We are a small underground kennel located in Arkansas

Specializing in All A.D.B.A Rednose A.P.B.t

We have a litter every other year,we dont breed often.

We got mad respect for all Pit Bulls . But love the Game style to the fullest.Just wanted to let everyone know, me and my brother are starting up a new and improved game pit bull kennel called southern movement!!!! we will keep you updated!!!!!


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         Garner's Chinaman

       Tom Garner's Famous "Chinaman"                                   "Tom Garner and "Sassy"




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Is this what you call a dangerous dog?






                                          Mastiff/PitBulls being passed off as Purebred American PitBulls

                                           EDDINGTONS WANNABE A WHOPPER BLOODLINE


There are breeders focusin on a weightpull line of so-called pitbulls which typically average over 100 lbs.
This line is known cross between a mastiff type dog and a pitbull.
These dogs are extremely heavyboned with big jowels and display a mastiff type structure not
 found in the purebred American PitBull Terrier. If you are a dog fancier familiar with different dog breeds,
then you will be able to note the HUGE physical difference in these dogs. Their build is so warped, that they
 look nothing like a purebred APBT, even though they are trying to be passed off as such.
The very owner of the dog who this line is based off of admitted that his dog was a cross. The ADBA allowed the
dog to be registered  for weightpull competitions, the dog`s offspring was NOT supposed to be registered, but the
almighty dollar always comes into play. The result is that now this mastiff pitbulls offspring are all over the place
being passed off as pure to the unknowing public.
The ADBA KNOWS these dogs are not purebred but continue to register them, because they are
 a big draw in the ADBAs weightpull shows.
these dogs are mastiff x pitbull crosses.It`s akin to someone breeding an English Bulldog to a Pitbull
(Another practice being done) and then putting a false pedigree on the puppies and then registering them
 as purebred APBTS.
Legitimate Breeders will NOT breed dogs that are mixed and paper them as purebred dogs.
 This practice is outrageous and we are so against it that We WILL NOT sell you a dog or puppy from our
 bloodline if your intention is to breed it to the Type of dogs listed above. We are so against this practice, that
you must sign a contract stating you will not breed our dogs to these mixed mastiff dogs. Violation of anything
 in our contract gives us the right to confiscate the dog and terminate your ownership.
Note: I dont believe that all pitbulls over 100 lbs are mixed with other breeds. I have in fact seen some
pitbulls which I believe are purebred reach weights over 100 lbs. Whats the  difference? These dogs look
the part, they look like OldTime APBT`s except on a LARGER scale. The weightpull dogs I mentioned
above LOOK NOTHING like a pitbull, they look like a NEW TYPE of MASTIFF dog.


If the very ownersof the dog who started this bloodline say he was mixed,
Do Not Support these people!
It will just reinforce the idea that it is OK to mislead people, and falsify pedigrees
on dogs!


This is a disgrace and just goes to show the honesty of these people. They are misleading
new APBT enthusiasts with their mastiff dog crosses when they try and
 pass these dogs off as PureBred! So Please be Informed and know
that these dogs are not American PitBull Terriers.
These dogs and their owners are a disgrace to this Great Breed.


Note from Texas Heat Kennels:
We feel it is very unfortunate that some people see it as Ok to falsify pedigrees on
dogs, especially when they are of Extremly Questionable Heritage.
We have seen the dogs being spoken about above, and can attest to the fact that
they do infact look like mastiff dogs, not American PitBull Terriers.
The originator of this so called Bloodline, even admitted to the fact that
the dog was a mixed breed.


 The fact that people would continue breeding this line
of KNOWN MIXED BREEDS and papering them as American PitBull Terriers
 is Unbelievable and Disgusting, and Proves that these people are not concerned
with Preserving the American PitBull Terrier breed and are only interested in
lining their pockets.


If your looking for a Quality PitBull Puppy, please steer clear of these kennels, because
what you will be getting IS NOT an American PitBull Terrier.


We do not Support anyone who continues to breed these Illegitamate Dogs
and WILL NOT sell to ANYONE who plans to use our American PitBull
Terriers in breeding with these "MIXED BREEDS"