Brian M. Sammons

Author, editor, and reviewer of dark things.

The tour guide says

Here you will find pictures, illustrations and photos that relate to me somehow.  Some might actually be of me (God help you) and others could be of friends, family, interesting locations and art inspired by my work.  These pictures may change often or not at all, depending upon how the muses strike.  So please check back every so often to see how the voices in my head guide me through this.    

My work (sort of) is now wearable!

I did a story called "The Locked Door." It appeared int he wonderful Lovecraft eZine. You can read it here. It had a great illustration done for it by Nick Gucker and now that picture is coming out on a t-shirt from Skurvy Ink. Just take a look at that beautiful bad boy. If you want to order one for yourself (and who wouldn't) you can do so here.  

And here it is in the flesh. Well my flesh and its cotton, but you get the idea.


Art for and about my work

Here is some more art for the Call of Cthulhu game. This is from a new scenario I wrote called “Forgotten Wars” for a forthcoming book from Chaosium called ATOMIC AGE CTHULHU. Isn’t this little fella a cutie? The very talented artist who did this is Alberto Bontempi.

Here is a illustration of a poor man getting eaten by an invisible and insubstantial creature while his friends watch on in horror. What is this for (other than my own sick amusement)? This is from a new Call of Cthulhu scenario I wrote called "The Terror from the Museum" that will be in the upcoming book, TALES OF THE SLEEPLESS CITY from Miskatonic River Press. The very talented artist is Rich Longmore.

Now here's a sad story. Many years ago I wrote a story called "Don't Blink" as part of a anthology that was to be done in comic book style. Sadly, it was cancelled and this never saw the light of day. What's really sad is I recently started watching Dr. Who for the first time ever on the advice of several British friends and low and fucking behold, I come to the episode called "The Weeping Angels" which had the same idea I did of monsters that only move if you're not watching them. Which means that if I ever do publish "Don't Blink" now, everyone is going to assume that I ripped-off Dr. Who. And when I say I did this a long time ago, I mean it. In fact, it's been so long that I have forgotten the name of the artist who did these illustrations. Sorry.  

Can I get a hand?





A few years back I made up an evil, magical artifact for the Call of Cthulhu role playing game. It was called The Hand Of Y’golonac and it was well received. So well in fact that a very kind and talented artist (Luis Corte Real) sent me this illustration of it.   























As if that wasn’t cool enough, another great artist by the name of Rick Poppe, that makes many wicked Cthulhu Mythos statues and busts, created a life-sized version. So if you would like your very own Hand of Y’golonac, you can get one made for you here.



Edit: just found out that this link is no longer valid. However I'm going to keep it here just in case Mr. Poppe returns to the web. I really hope he does.
















Oh, and credit where credit is due: the horrible Great Old One, Y’golonac was created by horror master Ramsey Campbell, in his story, “Cold Print”.    

My insane doodles

Some time ago I found an old sketch pad of mine form the way back year of 1989. Which puts me at the age of 16. Now some kids that age drew naked chicks, others did hotrods or heavy metal album covers, me I did weird stuff like this. So here is proof that I’ve been kind of screwy for a long, long time.




The caption on this one says: “Little Ms. Muffit (yes, it should have been Miss. Muffet, but back then I didn’t care or know any better) sat on her Tuffet.”