Breaking Wind Worldwide RG65 Class Boats Footy Class Boats

 To order or request more information please email me along with a brief message about the products you are interested in.

 Please include US zip-code or your Country so I can estimate your postage.

 Pay Pal is best for both of us.

 Only when your order is complete. I will send a Pay Pal invoice with your total parts and postage to pay.

 Communication is key, if I give a date you will be informed of any changes.You will never be left wondering where are my parts.


International orders are no problem and welcome

Delivery in 6 to 10 days across the Pond


email request to

Please include zip code if you want shipping cost


Postage info for boat stands

Link to USPS postage calculator

Fill in as follows -

from zip 20901

to zip - yours

Click on calculate price based on shape and size box - then add 6 pounds for one stand 10 pounds for 2 stands. Then click the Package box

Then on the next page look for  Priority mail 2 or 3 day. Don't get excited with the high price of EXPRESS we don't want that one. next one down...

 That's what the post office gets.