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My stories

This section of the site is devoted to my short stories that have found their way into books and magazines. You know, printed on good old fashioned paper.That will always be my preferred format.They appear here in no particular order as chaos is my copilot.  

The ever growing library

"Trial by Fire"

Set in the early 1990s, this is Jordan's origin story. For those that don't know, Jordan is a mysterious CIA operative who often tangles with Lovecraftian nightmares. This sadly little seen book is called HELLFIRE LOUNGE 3: JINN RUMMY. As the subtitle implies, this time Jordan tangles with genies. But naturally they're my kind of genies, so don't expect any "I Dream of Jeannie" style of shenanigans here.

“Brian Sammon's TRIAL BY FIRE really had me turning the pages, and was the stand out tale…This story could have easily been a novella, I was disappointed when it ended…The Sammons tale is alone with the purchase of this worthy tome.” -  D. Anderson,

"For all of Humanity" 

This is a small piece of flash fiction that has recently been published in CTHULHU HAIKU AND OTHER MYTHOS MADNESS.

“Contains several great flash fiction pieces and short stories.” –

"Be Mine"

This little bit of Valentine's Day joy was published in HORROR FOR THE HOLIDAYS from Miskatonic River Press. It’s my take on one of my favorite stories by one of my favorite Cthulhu Mythos authors, but I’ll leave the specifics up to you to discover for yourself.  

“Mr. Sammons has been very busy but he has not done nearly enough short story writing to suit me. He is quite gifted but I guess his passions lie elsewhere so we must take what we can get. As usual I was quite entertained by Mr. Sammons’ latest offering.” -  Mathew Carpenter, Library Thing

“Brian M. Sammons gives us a tale of Valentine's Day with "Be Mine." It's a very strange story that expertly blends reality and delusion. His descriptions can be unnerving…The story uses a Lovecraftian motif of the Old God brilliantly and effectively. Quite good.” - W. H. Pugmire (Note: I have long been a fan of Mr. Pugmire’s stories. The fact that he liked one of mine made me giddy.)

“One Way Conversation”


A dark sci-fi tale with Cthulhu Mythos overtones. It dealt with a unique form of time manipulation, nasty creatures, and inescapable doom. It was the first story I ever wrote specifically for an anthology and it was surprisingly well received and reviewed. It appeared in Elder Signs Press’ amazing HORRORS BEYOND 


"Sammons uses foreboding to dramatic effect: Tension mounts throughout the tale as messages sent back from the future warn of imminent danger." - Jeff Edwards,  


"Utterly superb! This story alone was worth the price of the anthology...I would love to get better acquainted with Mr. Sammons' fiction." - Matthew T. Carpenter, Nightscapes


"Perhaps the best story in the anthology...The story has the strongest allusion to Lovecraftian beings, and I look forward to reading more of Sammons work in the future." - John W. Oliver,

"Starting with the best, "One Way Conversation" by Brian M. Sammons. This is a wonderful story, easily the best in the collection...This is probably the only story I would classify as a page-turner, one where I was anxious to find out what happens. The setting, characters and sci-fi ideas are all done masterfully. I agree with a previous reviewer that this story alone is worth the price of the book." - Desertrider,


"One Way Conversation: Like other reviewers here, I found this story to be the best by far." - Brian (not me, honest),





Another Cthulhu Mythos story I did for Chaosium's ARKHAM TALES anthology. The story is told in fragments and is meant to be confusing at first, but as it goes on all things become clear and, I hope, horrifying.  


This story also received an honorable mention by Ellen Datlow in THE YEAR’S BEST FANTASY AND HORROR for 2007.


"Mr. Sammons can also do no wrong, especially after "One Way Conversation" in Horrors Beyond. This is another winner. It is about the Mi-Go and Yuggoth, and a PI tracking down a missing relative. But like everything else by Brian Sammons, do not expect the usual mythos conventions or story format." - Matthew T. Carpenter, Nightscapes

“Sammons 'Disconnected' takes a fresh and original approach to the Lovecraft universe (and) hints at bigger, cosmic things outside the limits.” - E. Sander, 


"Six-Legged Shadows"


Permuted Press put out a collection of giant creature stories with their aptly named; MONSTROUS. Once again David Conyers and I teamed up to write a tale, but we broke slightly from the original premise to put our own, unique touch to things. We were going for that classic Twilight Zone feel and luckily for us, most readers got that.


"A nifty H.G. Wells-ish collaboration from David Conyers and Brian M. Sammons that packs a clever finale." - Horror Fiction Review


"This story ends up turning the premise on its head. I've liked everything I ever read by these two authors" - Matthew T. Carpenter, 


"This one would make a great sci-fi movie. It’s not just one thing that’s grown big, it’s everything. Following in the footsteps of The Shrinking Man, “Six-Legged Shadows” leaves you hanging in just the right way." - JG Faherty,  


“Stomach Acid” 

A Cthulhu Mythos story written by David Conyers and myself. It’s about aliens, spies, and unnecessary organ transplantation.  It has just been released by Permuted Press in CTHULHU UNBOUND  VOLUME 2.

“I'm a big fan of both Conyers and Sammons…’Stomach Acid’ was a fine edition to their ongoing story arc.” -  Matthew T. Carpenter

LOVECRAFT'S DISCIPLES #5, a very small but cool magazine, also published this story. 


“There's Something Rotten in Ohio” 

My apologies to anyone living in Ohio, but I’m from Michigan, so it’s kind of my duty to make fun of you. But seriously, this is an updated version of a famous urban legend for an anthology all about urban legends from Pill Hill Press called TWISTED LEGENDS: URBANIZED & UNAUTHORIZED. Since I’ve always loved ULs I couldn’t let the opportunity to put my spin on one pass me up.  

“A few of my favorites were…’There’s Something Rotten in Ohio’ by Brian M. Sammoms: A creepy glimpse into the mind of a madman that brings to mind visions of Norman Bates.”  - Bitten by Books.

“Letter # 5”

Letters From the Dead is a unique anthology from the zombie masters over at The Library of the Living Dead. Each "story" is the last letter a witness/victim will ever write. Mine is from a child in summer camp, so you know it's got to be happy and uplifting.   

"Seriously you can't have a complete zombie book collection, without "Letters From The Dead". It one of the most refreshing takes on a old subject, I have had the pleasure of reading." -

“Father's Day” 

DEAD BUT DREAMING 2 from Miskatonic River Press is a collection of Lovecraftian stories from some impressive authors and I'm honored to be part of it.

"My second favorite story, although not in order of best to least best, is "Father’s Day" by Brian M. Sammons. This was my first time reading a tale from Mr. Sammons, and I am confident it shall not be my last." - Alex Lugo, The Cosmicomicon

"Ted E. Grau, W.H.Pugmire, and Brian Sammons hold the top honors" - Horror World (very fine company to be in - me)

"Matters Most Grave"

This story works as a Cthulhu Mythos (or more specifically: a Lovecraftian Mythos) story and as a standalone horror tale. It was published in SEASONS IN THE NIGHT: Volume 5.

This ghoulish tale was recently reprinted in E'ch Pi El #8 magazine. 

“Eat to Live”

My first take on a zombie tale. This story had a bit of a sci-fi twist to make it stand out from the rest of the undead heard and an ending that would of made George A. Romero proud…or at least I'd like to think that. It was published in BARE BONE #8

“Cold Desires”


This is another icky tale I’d never let my mother read. It was published in DARK ANIMUS #10/11 (a double issue). I don’t know if it makes things better or worse that this story came from a dream I had. Unlike other magazines on this list, this one was reviewed by a number of sources.



"Cold Desires' is a frighteningly powerful tale which slowly reels in the reader and carries him or her to the final climax which is confronting and twisted. It is a superbly transgressive experience." - Synergy Magazine

“A tale that makes the reader hold the book at arm’s length in the beginning. A tale most “normal” people would find repulsive, slowly reels you in. With wonderful use of the language, I found I had unwittingly become engrossed in the description of an act I found repugnant in the extreme. And then I was hit with the twist which made it all perfectly acceptable, kind of, in a seriously twisted and utterly brilliant way." - HorrorScope


This was my first 100% totally Cthulhu Mythos free story that I wrote for publication. It came out in HORROR CAROUSEL MAGAZINE #4.

This story was reprinted in TERROR TALES #1 

“The Locked Door”

Another Cthulhu Mythos tale that was printed in DREAMING IN RLYEH #3. A lot of people seemed to really like this story, and I must admit so did I. In fact, it was all set to be reprinted in an illustrated edition, but that fell through at the publisher’s end. Hmm, I’ll have to try to contact the artist and see if he still has the pictures. Who knows, maybe this story will rise again? 

"One of the better Mythos stories I have read in a long time." -

“A great beginning and a wicked twist-Very well done.” - David Elkin, The Lovecraft eZine.

"X Rev"

This is te first story I ever wrote that I even considered trying to get published. It’s a mood piece, but one with very deep, dark sexually and unmentionable overtones. This is one of the stories I’ll never let my mother read. Big thanks to Ramsey Campbell who gave me the go ahead to write this tale as it’s based off of one of his creations.  Also, this is one for die-hard Mythos fans only, as you might not get the ending otherwise. The editor of CTHULHU SEX MAGAZINE didn’t even “get it” fully, but he said he loved the story so he published it issue 20, Vol 2.