Bullet Proof Craniums

Alien Arena History

Alien Arena first began as two single-player campaign style games, CodeRED: Battle for Earth and CodeRED: Martian Chronicles released in December 2003. In September 2004 Cor Entertainment became the owners of the updated release (beta 3) which now had a internal server browser and people started playing online! In April of 2005 CodeRED: Alien Arena gets Planet Quakes "mod of the week", and in September 2005 a "sequel" gets released dropping the "CodeRED:" from the name becoming "Alien Arena 2006". Since 2005 there has been alot of change billions of people have joined form every part of the earth, more maps have been added over 80 stock maps and hundreds of third party maps, there are tournaments held every week,  and also thirteen active clans which hold matches everyday.




By Lilmama
The Bullet Proof Craniums clan is almost as old as Alien Arena itself.  BPC was created August 21, 2006 by a man nicknamed GrueTamer (nickname was TrueGamer at the time), who has retired from Alien Arena.

January 15, 2007 is when I started playing Alien Arena, about a week later is when GrueTamer recruited me into the clan. Back then it was G.T., me, Gumby, servercleaner and xenon, but never really had any matches. Oct 23, 2007 is the day that BPC was laid to rest, because the team members either left for unknown reason or had a computer problems.  I had a blown power supply that made me become inactive, but i still keep in touch with my team mates by email.

In mid June I came back to A.A. thinking BPC would not be getting back together.  I thought of making my own clan, but at that point GrueTamer sent me a message offering that he will give me all rights to a well known clan.  So as you can see I took the opportunity with open arms making me the WARLORD of BPC!

BPC has been back in action since July 3rd 2008

Past Members

GRUETAMER (retired leader)















Special Thanks from Lilmama

I would like to thank everyone for helping us out on this web page. If it wasn't for yall we would have not been able to figure this stuff out.

A huge Thank You to GrueTamer for letting us have the clan, I really thank you buddy I will not let the name of BPC down.

Finally I want to thank the Clan. My friends we are making a great team here and I'm very proud that each one of ya have chosen to be part of this team.