Burgh Castle Fisheries

Quality fish, friendly people in a superb setting


Burgh Castle Fisheries is a modest complex sitting 4 miles away from Great Yarmouth, in the peaceful village surroundings of Burgh Castle.

There are three lakes containing various fish, depending on your preferences. Whether you want to fish for specimen carp upto 36lb, medium sized carp 6-18lb, match size carp 1-6lb or bag up with quality tench 7lb+, roach, perch, skimmer bream, goldfish or crucian carp.  


 New Rule for main carp lake

Please be aware, there is a new rule if you have not fished our main carp lake before. If you would like to fish night sessions on the main carp lake,  to be allowed to do this, you will need to have fished 3 day sessions beforehand, so the bailiff can assess your ability. It is not about having all the top brands of tackle etc, but to see your rigs, methods and general handling of fish. This is purely down to fish welfare, as we are known for having fish in top quality condition, and would like them to stay this way. We are sorry if this upsets anyone, and prohibits them from fishing, but we believe this is the correct course of action to take.


Due to fish welfare, we have had to put in a ruling on unhooking mats. Due to a few anglers wanting to use very unsuitable mats on the front lake, only carp cradles or high sided mats are to be used on the front lake. Sorry for any inconvenience or costs in replacing your unhooking mat, but this is purely for fish welfare, so you can keep catching top quality fish. Thank you.

An artificial bait ban has been put in place.

Could you please be aware that we have put a ban on artificial baits into force. Recently we have been suffering from the odd trailer, and we believe this is detrimental to the welfare of the fish. All of the fish caught trailing did have barbless hooks in, which were very well hooked,but with artificial bait in there mouths. Everyone loses rigs now and then, but with real baits, they break down in a few days and renders the rig safe, but with plastic baits they keep on fishing until the hook has rotted, and because of this all artificial baits are banned.

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