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You have probably noticed the incredible sales of iPads and Tablets the last couple of years. These tablets are terrific for reading books, watching movies, and staying connected with friends, family and the news around the world.

But, did you also know that your laptop, computer or tablet (even your smart phone!) is a wonderful asset for education and learning? And it is the wave of the future. Textbooks and curriculums are moving rapidly into this media more and more. But why should you consider trying this to supplement your tried-and-true printed textbooks and workbooks?  Well, to put it quite simply, you have EVERY reason.  Let me explain:

First of all, it will save you money.  Not I am not advocating taking the cheapest educational route just for the sake of the almighty budget, but since WEB-Interactive Units are NOT printed and bound, production costs are drastically reduced and that means more money in your family budget without sacrificing educational quality.  Web-Interactive Unit Studies allow your student(s) to read, watch videos, play learning games, see actual documents in history, take virtual tours, and so much more (**there are even virtual biology dissections and chemistry labs -- no smells, no expense, and no explosions -- LOL)

WEB-Interactive curriculums are very portable.  You can have them entirely on one laptop or tablet and take them with you quite easily (don't need a heavy bookbag to lug 20 lbs of books around for each child.  And you definitely don't have to wonder where a missing textbook could be, or where little Bobby left his homework.  It is ALL there in one location.  And if you are an organizationally challenge Mom, like me, who has to account for several student's workbooks, homework, test, etc, this is a "God-send!" And most WEB-Interactive Units are "useable" and "reuseable" within the family -- copyright laws allow the entire family to use a curriculum which means that you can have several children using the "Unit" at one time.  No more buying 3 copies for each of your 3 children!  Boom, another terrific savings for your family :D.

O.K., you say -- it is less expensive; it will save me money; it will help me get organized and keep up with my kids.  But what about Worksheets, crafts, projects, coloring pages, etc?  Easy-peasy -- print just what you want, and as many copies as you want.  No big deal.(*That means no more purchasing multiple workbooks for each child!)

BrandenburgStudies opens up the world of learning to your students in ways that traditional textbooks could NEVER do.  Each day's assignments are provided on a Lesson Calendar.  Each "click" of the mouse (or tap of the finger on your tablet) will be an exciting adventure in education for your child. You will be be amazed at the depth of learning that you and your student will be able to do each day.  Finally upon completion of the Unit Study, there are often tests, a list of suggested projects, associated games and activities, as well as a list of Literature and Videos to supplement the material.  (Not all students learn well from a textbook; but all thrive when presented material in a variety of mediums).

Finally, what if I just want to try out one of there WEB-Interactive Units without dipping into my savings account?  Well, I suggest you try our FREEBIES page and download "The Growing Dictionary", "The Timeline Project", and any other freebies there (we post several new ones each month -- as a mother of 7 myself, I have always appreciated any freebies thrown my way :-D).  And if you and your student(s) don't think WEB-Interactive Units are for you, then you are no worse the wear for trying them out.  But if you find then engaging, fun, and highly educational, please consider taking the plunge into WEB-Interactive learning and visit our Online Catalog for a huge variety of economical and fascinating courses.

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