Cabatuan Roman Catholic Church

The Model of Temples

Iglesia de San Nicolas de Tolentino

     In the early 1800’s when Fr. Ramon Alquezar was the parish priest of Cabatuan, he initiated the construction of a larger church to replace the old parochial buildings. He introduced brick manufacturing in the town and therefore used bricks to construct the huge church.

     The church is large and was worthy of the town’s thriving existence. It is a cruciform or a structure shaped like a cross. It is a voluminous single nave church with transepts intersecting at the altar.

     The interior of the church was decorated by Fr. Manuel Gutierrez. His efforts was so laudable that the church became of one of the most decorated and artistic churches in the country.


     -“The church of Cabatuan is one of the best edifice in the province, which was just painted inside… its aspect, wether from the exterior point of view or its interior, is of a magnificent basilica. Fr. Manuel Gutierrez has not spared any sacrifice to make the church a model of temples.

-El Eco de Panay, Iloilo, Sept 6, 1894


In 1866, Fr. Manuel Ruiz initiated the concluding works of this house of worship. The church after its completion became the grandest neoclassic church in the island. It was the first church to be finished in central Iloilo and instantly became an ‘Iglesia Primera el centro de Iloilo’ or the most celebrated church in central Iloilo which simultaneously appeared in international publications in the early 1900’s.


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