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Boxbreakers Group Breaker of the Month!

Each month we will honor one of our regular breakers with the Boxbreakers “Breaker of the Month” award. The intent is to help members of the group breaks get to know a bit more about their fellow group members, as well as offer us an opportunity as fellow collectors to help that months honoree build their PC a bit. I am asking that you look over the details of this months honoree and in reading about their favorite players and teams, if you have something you can contribute to his PC please forward it to me so I can compile an award package for him. I will certainly be contributing each month as well but to make this special I’d like it to include items from as many of you that can contribute as well. I like to think of the Boxbreakers groups as a community and as such we should try to help each others collections along the way. The honoree will be notified of the different contributors however an anonymous submission is permitted as well.

Cards for the Breaker of the Month can be sent to;

Chris Palmieri
1549 Sussex Place
Shakopee, MN 55379


January 2011 "Breaker of the Month" award goes to --- BajMurray

Name: Brian Murray
Age: 54. Born and raised in Montreal, emigrated to the U.S. in 1992.
Family: Married for 25 years to Karen, otherwise known as “She Who Must Be Obeyed”, who not only tolerates my collecting, but has also permitted me to turn our basement into a true “Man cave”! No kids, but am financially responsible for 2 psychotic rescue mutts; Rio & Bogie.
Profession: 22 years as Human Resources Manager for Johnson Controls in their automotive seating plants.
Player/Team Focus: I collect New England Patriots & Montreal Canadiens cards (being a fan of both teams), but my primary focus the last 2 years has been on HOF GU & Autos from Football, Hockey & Baseball.
Favorite Pull from our group breaks: The reason I have the Colts and the Giants in the FB break is because of the chance to get HOFers and other “old school” players. However, my favorite cards have been of current stars! I would probably say the Ultimate Peyton Manning auto is my favorite, with the “Fried Chicken” Eli a close 2nd. I can’t really count the NT triple autograph redemptions for which Panini substituted a Night Train Lane cut, an Aikman Auto #/15 and a McNabb patch auto #/5 (Wow! That was fun walking down memory lane!)
Favorite Card you currently own: A 1992 Classic Draft Picks Mario Lemieux autograph. This was right at the beginning of there being “hits” in products. I bought a few packs at a local Hallmark store (yes, cards were sold everywhere back then!) and when I opened the pack, my wife thought I was having a stroke! It is still the card I pull out to show people who are looking over my collection. (You can always tell the people who have never collected cards. Their first question is always “Did it come in that case?”)
Dream card: I don’t have any “white whales” on my list. However, the one gaping hole in my collection is that I do not have a Tom Brady autograph yet.
Collecting Focus in 2010: This past year, I continued my HOF quest, picking up cards from 35 Football HOFers, 11 baseball & 14 hockey (these are individual players from the HOF rosters for whom I didn’t have GU or Auto cards of). I plan to continue the quest in 2011.
Collecting History: Like a lot of guys my age, I collected as a kid (yes, Mom did throw them out!) I became a baseball fan when Montreal was granted the expansion Expos. My favorite player was Mack Jones, and I can still distinctly remember pulling a Mack Jones card (in his Expos uniform) from a 1969 Topps pack. I actually still have that card.  (Since the Expos relocated to D.C., I rarely follow baseball anymore).
I stopped collecting until 1990, when it seems everyone else got back into the hobby, and became a set collector (anybody want any 1991 Score Hockey??). Once I discovered ebay in the late 90’s, my collecting became a little more focused, mainly on the Canadiens, Patriots and certain individual players (Gretzky, Messier, Patrick Roy, Eric Lindros, super Mario, Bledsoe, Ripken, Nolan Ryan). I still rummage through low priced boxes at card shows looking for cards of these guys!
In 2001 I started selling cards on ebay, and eventually opened up an ebay store. While I have sold a lot of cards, I do not consider this to be a business. I sell mostly low-end stuff, the proceeds of which I use to buy cards for my personal collection as well as to join Group Breaks. My favorite types of lots to buy on ebay are low-to-mid value autos & GU, normally in lots of 10-200 cards. I keep the ones I want, put aside some for TCCers whose collecting needs I can help with, and then re-sell the rest individually (hoping to break even).
While surfing the net in early 2009, I discovered one of Chris’s group break videos on youtube. I contacted him though the boxbreakers website, & jumped on board in February 2009, joining TCC at the same time. I’ve been in a lot of different breaks over the last 2 years, but Chris’ are still the best. Having both the Colts & the Giants, I look forward to the inevitable Peyton/Eli dual auto!


November 2010 "Breaker of the Month" award goes to ---- Vito

Name: Kai Eggenberger
Age:  32
Family: single 
Profession: postdoctoral researcher in molecular plant cell biology 
Player/Team Focus: Anything Philadelphia Eagles. If there's a picture of a guy in an Eagles uniform or his college uniform I'm definitely interested. As for single players I try to focus on McNabb, Jason Avant, DeSean Jackson, Randall Cunningham, Chuck Bednarik and Brian Dawkins as much as possible.                         Favorite Pull from our group breaks: Can't decide between 07 National Treasures NFL die cut prime AU of Randall Cunningham, and 06 Exquisite Patch RC/AU of Jason Avant.                                                        Favorite Card you currently own:  2007 Rookies & Stars Adrian Peterson Auto 1/5                                 Dream Card:  1948 Leaf Chuck Bednarik RC
Collecting Focus in 2010: I actually tried to focus more on a few players than the whole Eagles franchise but didn't really succeed. For the remainder of 2010 and next year I'm trying to expand my collection of this years draft picks Brandon Graham and Nate Allen.                                                                                          Collecting History: I only started collecting in 2006 when I bought some Eagles games on DVD from Ebay and received a few Eagles cards with the DVDs. After a quick google search I ordered my first two boxes 06 Prestige & 06 Elite. Two weeks and one great boxbreak later I was hooked. At that time it really helped that my first ever pulled autographed card was a Jay Cutler RC/AU which hid in the very last pack of Elite. I still have that AU and probably won't ever trade it.  

Award Video: Vito's Freebies

           Kai at play                                              Favorite card                             Favorite pull from our breaks


September 2010 "Breaker of the Month" award goes to ---- Gadsden86

Name: Justin Wanamaker
Age: 27
Family: Wife (stephanie) no kids 1 cat (Bently) 
Profession: Fedex Office 
Player/Team Focus: Miami Dolphins
Favorite Pull from our group breaks: 09 NT Dual Auto Dan Marino & John elway #/15
Favorite Card you currently own: Between The dual above and 98 CE Red auto #/50 Oronde gadsden
Dream Card: would be either 2004 Fan Favorites Jake Scott auto & 05 Exqusite Ronnie Brown RC auto patch
Collecting Focus in 2010:Getting more Henne autos. Finishing my  all time dolphins auto project. Starting to get every SPA patch auto of any dolphins player that has one.
Collecting History:  Started collecting back in about early 90's with Non sport cards. In about 1998 really got into football after i got some cards for Christmas from my parents and other family friends. Always had baseball cards but really got into football. Living in Massachusetts its easy to pry dolphins cards from people around here. I have really expanded my dolphins PC over the past 4 years. I have over 8500 different dolphins base, inserts, rc's, auto, jerseys. I am a diehard collector. If it has Miami Dolphins on it i get it. Drives my wife nuts sometimes but she knows I love it so she really doesnt mind. My father is a big dolphins fan as well and its great to share the love of our dolphins together. I am always willing to try and work a deal with anybody for anything dolphins i don't have. 


     Justin and his favorite Boxbreakers Pull






June 2010 "Breaker of the Month" award goes to ---- Cardman123

Name: Joe Nadeau
Age: 40
Family: Married to Caryn (in picture).  Our "kids" are our two cats, Tom & Jerry.
Profession:  IT Network Administrator at Latham & Watkins. I work in downtown Los Angeles.
Player/Team Focus: Main focus is Dodgers and baseball HOF'ers.  Here is a Link to the TCC Thread showing off the majority of my growing Dodger collection. Basketball and Football collecting is limited strictly to Lakers and Rams.  I was born and raised in the Los Angeles area, and the Dodgers have always been my first love.  I can't believe it has been 22 years since our last championship!!! Baseball is my number 1 favorite sport, so my collecting is mainly focused around baseball. I started watching basketball the year Magic joined the Lakers our of Michigan State, and obviously, 9 Championships later (soon to be 10)...we are very spoiled when it comes to basketball in LA.  Now that you (Chris) have pulled me my first Kobe autos, I am looking forward to my first Magic Johnson autos.  I have also been a long-suffering Rams fan since I was about 10 years old.  It has been a lot of misery interspersed with a few nice moments, highlighed by our Super Bowl Championship in SB XXXIV in 2000.  I am confident Sam Bradford will have us back in the Championship circle in about 3 to 4 years.
Favorite Pull From Our Group Breaks:  It has always been the Jackie Robinson quad piece 3/4 that you pulled me from 2008 Prime is a treasured part of my PC. (Pic included).   The two Kobe autos you just pulled me will be high on the list, but since I haven't seen them yet, they don't make the top of the list.   Plus, it will be pretty hard to replace Jackie at the top.
Favorite Card I Currently Own:  This is really a toss-up between two cards, one of which I pulled personally a few months ago and both are shown off in my signature on TCC.  Favorite card 1A has to be my Sandy Koufax auto 25/25 from 2007 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection (pic included).  When I think of all-time legendary Dodgers,  the first name that comes to mind is Tommy Lasorda and the second name is Sandy....I just wish I was around to watch him pitch live but he was before my time.
Card 1B is a card I pulled from 2008 Upper Deck Premier a couple months ago.  It is a 1 of 1 Premier Penmanship autograph from Nolan far the best personal pull I have ever had (pic included).
Dream Card: Because I'm a baseball collector, I couldn't imagine pulling anything more exciting than a Babe Ruth cut autograph.   As for a Dodger card, I would think nothing could make me happier than a Jackie Robinson cut autograph.
Collecting Focus for 2010: To continue to add to my Dodgers / Lakers / Rams collections without my wife filing for divorce because of all the money I spend on collecting.
Collecting History: Like most of us, I used to collect baseball cards as a young kid, as well as Star Wars collecting cards.  Of course, those were the days when you pulled out the players you liked and you drew faces and mustaches and beards on the players you didn't like...especially if they were in a Giant uniform!!  If only I could get my hands back on those cards from 35 years ago in mint condition!!!   Eventually I forgot about the collection and mom cleaned out the attic at some point and the cards went to collector's heaven.  I then got back into collecting when I got out of college in 1991.  I would spend every spare dollar I had to my name to bust open packs and boxes looking for treasured rookies and inserts back in the golden age of over-production.  I remember cracking open literally dozens of boxes of Donruss Baseball looking for the Donruss Elite inserts that were very rare and limited to only 10,000 each!!!   Alas....I never did pull one of those damn elite cards and I still have all those useless Donruss cards tucked away in my garage somewhere. I also remember going to card shows and picking up box after box of 1989 Upper Deck hoping to pull the Ken Griffey Jr. RC.  At least I was lucky enough to pull a couple of those. I was opening tons of baseball and basketball cards in those days (chasing the Shaq RC's and Larry Johnson RC's), and had tons of fun chasing the insert subsets that would some day make me a millionaire (if we only knew then what we know now....).
I collected very heavily for about 6 years, but after I got married in 1996, I gave up collecting for quite a while because I couldn't afford the hobby.  One of the last sets I worked on before I gave up the hobby was the 1996 Leaf Signature Series, which was the first item to come out boasting at least one autograph per pack.  It had a 252-card on-card autograph set that was my last obsession before leaving the hobby, and to this day, I am still working on completing that set.  It is about 95% complete and I have many of the big names already (like A-Rod, Manny Ramirez, Frank Thomas, Wade Boggs etc) but there are still a few high-end cards I need to complete it (the biggest name being Derek Jeter).  So I took a long hiatus from the hobby, and then sometime around 2007, I picked up a Beckett and noticed all of the sets that contained game-used swatches and autographs and it didn't take me long before I got back into the hobby, gradually at first, and now it is once again a full-on obsession.  I am especially focused on collecting baseball autos, and have a lot of fun spending way too much money on group breaks and occasionally buying a box or two of my own.                     Award Package Video: Freebies for Joe

                 Joe and wife Caryn                                Favorite Card                  Favorite Boxbreakers Pull


May 2010 "Breaker of the Month" award goes to ---- EJames

Name: Eric S.
Age: 26
Family: Gina - Girlfriend of 2 years, no kids
Profession: Customer Service Rep/Grad student
Player/Team Focus: I mostly collect Buffalo Bills from the near glory days of the early 90’s and hall of famers but stumbled into a James Hardy PC and have been picking up his cards lately.  I’ve been trying to collect the 2008 Bowman Chrome refractor autograph “rainbow” of him and need only the red numbered to 5, so if anybody has seen one, please let me know.  In baseball, I like to collect third basemen (my little league/high school position), old school Pirates and any hall of famers.
Favorite Pull from our group breaks:
2008-09 Exquisite Jason Kidd inscriptions autograph from the December multi-sport break
Favorite Card you currently own: 1973 Clemente purchased at a shop during a Cooperstown pilgrimmage with my dad at age 10.
Dream Card: Roberto Clemente cut autograph
Collecting Focus in 2010: The Bills’ new false hope CJ Spiller! (I was hoping to be collecting a quarterback!)
Collecting History: I started collecting cards as a kid in the early 90s when a card store opened up down the street from my elementary school and my entire focus in life became finding money to buy packs. I would search through jacket pockets and couches for change, bring back bottles and cans,walk dogs, sell lemonade, you name it. My favorite set as a kid was 1992 Fleer Ultra, both baseball and basketball, which I think was probably the first "high end" product ever at like $4 a pack. I remember buying a ton of packs of it trying to pull a Shaq RC to no avail, but I did pull an Alonzo Mourning which was my favorite card for a long time. I left collecting behind when high school came around and really never picked it back up until I started noticing group breaks on YouTube. It triggered the latent urge for the "chase" and I've been addicted ever since!
     Award Package for EJamesVideo for EJames  







           Eric S.                       Favorite Pull                  Favorite card


April 2010 "Breaker of the Month" award goes to ---- Faulkrules

Name: Ed C.
Age:  35
Family:  I'm not married, no kids yet!
Profession:  Medical Technlolgist - Transplant Lab Tech
Player/Team/or Set Focus: It is pretty well known that I am a huge Packers collector!  I am always looking to expand my Packers AU/GU PC.  I have been working on my Marshall Faulk RC PC for 16 years now, and the only ones I still need are either super-rare or possibly never produced!  I am a sucker for getting into various "side projects", but I mainly collect 2006 National Treasures on the side.  I love how that set looks, and the future value should hold well.  I also collect:
-2008 Lee Evans Classics Old School Colors Patch OSC-20 /25 (I currently have 16 of the 25 produced)
-2007 Leaf Limited (going for the complete set 1-355 w SPs)
-2008-2009 Donruss Elite Throwback Threads Patches
-2008 Donruss "Silver Signatures" - replacement autos for 06 NT expired redemptions
-2003 Brooks Bollinger RC's - Just need a few rare ones
-2009 Keith Null RC's, especially the NT and EX and any /9
Favorite pull from our group breaks:   Probably my Sterling Sharpe NT jumbo patch with the "Starter" is a beauty!  Chris has the break on video, which I need to reference when people tell me it is for sure a fake!
My dream card:  Still looking for a Vince Lombardi cut...
My collecting focus in 2010:  Any new Packers draft picks, and continuing to work on my other collections.  My guess is 2006 NT will dry up this year, so I am going to buy as much of that as my budget allows!
Collecting History:  I actually had a shoebox full of 1984 Topps football as a kid, but I really started collecting in 1994 when Marshall Faulk entered the NFL.  I still remember being so psyched when I got his 94 Classic Rookie and there was a Rick Mirer parallel /10,000 in the same pack!  

April 2010 Award Package: Freebies Video

        The Man...the Legend... Ed.                                                   Favorite Packers pull                   


March 2010 "Breaker of the Month" award goes to ---- Otter8418

NameDouglas Ott (Otter8418)
Age:  35
Family:  one beautiful wife, Marilyn, who tries to be as tolerant as she can of my hobby and the most beautiful daughter (Dakota age 14)) that any man could ask for.
Profession:  Licensed Banker at JP Morgan/Chase.
Player Focus: Chase Budinger and all of the Houston Rockets. I also collect any and all Houston Texans. I am trying to amass as many of the 09-10 Exquisite Chase Budinger auto RCs as I can. I now have 15 of the 225.
Favorite pull from our group breaks: has to be either the 2007-08 The Cup Patrick Kane auto patch or the Lebron James quad jsy auto #d to 10 from the old Exquisite Club break.  
My dream card: is 2009-10 Exquisite Chase Budinger auto 1/1 or 2009 Exquisite Brian Cushing auto rc 1/1.
My collecting focus in 2010: is to streamline my collection to amass the greatest Houston collection (Astros/Rockets/Texans) the world has ever seen. :)
Collecting History: I have been collecting since 1986 when my late Grandmother, Marjorie Ott, used to take me to sports games in Kansas City and everytime we went to the grocery store, she would buy me a rack pack of cards.  I still remember the day in 1987 when she bought me a rack pack of 1987 Topps in tiny Carbondale, Kansas and I pulled my first Bo Jackson RC.  I was on cloud nine.  Better feeling than any card I have pulled since.  My grandmother used to sit with me for hours and help me sort my cards, God rest her soul.  I also remember the day that I traded my Jerry Rice RC to Matthew Bars for 10 1989 Donruss RC's of Tom "Flash" Gordon and a 1987 Topps Jim Kelly RC.  I still think it was worth it.  I still have the Flash Gordon RCs and I still think he walks on water.  

 Link to video: Award Package of Freebies








      Doug & Marilyn                 With daughter Dakota                         The Big Pull - King James #/10


February 2010 "Breaker of the Month" award goes to ---- MWS 

Name: Mike Simoneaux (MWS)
Age: 34
Family: 8 year old son Micheal III
Profession: Computer Analyst
Player Focus: HOF and Future HOF Players
Team Focus: Broncos and 49ers
Favorite Pull from our group breaks: 07NT Montana/Elway Dual Auto
Favorite Card you currently own: 06-07 Exquisite Michael Jordan Auto Patch
Dream Card: T206 Ty Cobb (He's a 2nd cousin)
Collecting Goal in 2010: Get that Ty Cobb!
Collecting History: Started collecting in 1986

Link to Video: Award Package of Freebies






            Favorite Card                         His 2 favorite Michaels                          MWS hard at work!


January 2010 "Breaker of the Month" award goes to ----  Gottabe

Name: Joe O’Bryan (Gottabe)
Age: 45
Family: Father of 3 kids (ages 22, 13, and 11)
Profession: Retired Navy Vet. Explosive Materials Handler
Player Focus: Carson Palmer (especially 2003 RC Autos), Maurice Jones-Drew, Pete Rose, Ken Griffey Jr.
Team Focus: Bengals, Jaguars, and Reds
Set Focus: 2006 Bowman Chrome FB Refractors (only 20 away from the set)
Favorite Pull from our group breaks: 2006 Exquisite Ben Roethlisberger Triple Logo Auto #1/1 in the BIG BREAK last April.
Favorite Card you currently own: 2006 Red Grange Materials Cut Auto #1/1
Dream Card: 2003 Leaf Limited Carson Palmer Phenom Platinum Auto #1/1 or the 2003 palmer Championship Ticket Auto #1/1
Collecting Goal in 2010: I managed to get 50 different of the 2003 auto’s this past year, I’d like to realistically get 20 more different ones in 2010. I currently have 56 of the 94 different variations.
Collecting History: Collected Football and Baseball since 1996. As a fan of sports it’s an easy way to feel closer to the team, meet new people, and talk sports. Joe has been a member of the Boxbreakers Group breaks since the very start exactly two years ago.

Link to videoFreebies for Gottabe

Favorite Boxbreakers Pull for Gottabe  -- Gottabe the Man  --  Gottabe Jr. (Logan) with the Grange card


Break Highlights:

Thought of joining the Multi-Sport Group Break? Just take a look at what Kevin (KPit1978) took home from our Multi-Sport break in June!


How 'bout them Cowboys? January was a good month for Kevin (Joba62x) who had the Cowboys in the monthly High End FB group break! His $115 splurge paid off big time with a number of nice hits but it was highlighted by three that were especially notable. In a 6 box stretch we pulled him these 3 cards;

Tony Romo Auto Laundry Tag #1/1        Felix Jones RC Auto Patch            Emmitt Smith Auto #1/22










Axe725 how he did in January's Multi-Sport group         NLR4434 held on to the Falcons for our multi-year NT and he will tell you his $75 got him hits from all 3          Case break and walked away with a bunch of hits with of his teams including this 2006 NT Jim Taylor Cut          the highlight being this 08NT Matt Ryan Auto Patch !!! Auto #1/1. Not a bad month if you ask me???