Burra Railway Station 125 Years

Burra Railway Station's 125th Anniversary.

This website updated on the 20th of November 2012.
The Burra Railway Station was 125 years old on the 16th of October 2008

The above photo is from Geoff Randall's Photo collection.
Taken at the Burra Station on the 29th of August, 100 years after the line was opened to Burra.

The photo above is from Barry Marshall's Collection.
The Bluebird Railcars are bound for Terowie travelling from Adelaide.

The Above photo is from Eric Fuss's Collection.

The Burra Railway Station will be 125 years old in October 2008. On October the 16th 1883 the Burra Railway Station was first used for passengers travelling by Steam Trains. The above photo is from Paul Henley's Collection.

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