Brumley central - a modern image station in the midlands


The ever changing track plan!!!!! (this is subject to change heehee)

Ok, here goes, the boards will regain "L" shape status.

the layout will feature a 10'x1'/1'8" board will be joined to a 7'11"x1' board in the L shape. The station will then be located at the top of the 10' board. Cuttings and a city scene will be modelled with tunnels hiding the fiddle yard and corners. The station will feature 4/5 platforms with an extra line in the middle for thunderbird locos. The station will once again return to the birmingham area, and will vaguely resemble new st. station.  The line will be linked by a 3 track mainline. 

Trains modelled will be typically west mids, with (86, 87, 90, 92), EMUs (390, 321, 350) and DMUs (150, 156, 158, 170, 220, 221) and Diesel locos (47, 57, 60, 66)



Brumley central is my first "proper" attempt at a 00 scale model railway and will feature today's WCML stock.


Original description

Brumley central is my first "proper" 00 scale model railway. My previous project "roade cutting in n" having been stripped up and packed away. Brumley central depicts a modern terminus in the west midlands and will feature overhead catenary.  The layout is being built upon two shelves in my bedroom, in an L shape. Brumley represents a fictitious hub for trains, with services departing for London, Northampton, Liverpool, Manchester and the West coast main line. The layout is set in the 1990-1995 period, detailing the end of BR blue-Intercity-Beginning of Privatisation. Inspiration for the name comes from the novel "An inspector calls" which is set in the town of Brumley.

 For a full description see "plans for layout." Pictures will be regularly added, to show progress.

Using this page i will chart everything as to help other modellers and show what kind of layout can be achieved in a small space (8'9"x12")x(7'8"x12")

Please note, all of the details on this website are subject to change so please be aware.

This layout is DC controlled.

See below for updates/blog space


 Hornby new releases...

Something that's had me a little excited over the last few days is Hornby's 2008 range, and now we're here (oh happy new year everyone), I thought I'd share the stock I'm interested in.

For starters we have the new class 87 locomotives in British rail blue and Intercity, both DCC ready. So I hope to feature both on the layout. Plus there is a class 20 in this year's new releases, and although the class 73 really only worked the southern region, I'll make an excuse to see an intercity one at Brumley Central. The HST has finally been redeveloped, so I'm sure that'll feature. Good grief, all this stock and not enough money!!!!

A little annoying...

Due to the fact that it is nearly impossible to get RTR (ready to run) virgin trains/railfreight etc. AC electrics, and that Hornby are planning on releasing a ready to run intercity 87 (meaning I'll have 2), the era willl be changed to 1990-1995 (beginning of Privatisation).

I can get my hands (fairy easily) on the class 87s, 86s and multiple units for this time period

Check the "plans for layout" page for a stock list to be purchased.

Update 28/12/07

I now have a predicted time of arrival for the baseboards, which will be in about 20/30 minutes, photos will be uploaded afterwards.

Update the baseboards are here, measuring in at 8ft and 8ft 11. They are 12 inches wide and are 12mm thick. They are of MDF construction and will be mounted as shelves on the wall next weekend. In the mean time I will head out to my local model shop and pick up some track and scatters etc.

Update 24/12/07

Track plan changes now on front page

Track plan changes

The Station will be present, but will disguise the entrance to one fiddle yard, whilst a tunnel will disguise the tight corners. At the other side, a short cutting followed by a several bridges and then a tunnel (to disguise the entrance to the other fiddle yard). The layout will follow the progress of a fictitious branch off the WCML through the town of Brumley. Because of this, MK 1 catenary will be modelled, with class 321s, Pendos, Loco hauled (electric), Voyagers and multiple units.

Update 23/12/07

Well, firstly merry christmas to everyone, secondly, to business:

Well, the boards will be bought about a week after christmas, and will be put up, track layed etc. and also, I have some BIG track plan changes, but you'll have to wait for them, anyway, merry christmas.


As I have mentioned earlier the layout will feature overhead line electrification. However due to the fact that it is difficult to get hold of the stuff, most of the OHLE on the layout will be scratchbuilt. The single masts will be made of brass (suitable painted and "grimed" up) whilst the overhead wires will be made from thin gauge guitar strings.


The layout will use Peco code 75 (finescale track). The sleepers will be painted to appear as concrete. I will use flexitrack (peco streamline) for the curves and setrack for most of the straights and curves, with express points being used at all locations apart from the fiddle yards (new track plan)


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