Slide Down the Rope

Time to slide!!!

Introduction to the Site

Hi, everyone. This is my site, Slide Down the Rope. To go the forums, click Forum. There is also a Slide Gallery and videos to watch. More and more will come!!!


OK, that's all. Have fun!!!



Quite a lot of websites have forums. This one does. You can talk about Simpsons Hit and Run, Sonic Heroes, other games or anything else.

Slide Gallery

Here's a gallery with pages and pages of pictures for you to look at. Take a sneak peek at some of the pictures:


 More coming soon!!!


Videos to Watch and Stories to Read


Just in case you get bored, you can watch videos and read my stories.


My Profile


Have a look at my profile.


Attention, Please!


The rules. Look at these first before trying out the site. 



There's even Simpsons Hit and Run missions, from the Level 1 tutorial to the Level 3 street races. I got the videos from YouTube's NeoKamek, a star at the Simpsons Hit and Run.


Simpsons Hit and Run Pictures:

Simpsons Hit and Run Mission Glitches:



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