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Quote: "I don't need you. I want you."

Welcome to Endless Questions!

Call me Buanann. This is my site, obviously. Sometimes I disappear for a while. You may find signs of life at False Heart Awards. So don't worry, I'm probably not dead. If there aren't any signs of life there, then you can start to worry. I will usually update with no update other than to tell you I'm alive. Some of the videos I've made are also on youtube. Oh, and the globe is there... just because. 

Update 7/4/08

OMG!! I have finally finished a new video! Surprise, surprise! I've returned to the Buffyverse for this one. It's a character vid of Faith. It's on the top of the videos page. Check it out.

I have also found an amazing forum for vidders. I'm going to add them to the links page. My username is Buanann on there if you want to send me a message or something. http://fpvideos.proboards60.com/index.cgi

On a side note, I have strep throat. :(

Update 5/18/08

I've won two awards in the Viewer's Choice Awards at DPTM awards. So I've updated that. Unfortunetly, I have no new videos to update with. I haven't worked on one in a while. Hopefully I'll get back to it soon.

Update 3/23/08

I recently checked my email and apparently I am up for nomination in the viewer's choice at DPtM Awards. So go vote for me. Okay? Good. The link's in the picture.

Update 3/2/08 one more time

Okay, so I uploaded the video and it's now on the top of the videos page. Enjoy.

Update 3/2/08 again!

Okay, so right after I updated, I went and finished that depressing video with original footage of me. So, that's saving right now, but I don't think it's going to finish before I have to leave to go somwheres. So I'll probably update again later tonight. I'm really excited! If you wanna know why, click here, especially if you're bored.

Update 3/2/08

I've updated with because I have a best of the best nomination at DandC Awards. Um... I haven't finished any of the videos that I uploaded samples of nor have I even worked on them. Yeah, so that's it.

Oh, wait. I'm wrong. I also added a new affiliate: Chosen One Awards




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