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Boat Stands - See all of the Ultimate Boat Stands on - What you can buy page

 I made this for my

IOM,ODOM, Affinity, Victoria, DF65 and DF95.

I call them

"The Ultimate Boat Stand"


 More stand pictures in photos tab.


 There Here!

Rig parts.  Amazingly similar to what is on the newest RTR RG65.

Most are interchangeable. ( But NOT officially class legal )

 You should know

I am always looking for the next hull to do.

If you have a plan or drawings that you would like me to look at please let me know.

This is a growing class and all the best comes from all corners of the sailing world.

I do this for fun and to get people on the water faster than building a hull from scratch.

I'm not a designer (yet) the hull 016 looks good to me same with the Viperfish.or Blue Splash.

 Return Policy.

It has been published in the past but here it is again.  PayPal has a Refund button.

If your not happy let me know. you have 60 days to get a refund.

On the other hand, I know this is all new for most people and things happen.

If a part becomes unusable for you I will replace it for you for the price of postage.

 Photo album

I started collecting pictures from people of there finished boats.    Quite impressive Work!                   We have just about one of everything you could do with a boat.

Keep up the good work and Have FUN and send me your pictures.

AMYA Model Yachting Magazine #165 is out. Featuring the RG65

This is a great boost to the class. There are articles on keel fin and rudder building, Sail making. Rig building. (Swing / Mcrig / Conv.) and Jim did a great Round Ranger Hill build that is a good guide for all my styrene hulls.

If you have one of my hull sets this is all you need to finish it.