Brass Ring Farm

authentic nervous goats from the hills and hollows of Marshall County, Tn

Welcome to Brass Ring Fainting Goat Farm

Brass Ring Farm is located in beautiful Marshall County Tennessee.

We take great pride in breeding and raising

Premium  Registered Fainting Goats

to become cherished family pets

prize winning show animals,

or quality breeding stock.

GC Brassring Sequin and her new daughter.

It was a fine show for the Brass Ring Farm in Millington Tn,

Sept 11,12,2009

See our From the Goat show page to find out who won all these beauties.


Our breeding stock has been carefully chosen with the help of friendly and knowledgable neighbors.  Included in our herd are representatives of many the oldest herds of Myotonics in the area.  Marshall County, Tennessee is the original home of the Myotonic, Stiff, Fainting or just plain Nervous goat.  No matter what name you call them there is no other goat quite like them.

We would love to show you our herd and help you in any way to enjoy this wonderful breed of goat.

For more information about these unusual animals please contact us at

Brass Ring Farm is a proud member of the

International Fainting Goat Association

for more information please visit them on the web.