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Be sure to look there is lots more below
 More stand pictures in photos tab.

You must see these !

 DF95 Ultimate Boat Stand $65.00

DF65 Ultimate Boat Stand $65.00

For my Long distance people I have found the magic number is 3 stands in one box.

This brings postage cost down to between $30 to $35 per stand.

This is good for Australia, New Zealand, most of Europe and the UK.

Substantial savings across the US also. 


LINK   -   Please read Stand assembly instructions.jpg


These stands are proving to be very popular.

Consider ordering 3 at a time because 3 can fit in one box.

The added postage split between 3 people is less than single shipments.

Mix and match DF95 and DF65 if you own both boats. 


 Hobbyking Affinity 65 Hatch Cover

Affinity hatch covers 2 pack Clear !

Click for Affinity Hatch

 We now have the "ULTIMATE BOAT STAND" for the Affinity $65.00



2 in a pack $10.99 CLEAR !

Click for V1-5 DF65 HATCH


  I now make DF95 hatch covers 2 in a pack $10.99  

Mine will not break like the stock ones. 


 DF65  V-6 Hatch covers

2 in a pack $10.99.


4 new Ultimate Boat Stands now available.
CR914 - $85.00
ODOM - $85.00
Victoria - $70.00
Affinity - $65.00 
Due to material prices going up, some prices have changed. 



DF65 Power ventilator  

Click for DF65 VENT

Discontinued due to lack of interest


Here is a look at some of the things I started doing on my new 3D Printer.

Most of the small parts are $1.00 12 for $10.00 mix and match.

These are available now, with prices on each page. Feel free to print them.

 antenna guard.pdf

Rudder servo mount.pdf

Sail servo mount 35 and 45.pdf


double outhaul.pdf

Jib pivot.pdf

sheet attach.pdf


tiller arm short.pdf

tiller arm double pdf

 Single mast step.pdf

multi mast step.pdf

International orders contact for shipping price.

I reserve the right to limit quantities.


 These are really hard to take pictures of but here goes

Rudder servo mount.jpg

 Sail servo mount.jpg

 All Fittings.jpg

Rudder arms.JPG

 6" servo or battery extension

 Futaba plug ends.  .50 cents each