Intelligence,Conformation and Looks for the Show

 and Performance Arena 


About Us

At Bri-Shar we aim to breed gorgeous part bred Arabians with outstanding Temperament, Conformation and Presence..

Versatile horses for both the show and performance arena..

We are a family owned stud and mainly breed for ourselves.

We may however have stock for sale in the future so visit us often and share the journey..




APRIL  2011


Cavoodle Puppies !!!!


Our cavoodle Rosie is due to have her litter any time now !!

Puppies will be 3/4 Cavalier x 1/4 Poodle

Stay tuned for news !!!!


Our puppies are here !!!

Rosie delivered her litter on Anzac Day

We are proud to announce that we have 5 little angels !!

There are 2 Ruby pups ( a male and a female), 2 Apricot Blenheims ( both females)

and a lovely chocolate male !!

Rosie did very well and the pups are very healthy and allert.

Rosie is a brilliant mother and just adores her babies !!

One of our new puppies -A little female - 26th April 2011


Our Babies - February 2011