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The Eyes Have It!

PREAMBLE .... . . this website was created to describe the building of a 20inch aperture telescope . The rest was space filling pretty much ..... . . .


 . ... except that it's become a bloated website as I've strayed from its original intent and added pages that are nothing to do with the building of the twenty incher .  Anyway , here 's the guff :

One day I idly clicked a 'come on' at the bottom of someone's webpage that invited me to "build a website for free" with no hassle. Oh, really? Curious, I seem to recall that within about a couple of minutes I was slackjawed with awe to realize that I was actually 'online', and in the grip of a panic when I realized that somehow I'd created a webpage with nothing on it but my name that was actually 'live' to the world at large should anyone chance upon it. Furthermore I had all this space to fill were I not to crash out backwards in disbelief and shock. What the heck could I write about ?

Telescopes: "Scope Stuff". I started typing about the thing of the moment that had consumed me for the last year or so, the twenty inch telescope I'd built, and a few hours later I'd knocked out most of what is written on these pages together with a few photos. I've subsequently edited it a few times to add pictures and lines of windy guff . 

It is assumed throughout that you will be familiar with the principle of the 'Newtonian' type of telescope . If not , click this link .

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