Solon Council of PTAs Budget Bin

Scholarship Fund Indoor Sale



Welcome to the Solon Council of PTAs Budget Bin Sale site!

Solon Council of PTA's Budget Bin community consignment sales are such a rewarding way for our PTA organizations to come together for a worthy cause.

Budget Bin is MORE than a fundraiser for scholarships.....aside from the tremendous amount of money raised for very appreciative students, so many more people are helped.

One -  people can gather items from their homes to sell at an event that attracts thousands of people from all over the greater Cleveland area.

Two -  people can come and find incredible bargains under one big roof. In these times everyone has to be careful with their money. Budget Bin is a wonderful opportunity to be able to stretch your precious dollars.

Three-  other groups bring items to sell at Budget Bin to raise money for their events.  Girl Scouts have raised money for trips, a class from Twinsburg sold prom dresses as a group effort. Families with Food Allergies is a repeat group who uses Budget Bin to raise funds.

Four -  donations can be used as tax deductions as we provide tax slips from our treasurer.

Five -  families in our school district who have needs are discreetly invited to a special time when they can receive items they need, free of charge.

Six - nothing is wasted....after the sale is over, approved local charities are welcomed by invitation to come and take items benefiting the organizations.

Seven - We cooperatively share sale information with PTAs, Early Childhood PTAs and any other group holding these types of sales.

Eight -  It's a chance to form friendships with new friends from other schools and also spend time with current friends while doing something good.

Nine -  Students are able to volunteer to help and receive service hours for their time.

Ten - school clubs, departments, teachers and more have been able to receive items from Budget Bin to use in their programming.

Council has held these sales for dozens of years to raise for funds for the Lois Gazeley Scholarship Fund which provides scholarships for Solon High School seniors. Last year we gave out over $30,000 in scholarship awards! We gave more scholarships that any other organization.

 Please note that our voicemail and email is not checked until about one month before the sale.

Be patient as we are all volunteers.

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