serve the community with opportunities to learn about and participate in dog sports (specifically agility),
  • to provide the agility community with opportunities for A.K.C. santioned agility trials in our area,
  • to provide our community with information on responsible dog ownership through education and demonstrations,
  • to financially support the Muscatine Humane Society, and
  • to maintain our club in good standing with the A.K.C. upholding its mission and values. 

MAC has monthly meetings and we welcome new members. 

Contact: Bill Fridrych (president) email 



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