Legostad Klaver

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Welcome to Legostad Klaver

Legostad Klaver is an amazing LEGO City with more than 23 different trains. Our city consists of more than 1.000.000 million LEGO stones and is build at a net area of 38 square meters. Legostad Klaver wants to show an attractive LEGO City which you do not find everywhere. Besides of our own creation the focus of Legostad Klaver lays on the many details in the city. Almost everything you see in a real city you can find as well in our colourful LEGO city. Special sets, for example only made for a specific enterprise, we try to buy as well. That result in a windmill from the Danish enterprise Vestas and a boat form the Dutch radio enterprise Veronica.

Legostad Klaver is more than some LEGO sets. We show 22 different themes in the city, for example police, farmers world, camping, harbour, football, building activities and airplanes. But our main theme will be the trains. We have 9 sections with on total more than 70 meters of rails. Our city consists of more than 450 LEGO sets and also 50 self made items like trains, houses and many more. The city is still growing every year with the newest interesting sets and self made items.

It is possible to visit a Model Railway of LEGO event with our city, also in foreigner countries. In 2011 we visit German Rail in Hannover and in 2012 we were present at the biggest model building exhibition EuroModell Bremen. Other references are Eurospoor (Utrecht, NL, four times), Steam railway Haaksbergen-Boekelo and Museum Broekerveiling (Broek op Langedijk). Legostad Klaver is a member of the Dutch LEGO association De Bouwsteen and of the Dutch Model Railway association NMF.

When you have a question about are city because you have visit us, for example in Hannover or Bremen, or you want more information about participation possibilities for an event you can always contact Martijn Klaver at or send a letter to our post address (See "contact en informatie").

Martijn Klaver
Owner of Legostad Klaver

Euromodell Bremen