Bullet Proof Craniums

About Us

 Hello and Welcome!

I am LILMAMA, the leader of Bullet Proof Craniums.  I live in Texas and am the mother of three kids. I am a very competitive person and enjoy having fun with my friends. I am very loyal and I have a huge caring heart. I am always available when a person needs someone to talk to.  I am proud of the things I do like this clan and no one can take that from me. I work hard for the things I got and work harder for the things I need.  Everyone says I am a very nice person which I am but the way I see it is make friends not enemies because the more friends you have the more fun you have, and life is always easier when you are happy and having fun.

Clan Information and Rules

What we look for in all our members

What we look for in all our members is folks who are not only competitive but here to make friends and escape the real world for a while. We appreciate folks that are able to stick around and want to be part of a family (BPC CLAN).  We want to be a well respected clan and we can only reach that by being a family and following some simple rules. 

Here are the rules that this clan abids by 

  • Please do not start any arguments or throw yourself into the middle of one. Do not be a trouble maker, no racial remarks either. If you have an issue with anyone you MUST take it to a personnel message
  • There should be no bad posts on any of the forums. They will be deleted and you will be warned.  3 warnings equals an automatic boot from the clan.
  •  Absolutely no using cheats. This is a fair game. If you use a cheat then you  have no reason to be in a clan. If you get caught using a cheat by anyone it is an automatic boot from this clan, servers and community
  • If anyone has lost Internet access, had a major computer crash or is going to be gone for an extended period you should try to let us know in the BPC forum or email bpctheoldguy@gmail.com  and bpcmamabear08@gmail.com
  • If we lose contact with you for a month or more we will attempt to contact you several times via email.  If we don't hear from you after that we will unfortunately have to remove you from the clan.

If everyone follows these rules then we will be the best clan there is. Just remember that Alien Arena is just a game that folks come to play to have fun or to just blow some steam off.  I want to have all my friends be happy and have fun while they are with BPC.